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Deliver the learning experience your team deserves with SC Training. And watch completion rates soar.

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All-in-one training solution
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Every step of the training journey, all in one place

Assess and track your team’s understanding in any digital or in-person training. So you can be sure your teams are doing their tasks correctly.

1. Onboard

Onboard new team members

2. Train

Take them through digital training

3. Assess

Assess their knowledge on the job

4. Track

Track their

5. Certify

Certify your

Course Library

Brand our ready-made courses

Make ready-made training feel like your own. Customize any of our 1,000+ courses in our library to jumpstart your workplace learning.

Training libaray
Creator Tool

Create a course in minutes

Build your own course in real-time. Choose from 80+ templates and enhance your learning with video, quizzes, games, assessments, and more. No coding or graphic designer required.

Create a course in minutes
Create with AI

Get a course created for you using Create with AI

No more staring at a blinking cursor. Save time and brain power using Create with AI. Create courses with a click of a button – no brainstorm, research, or strike of inspiration necessary.

Admin Experience

Take control of your users, content, and data

Manage who can see, edit, and publish learning content. Enhance it with engagement features and integrations. And watch completion rates soar in analytics.

Reporting and analytics
Learner Experience

Your ticket to higher completion rates

Engage your team and hit training goals faster. Deliver highly-targeted microlearning courses directly to their device. So your teams can do their training anytime, anywhere.

Learner portal, M Sport
Course Creation Services

Let us do the work for you

Launch faster with up to 5 lessons built for you every month. Simply send us what you have and our expert instructional designers will turn it into impactful, bite-sized content.

Course creation services
Learn from industry experts
Learn from industry experts

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Seeing is believing

It's microlearning with mega impact. Get a tour of everything you can do with SC Training (Formerly EdApp) and learn how you can deliver the training experience your teams deserve.

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Integrate with the platforms you know and love already

Say goodbye to workarounds. SC Training (formerly EdApp) is designed to fit in with the tools you already use. So you can focus on impact, not admin.


See for yourself! Join the thousands who train with SC Training every day.

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