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Every step of the blended learning journey, all in one place

Assess and track your team’s knowledge in any digital or in-person learning opportunity so you can be sure your teams are doing their job correctly.

Digital and in-person learning together at last

1. Onboard

Onboard new team members

2. Train

Take them through digital training

3. Assess

Assess their knowledge on the job

4. Track

Track their

5. Certify

Certify your

Create a culture of learning in just a few minutes per day

Drive retention and depth of understanding with blended learning. Learners are more likely to retain knowledge when they have to discuss, implement, and explain it to others. So your team can learn from each other alongside training.

Average retention rate graph

Assess and track your team’s training in-app or on the job with built-in blended learning.

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Make learning a habit, not a one-off event

Supplement live training with interactive courses, quizzes, and more. As learners are likely to forget up to 70 percent of new knowledge after 24 hours, SC Training’s (formerly EdApp) blended learning features allow your team to put new knowledge to use, daily.

Course creation services

Designed for humans not employees

Stop fighting short attention spans; work within them. With blended learning, you can max out multimedia and include diverse activities. So your teams aren’t just watching and listening – they’re doing.

Microlearning platform

Cut training time in half

Reinforce newly learned content until it becomes second nature. As concepts are introduced repeatedly in different formats, it allows your teams to learn in a way that suits their individual learning style at a time, place, and pace that suits them.

Automatically deliver your quiz to your team

Watch ROI soar, and costs plummet

In-person training is important – but not always necessary. That’s why you can reinforce important concepts with SC Training mobile-friendly training, and track in-person and digital training in one place. No venue or instructor necessary.

Track learner progress

Automatically track in-person attendance

Recording attendance has never been easier with group training. Throw out the attendance sheet and keep your records alongside digital training automatically for reliable tracking and compliance.

Track group training attendance

Verify your digital training with practical assessments

Assess your team members' skills on the job and track their progress in SC Training – no spreadsheets required. Use our in-person assessment tool to verify your digital training and make sure your teams are doing tasks correctly.

Practical assessment

Add live training in-lesson with integrated video conferencing

Put live training at your team’s fingertips with Virtual Classroom. Schedule recorded sessions and in-lesson training with your preferred video conferencing platform like Zoom or Google Meet.


SC Training’s (formerly EdApp) blended learning features make sure that both our business partners and T-ristas not only understand the training but are applying it in their day-to-day inside the tea breweries.

Josephine Eager, National Training, People and Culture Manager at Chatime

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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