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10 Best Artificial Intelligence Platforms for Training [2023]


August 31, 2023


Ella Mar


Artificial Intelligence Platforms for Training

The concept of artificial intelligence isn’t new in the context of employee training. With the increasing popularity of open source AI, it isn’t shocking that a number of companies have started to use artificial intelligence platforms for their training needs. And there are plenty of reasons for that.

With AI-powered platforms, you can generate training materials quickly, update training materials in real-time, and adjust training paths and content based on your team’s performance and learning pace. You’ll be able to improve learning outcomes, boost efficiency, and give your teams the adaptive learning experience that they deserve.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to use AI for training and look at the best AI platforms available online that can help you speed up your training process!

How to use AI for training

There are many ways you can use artificial intelligence to make your training initiatives more effective and engaging for your teams. In particular, you can use AI for:

Creating training content

Take advantage of AI to effectively create courses and streamline your authoring processes. AI can help you generate training materials, from lesson outlines to learning modules and quizzes.

Delivering personalized learning paths

AI helps you analyze your learners’ strengths and weaknesses to create personalized learning paths and deliver content tailored to their individual needs.

Making adaptive content

You can use AI to adjust the difficulty of content based on your learners’ progress. This guarantees  that they’re always challenged, but not to the point that they get overwhelmed with your content.

Sharing feedback in real-time

You can roll out instant feedback on your learners’ quizzes, assignments, and simulations, which can help them understand their mistakes and improve.

Automating assessments

AI can instantly create assignments, projects, and even open-ended questions

Generating data-driven insights

Advanced technology like AI can analyze your learners’ performance data to identify trends, gaps, and areas in your training strategy that need refining.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) stands at the forefront of AI platforms for training, offering modern solutions for your modern training needs. While many LMSs are yet to adopt AI, SC Training (formerly EdApp) has kept up with the latest technology, having launched Create with AI as part of their smart authoring toolkit.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

With this AI-powered course generator tool, there’s no need to spend long hours stuck on your screen. It allows you to skip the brainstorming and research process, so you can head straight to building a mobile-friendly microlearning course.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Create with AI

Another automated training feature you can explore is SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s in-built spaced repetition tool, Brain Boost (by request only). Once your learners finish a course, it automatically creates follow-up lessons or quizzes out of previously shown content. It’s programmed to repeat the lessons at spaced intervals on topics they may have had a hard time on, for better knowledge mastery and retention.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Spaced Repetition

And if you want more personalized training content, you can take advantage of the artificial intelligence platform’s AI Translation feature. It’s especially useful when training global teams. You can effortlessly translate your SC Training (formerly EdApp) course into more than 100 languages with an accuracy level of 60 to 70%.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - SC Training (formerly EdApp) AI Translation tool

And the best part of all these? There’s no need to break the bank to start training your employees the easy way. SC Training (formerly EdApp) is among the best free AI software to check out, where you can enjoy some of these amazing features at no cost!

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Key Features:

  • Create with AI
  • AI Translation
  • Creator tool
  • Spaced repetition tool
  • Quiz maker tool
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Mobile-first microlearning approach

Streamline your training with the top artificial intelligence platform! Sign up with SC Training (formerly EdApp) for free.

2. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is an artificial intelligence platform that’s perfect for making training more fun and engaging.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - Kahoot

With its business solution, Kahoot! 360, you can create “kahoots” to enhance your employees’ engagement, gamify your presentations, and host interactive presentations that everyone can enjoy. These are a great way to help your employees learn through blended learning methods during their onboarding, training sessions, and other social events at work.

To access the platform’s AI-powered Kahoot! question generator, you’ll have to purchase its Pro version at 59 USD, which costs more than the Standard plan.

Cost: Paid plans start at 17 USD/month (Standard)

Key Features:

  • AI-enhanced question generator
  • Polls and quizzes
  • Gamification
  • Course creation (Pro)

3. Teachable

Another artificial intelligence learning app that you might want to check out is Teachable. It has an AI curriculum generator where you can build your course faster without using too much brain power.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - Teachable

The artificial intelligence platform also offers other useful tools, such as a quiz generator, a summary generator, subtitles and translations, and a lesson writing assistant. Unfortunately, these don’t come entirely for free. You’ll have to avail yourself of their paid plans, which start at 59 USD per month.

Cost: Free (14-day trial); paid plans start at 59 USD/month

Key Features:

  • AI curriculum builder
  • Quiz generator
  • Summary generator
  • Subtitles and translations

4. Memrise

Unlike other AI tools on this list, Memrise is a training platform specifically designed for the purpose of learning languages. As a modern language training tool, learners can practice what they’ve learned with Memrise's personalized AI language tutor called “MemBot”.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - Memrise

They’ll have unlimited speaking practice and feedback with the chatbot, which can prepare them for foreign language conversations before speaking with natives in real life.

With a Pro subscription, learners will also have access to video clips of native speakers, gamified tests, personalized review plans, and other learning features useful for boosting language skills and memorization. They can enroll in official courses in over 23 languages, including Spanish, French, Korean, and more.

Cost: Free; paid plans start at 14.99 USD/month

Key Features:

  • AI language tutor (AI chatbot)
  • Videos and gamified tests
  • Personalized review plans
  • Courses for 20+ languages

5. Realizeit

Realizeit is an artificial intelligence platform with advanced workforce solutions for onboarding, cross training, compliance training, and upskilling. It uses adaptive learning technology and AI-based insights to personalize your employees’ learning journeys and enhance their knowledge retention. It also boosts their learning speed, making training both effective and efficient.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - Realizeit

This AI software also lets you build and improve your course content depending on your employees’ individual roles. You can even conduct live instruction and coaching or create assignments, assessments, and other elearning materials.

Cost: Contact Realizeit

Key features:

  • Adaptive learning technology
  • AI-based insights
  • Content builder

6. 360learning

360learning is an excellent LMS for employee onboarding and compliance, frontline staff training, and customer training. It allows you to create high-quality courses and use collaborative learning tools like group pages and discussion boards for better employee engagement.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - 360learning

As an artificial intelligence platform, 360learning features an AI-powered “Recommended for You” section on their homepage that analyzes your employees’ learning behaviors. It automatically suggests and tailors uniquely relevant courses and programs based on their training history.

Cost: Paid plans start at 8 USD/month (per user)

Key Features:

  • AI-powered training recommendations
  • Course creator
  • Collaborative and personalized learning

7. Degreed

With Degreed’s learning technology, you can easily deliver deep skill-building programs as part of your employee training and development plans. Besides offering custom programs and collaboration features, Degreed also has an AI recommendation tool for creating relevant learning experiences for your team.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - Degreed

Their AI tool uses AI-driven algorithms to tailor learning suggestions that align with your team’s individual learner profiles, performance, and progress. This can be especially useful for delivering personalized training where your employees are getting what they need to learn new skills or advance their existing ones.

Cost: Contact Degreed

Key features:

  • AI-powered recommendation tool
  • Personalized skill-based resources
  • Custom programs

8. Bridge

Bridge is an all-in-one training platform with extensive learning and development tools for skill-building, compliance training delivery, customer training, and new hire onboarding.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - Bridge

Bridge’s latest toolkit addition includes Skills Plus, a designated tool for upskilling and reskilling employees with AI-based insights. It has a skills library that uses advanced technology to personalize skills and learning recommendations. It even lets you know your employees’ individual strengths and weaknesses and identify what needs upgrading.

The artificial intelligence platform also has an automatic tagging feature that quickly scans courses and tags them with relevant skills. That way, your learners will know the courses that best suit their skill-building objectives, while you’ll be able to streamline all your talent management processes and save hours of tedious admin work.

Cost: Contact Bridge

Key Features:

  • AI-based skills suggestions
  • Automated learning recommendations
  • Automatic tagging

9. Cegid

Like other artificial intelligence platforms, Cegid uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze training data about employees, including their job roles, skills, preferences, and training history. This analysis helps you see how well they’re doing and create personalized learning paths that meet each of your learners’ specific needs.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - Cegid

To add to that, Cegid has an AI-powered assessment tool that adapts according to your learners’ performances and knowledge levels. This guarantees accurate evaluations and gives you tailored recommendations for improving content creation and delivery.

Cost: Contact Cegid

Key Features:

  • AI-based assessments
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Virtual reality simulations

10. Coursebox

Designing engaging lessons can also be simplified with Coursebox’s AI-powered drag-and-drop course builder. You can use the tool’s AI engine to outline your course structure and swiftly generate initial content within seconds.

Artificial intelligence platform for training - Coursebox

Once done with content generation, you can adjust the content, add interactive elements, and refine it to your liking with Coursebox’s modification tools.

With the artificial intelligence platform’s intuitive features, it wouldn’t take more than an hour to finish your training material. You’ll even have the option to decide whether to publish your course as public or private, sell it, or export it to your favorite learning management system (LMS).

Cost: Free; paid plans start at 29 USD/month

Key Features:

  • AI course authoring
  • Customization tools
  • Interactive media


Ella Mar

Ella is a content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), an award-winning e-learning management system designed to help companies deliver high-quality workplace training. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, or playing with her cat.

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