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Attractive interface of application goes a long way


March 17, 2021


Guest Author


Attractive interface of application goes a long way

When it comes to learning and training, the User Interface design (UI) is directly associated with the User Experience (UX). 

Since the steady shift towards digitization in every industry, and L&D is no exception. In this concentrated market, the more interactive the user interface, the better the completion rates and, in turn, training results. 

88% of the users will not return to your platform if they have a terrible interface experience; the interface’s importance is enhanced even more. 

The main elements that can create any interface attractive enough are its;

  • Interface Layout: the behaviour and planning of the page.
  • User Design: text, color, images, videos, and background.
  • Usability: maximize usability by creating easy interaction options. 
  • Page Hierarchy: the content on the page must have consistency and flow.

If you want to know about the inspirational design interface and its impact on engaging consumers, hold it on tight. 

Why does an attractive interface hold weight?

The interactive interface is the main feature of the online business that attracts users. If your Learning Management System (LMS) has extensive capabilities but a clunky, dated design, then it won’t be used. This means that an authoring tool to create training content for your teams should be incredibly easy to navigate and create world-class content. Leading online training platforms like SC Training (formerly EdApp) will have the option to create content from scratch and take it even further by providing a free library of ready-made content, where you have the freedom to select, brand, customize, and deploy to your teams within minutes.

The idea is that your learning platform should be easy enough for anyone to use – no coding knowledge necessary. Similarly, your learners should have a seamless training experience where the content is interactive, beautiful, and effective. By selecting a training platform that also has elements like gamification makes the training experience not only more enjoyable but also more effective. When learning doesn’t feel like learning it’s proven to become highly effective – interactive courses regularly see completion rates of 90% and beyond, and this number can be even higher when gamification is used.

From a business standpoint, here are the aspects of an interfaces’ impact; 

  • It enhances the turnover rate.
  • It increases customer satisfaction.
  • It has the potential to increase sales and ultimately, ROI.
  • It raises motivation and retention. 

The attractive interface also secures its importance as 94% of its impression on the client is based on the interface. Now you can easily calculate the significance of an attractive interface. We could insert: However, if you lack internal expertise to deliver quality UX consider hiring a UX Agency.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) interface

Why use it?

Are you still searching for the reason to use an interactive interface for your LMS? If this is the case, then let me elaborative on the benefits.  

Increased learner engagement

An attractive interface capable of navigating traffic to adequate links and have simplified research options is considered ideal. This type of interface attracts learners and also engages them in their training. When paired with other learning tools to embed knowledge into the long-term memory, retention rates are higher.  

Lower cost

Introducing a well-designed and well-planned LMS doesn’t need to be expensive. In light of the increased shift towards free features – and even a free platform that includes a plethora of built-in features like SC Training (formerly EdApp).

Choosing an LMS with an attractive interface along with free features means that you won’t break any budgets and you will also experience higher results overall. Whether it be a world-class library of ready-made content, to SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Rapid Refresh feature, which enables you to easily check and reinforce the learning content in record time, free tools can often deliver the best results.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) feature - Rapid Refresh

Enhanced productivity and continuous learning

The best training platform user interface for both you and your teams can reduce costs and efforts, but it can also increase productivity and help to create a continuous learning culture. A continuous learner is someone who is in an ongoing process of constant learning and in a professional environment. Creating continuous learners in your teams means that your teams are more likely to engage with training content, be more inclined to retain information, and is more likely to re-visit content when needed. 

Alternatively, if your learners experience an unattractive or clunky interface, the ability to cultivate a continuous learning culture is incredibly slim.

Branding and customization

The engaging interface increases customer satisfaction, and these satisfied customers become loyal ones. I guess you all have heard that in the above heading? The chain of reaction is not over yet. 

The loyal consumers will provide you with valuable advice and highlight all the grey areas of your product. At this point, a product becomes capable enough to transform itself into a brand. 

Your brand will be supported by the increased credibility and strengthened relationship with the brand. 

How to make your learning content attractive?

Apart from choosing an LMS with an attractive interface, another great way to enhance your teams’ learning results is by creating attractive, engaging courses. SC Training (formerly EdApp) includes a collection of tools to deliver the most beautiful and effective training to your learners. From an extensive template library to incorporating bespoke graphics with a built-in Canva integration, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s tools are designed to suit a diverse set of learning methodologies and maximise your training results. 

Organize your content 

The uniformity and consistency in interfaces’ aesthetics enable consumers to connect with the brand and recognize it.

Similarly, with an LMS, continuity should be a priority – not only with design but also with your course content. Organization is key and ensures that the right learners are getting the right content at the right time. Choose a learning platform that enables learner paths and playlists to help facilitate this.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) feature - playlists

Incorporate relevant imagery and clear vocabulary

The usage of visible and large formats is necessary. It prevents the distractions that can be caused due to environmental factors. An attractive interface also includes standardized color, font, buttons, and icons. 

Your LMS shouldn’t require any additional guidelines or customer service to use the platform; it should be innately intuitive. When it comes to convenient user navigation, your learning platform should also have a readable font. The font generator can help you create a more readable font for your learning platform.

Do not use the old and obsolete vocabulary, and writing styles that may cause difficulty for non-native English speakers; you can use microlearning for this.

Use limited fonts and deliberate coloring

After you have selected the adequate writing style and font, the next is the selection of adequate font size. The first tip in selecting a font is not to select a larger font size. By larger, I mean not more than 16. This is because; the extra-large font may seem blunt and unattractive on your page. 

Another one is not to use more than three different types of fonts. Using multiple fonts on different webpages can disturb their uniformity. The same goes for your LMS as well as your own mobile lessons. 

SC Training (formerly EdApp) instructional design

Looking for more resources? To learn about optimal course design, visit more information on instructional design and instructional design features here. 

Wrapping it up

The instant boom in digitalization has forced the business to move online. In the present era, we can utilize any service either by using a web or app. This facilitation also has brought a number of complexities with it. 

The market is getting concentrated with time, and earning in that much-concentrated market is a tough job. There are many other aspects of gaining new customers’ attraction; the most effective and economical one is the interactive interface. 

When it comes to your LMS, it should be lightweight, customizable, and full of results-driven tools to help you achieve the best training for you and your teams. Select a platform that’s interactive, modern, and won’t break the bank. 

I have mentioned many simpler yet efficient ways of converting your old interface into an attractive one. If you use any of them, then do tell me.   

Author’s Bio
Elaine Vanessa is currently working as a Senior Research Analyst and blog writer for Dissertation Assistance UK. She utilizes her research skills for extracting information and using it in her blogs. Her passion for writing is visible in her blogs.


Guest Author

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