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10 E learning tools and technologies to check out today


September 22, 2023



E-learning tools and technologies

Modern elearning platforms have everything you need for innovative training from course creation to performance management tools. You can centralize all your training needs in a single platform! To help you find the best elearning tools and technologies that fit your needs, we made a list of the best ones on the market today!

What are e-learning tools and technologies?

Elearning tools and technologies are modern applications that aim to make learning easier by centralizing all your needs in one place. They often have course creation, course libraries, reporting and analytics, and other learning features that make learning much more efficient and enjoyable!

A lot of the best elearning tools have the following features:

  • Mobile-first design: Advanced e learning tools need to be mobile because modern work is fast-paced. Your learners need to have their training accessible wherever they go, so they can comply and learn much more efficiently.
  • Microlearning: Microlearning is one of the 10 elearning trends every training manager should know. It’s a learning strategy that uses bite-sized lessons to make training much more digestible. It’s science-backed and effective for all kinds of learners!
  • Social learning: This is another teaching style that allows learners to interact with their peers and colleagues. This lets trainers leverage their in-house experts to contribute to learning materials. Elearning tools have things like discussions and forums to integrate this.
  • Reporting and analytics: Learning platforms make it easy for managers and trainers to track the progress and performance of learners with complete reporting and analytics. The insights you gain from this data will allow you to improve every step of the training process.
  • Course creation: Modern learning solutions allow a wide range of customization for course creation. You’d want to create content that’s multimedia and engaging for your learners.

Now that we’ve explored some of the key features, let’s dive right into some tools and LMS elearning examples!

E-learning tools and technologies #1 - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Our topic pick for e-learning tools and technologies is none other than SC Training (formerly EdApp). It’s an award-winning learning management system that has all of the cutting-edge learning technologies in one platform. It has course authoring, add-on course creation services, content libraries, analytics, AI-assisted content creation, and more!

One of the key features that make it stand out from the competition is microlearning. This learning design feature highlights quick but interactive lessons that learners can take in a matter of minutes. Short but impactful is the name of the game.

 E-learning tools and technologies - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

This is great for all kinds of professionals, from frontline workers to retail. It’s time to retire boring PowerPoint presentations and long lectures.

And of course, aside from microlearning and content creation, SC Training (formerly EdApp) also has gamification, group training, and SCORM import.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)


  • Microlearning
  • Authoring tool
  • Add-on course creation services
  • Course libraries
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Gamification
  • Group training
  • SCORM import

Change the way your teams learn with SC Training (formerly EdApp). Sign up for an award-winning elearning tool and technology today!

E-learning tools and technologies #2 - Skillshare

Skillshare is probably one of the most popular elearning tools and technologies out there with its wide range of instructor-led lessons on various topics. The content available on this platform is created and taught by subject matter experts and professionals. You might even see a celebrity or famous personality on a subject.

 E-learning tools and technologies - Skillshare

The courses are all self-paced so your learners can take these lessons at their own time. Hands-on projects are also included in a majority of topics to help your teams apply their knowledge.

Cost: Free 


  • Professional-led learning content
  • Self-paced learning
  • Hands-on projects

E-learning tools and technologies #3 - Qstream

Qstream is a learning tool that aims to target learner knowledge retention through focused learning content. With its Content Hub feature, it lets training managers and L&D professionals create courses with learning templates and guide questions.

 E-learning tools and technologies - Qstream

Once you deliver your lessons, you can facilitate the training all in real-time in one place. Learner progress can also be tracked with the reporting and analytics tools.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Microlearning
  • Content Hub feature
  • Course authoring tool
  • Reporting and analytics

E-learning tools and technologies #4 - Violet LMS

If you’re looking for a full-service elearning tool and software, Violet LMS might be the right choice for you. This is a platform that promotes sustainable learning methods on compliance, customer training, retail learning, and more.

 E-learning tools and technologies - Violet LMS

You can deliver interactive learning courses to your teams alongside virtual classrooms for social learning capabilities. There’s even certification management if you want to build and give certificates of completion to your learners.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Interactive course library
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Certification management

E-learning tools and technologies #5 - Persona Learning

Persona Learning is a learning tool that aims to deliver immersive learning experiences with its on-demand cloud-based learning resources. Its authoring tool lets you create corporate training courses for various organizational needs. You can add multimedia files like images, videos, and sheets along with customizable branding options.

 E-learning tools and technologies - Persona Learning

Cost: Request a quote


  • Immersive learning technology
  • Cloud-based corporate training
  • Authoring tool
  • Design options for course authoring

E-learning tools and technologies #6 - Trainual 

Playbook and training manual creation is made easy with Trainual, a learning tool specializing in building hassle-free training materials. It can host manuals, handbooks, hiring checklists, orientation outlines, and procedure templates so you easily deliver them to your employees. It even has loads of HR policy and SOP templates so you don’t have to start from scratch.

 E-learning tools and technologies - Trainual

All the templates are completely customizable! You can add multimedia templates and existing materials for training needs. It has team management and task delegation integration so you can do all the work in one platform.

Cost: Starts at 250 USD a month (for a small business size)


  • HR material templates
  • SOP templates
  • Customizable templates
  • Content creation
  • Team management tools

E-learning tools and technologies #7 - Sana

AI-assisted learning tools are driving the market today, and Sana is one of the available tools in the market today. With generative AI technology, you can build personalized learning experiences that are highly immersive and collaborative. Images, questions, and content can be built from scratch all with a push of a button.

 E-learning tools and technologies - Sana

It’s also got an amazingly sleek interface that integrates well with existing work platforms like Slack, Google Suites, Notion, Github, and more.

Cost: Starts at 7200 EUR/year


  • AI-assisted content generation
  • Automated training ideas
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Google, Notion, Github, Slack integration

E-learning tools and technologies #8 - Mini Course Generator

While we’re on the topic of AI, Mini Course Generator is a tool you should check out because it’s another quick and easy AI-assisted training content creation tool. If you’re just starting or looking to build short courses for your teams, this may be the tool for your needs. Mini Course Generator creates microlearning courses perfect for on-the-go learning. 

 E-learning tools and technologies - Sana

When you’re stuck on building your courses, you can rely on the AI assistant to help you out, no more writer’s block!

Cost: Free 


  • Fast AI-assisted content creation
  • AI-powered images
  • Microlearning
  • Creator tool

E-learning tools and technologies #9 - Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is an elearning tool that focuses on tech-related learning solutions. The platform gives training materials on data, software development, coding, and more. Your teams will have access to a wide library of tech courses accessible for all levels.

 E-learning tools and technologies - Cloud Academy

Every course has customizable quizzes, tests, and games to help with knowledge retention. Reporting and analytics are also available for easy performance and progress tracking.

Cost: Starts at 39 USD per month


  • Content Library
  • Customizable quizzes and exams
  • Gamification
  • Reporting and analytics

E-learning tools and technologies #10 - Learning Pool

For social and self-directing learning options, try Learning Pool, a learning solution that aims to power training with intelligent data. The platform has personalized recommendations and purposeful learning solutions based on learner progress, preference, and performance. This is effective for efficient upskilling. 

 E-learning tools and technologies - Learning Pool

What makes it even more efficient is its mobile capabilities, allowing your learners to access training anywhere at any time. Custom-built and off-the-shelf learning courses are all available on mobile devices.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Personalized learning solution
  • Mobile learning
  • Customizable course library


Alec Bailon

Alec is an eLearning expert for SC Training (formerly EdApp), a pioneer LMS that designs creative mobile workplace training solutions. On the off days, they enjoy cooking, reading, or finding a live show or play to watch.

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