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10 Great Employee Engagement Articles for You to Read


August 5, 2022



Employee Engagement Articles - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Looking for great employee engagement articles to read? Look no further. We’ve listed down the best articles for all things employee engagement. Each article lists down tips and tricks you can apply to improve your current training programs.

1. 10 Virtual Employee Engagement Activities by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Excerpt: With so many employees now scattered over the world, keeping them motivated becomes a more difficult endeavor. This is especially because of the lack of personal interactions between co-workers and the feeling of isolation for those working at home. Still, there are several ways that you can increase remote employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Article - Virtual Employee Engagement Activities

Overview: This employee engagement article looks at some of the top virtual employee engagement activities you can incorporate into your next training program. You’ll also discover how you can better manage them with the help of modern technology, such as a learning management system (LMS). Some of the suggested activities in this article are work celebrations, meet and greet with co-workers’ pets, and virtual escape rooms. By doing these activities, you’ll be able to develop better working relationships in your workplace and offer a fun employee engagement experience for your teams.


  • What are virtual engagement activities
  • Types of virtual engagement activities
  • How to include them in HR programs

Reading time: 5 minutes

Read the employee engagement article here.


2. Learner engagement by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Excerpt: COVID health regulations

Employee Engagement Article - Learner engagement

Overview: This employee engagement article teaches you everything you need to know about learner engagement and how you can apply its principles to the virtual workplace. The blog article tackles genuine learner engagement, engagement at its core, and the importance of measuring learner engagement.


  • What is learner engagement
  • Learner engagement and the virtual workplace
  • Engagement at its core
  • Using technology to measure learner engagement

Reading time: 5 minutes

Read the employee engagement article here.


3. 10 Free Employee Engagement Tools by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Excerpt: Focusing on employee engagement is a worthwhile goal that many businesses often ignore. But why should you bother investing in it at all? That’s because employees who’re engaged are more devoted, fulfilled, and productive. Another reason is that employees are increasingly seeking more than just a good salary. They want their 9-to-5 work to be an opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute.

Employee Engagement Article - Free Employee Engagement Tools

Overview: So, where do you start? With this article. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s 10 employee engagement tools article takes a look at how today’s eLearning technology can help you get started on your employee engagement journey. The article tackles the best employee engagement platforms available today, as well as their features, their setbacks, and their price.

Pro tip: for maximum engagement from your team, you can also consider reading our list of goal setting training courses to find resources they can take to improve their goal setting process and learn some tips on how to achieve them.


  • What are employee engagement tools
  • How can you benefit from them
  • Different kinds of engagement tools

Reading time: 7 minutes

Read the employee engagement article here.


4. How Companies Can Improve Employee Engagement Right Now by Harvard Business Review

Excerpt: Employees’ mental “surge capacity” is weakened almost three years after the start of the pandemic. As a leader, you need to be proactive in increasing employee engagement or risk losing your valuable workforce. Employees who’re constantly engaged perform better, have less burnout, and remain with you for longer. 

Employee Engagement Article - Harvard Business Review

Overview: This employee engagement article was written by its authors to streamline research-based resources that HR practitioners can use in this critical point of heightened uncertainty due to the pandemic. Use the checklist found in this article to increase employee engagement. When you do, you’ll be able to help them better connect what they do to what they care about and how they can make work less stressful and more fun.


  • Introduction to employee engagement
  • Translating HR data into practice
  • Checklist

Reading time: 8 minutes

Read the employee engagement article here.


5. Creative Ways to Engage Employees by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Excerpt: While shorter training might result in better engagement, it doesn’t always mean interesting or educational content. It isn’t enough to just provide learners with shorter training material. It’s important to incorporate the essence of microlearning into each of your training programs. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Creative Ways to Engage Employees article can teach you how to do just that.

Employee Engagement Article - Creative Ways to Engage Employees

Overview: This employee engagement article talks about the advantages of employee engagement and how to creatively tackle this in your training programs. It provides examples of ways to do this such as providing incentives, providing competitive training, and providing peer-to-peer learning. The article also goes into detail about each practice, so you can learn the techniques for how to apply them properly.


  • Advantages of employee engagement
  • How to incorporate technology into training
  • Creative ways to engage employees

Reading time: 5 minutes

Read the employee engagement article here.


6. Secret to Increasing Learner Engagement by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Excerpt: Internal and external factors heavily influence learner engagement, which can determine your organization’s overall direction and performance.  Maintaining and boosting learner engagement is a major issue that most businesses face when training is continually changing or growing in volume. To combat this frightening number, SC Training (formerly EdApp) has listed down the HR secrets for increasing learner engagement and contributing to overall business performance.

Employee Engagement Article - Secret to Increasing Learner Engagement

Overview: This employee engagement article tackles training and development concepts such as microlearning and gamification. Both of these concepts are heavily used in today’s eLearning industry and have been proven to boost learner engagement and performance. It also talks about different strategies you can apply to online learning such as self-directed learning, social learning, employee-curated learning, and on-demand learning.


  • Microlearning
  • Gamification
  • Online learning
  • Social learning

Reading time: 4 minutes

Read the employee engagement article here.


7. 10 Free Learning Engagement Platforms by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Excerpt: With workers becoming busier and attention spans becoming shorter, the days of reading instructive but lengthy educational material are long gone. Learners are looking for a better and more engaging standard for training. There’s no use in adopting training that doesn’t serve its objective, no matter how brilliant the material can be.

Employee Engagement Article - Free Learning Engagement Platforms

Overview: To counter this, many trainers and HR leaders are turning to microlearning and engagement platforms. Luckily, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s free learning engagement platform article lists down the industry’s best examples and how you can use them. The article talks about the different features and advantages you can expect from this type of software and what makes them different from typical HR platforms.

Some of these advantages include increasing completion rates, increasing interactivity, and increasing more manageable learning formats. Using any of the tools discussed in this article, you can expect knowledge retention to increase and knowledge gaps to decrease.


  • Role of free learning engagement platforms
  • Types of learning engagement platforms

Reading time: 5 minutes

Read the employee engagement article here.


8. Why employee engagement matters to your organization by Washington Post

Excerpt: Employee engagement influences both performance and retention. They give all they can daily to achieve the company’s goals. They’re also eager to advocate for and refer other people to your company. Prioritizing this can be a game-changer for your organization.

Employee Engagement Article - Washington Post

Overview: These are some of what Washington Post discusses in their article, “Why employee engagement matters to your organization.” Washington Post also talks about studies and research about employee engagement which you can use for your own reference or as part of your training programs. Although a short read, you’ll be sure to have key takeaways to improve the culture in your workplace.


  • What is employee engagement
  • Why is employee engagement important
  • Employee engagement for employers

Reading time: 2 minutes

Read the employee engagement article here.


9. How To Inspire and Engage Employees In Learning by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Excerpt: For a variety of reasons, motivating and engaging people in their learning and development can be a tough challenge. Employees may find the subject boring or tiresome, or the content they could be consuming may be anything but engaging. Or maybe both of those things. Adopting a learning approach that benefits everyone in the business is the most effective method to increase employee engagement in their learning.

Employee Engagement Article - How To Inspire and Engage Employees In Learning

Overview: This article teaches you about what you can do to inspire and engage your learners in training. The employee engagement article also discusses microlearning in length and how you can best apply them to your programs. After reading this article, you’ll be able to better understand the role microlearning plays in employee engagement and creating a better learning environment.


  • Employee engagement
  • Microlearning
  • How to apply microlearning

Reading time: 2 minutes

Read the employee engagement article here.


10. Motivate learners your way with Achievements by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Excerpt: One of the best ways to engage your employees is to add rewarding features to their training programs. Most L&D systems nowadays have their own recognition features. However, no one does it like SC Training (formerly EdApp). The best part is that getting started has never been simpler.

Employee Engagement Article - Motivate learners your way with Achievements

Overview: SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Motivate learners your way with Achievements tackles how you can use the platform’s achievements feature to spice up learning and development. The article goes about the importance of adding a rewarding factor to training, the reason behind why SC Training (formerly EdApp) developed this feature, and what exactly Achievements does. If you’re an SC Training (formerly EdApp) user already and haven’t been using this feature, this is a great resource for you since it also teaches you how to create achievements in SC Training (formerly EdApp). 


  • Rewards in training
  • Achievements development process
  • Features of Achievements
  • Step-by-step of creating achievements

Reading time: 3 minutes

Read the employee engagement article here.


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