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10 Employee Motivation Management Tips


November 4, 2022


Stephanie Escuadro


Employee Motivation management tips - edapp

If you’re looking for how to motivate a demotivated employee, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of employee motivation management tips to keep your employee engagement high and your teams happy and productive.

1. Create effective training programs

Most organizations already use training programs as a basic employee engagement tactic. But, not all of them are as helpful as others at increasing workplace motivation. This is because these training programs frequently fail to take into account their employees’ developmental needs and wants. They’re largely designed with the organization’s goals in mind, whereas it should be a mix of the two.

Employee Motivation Management Tip - Create effective training programs

As a result, the first item on our list is to create effective training programs. A more individualized career development plan shows them that you care about their professional and personal development. It also allows employees to learn about new topics that interest them, keeps them engaged in their work, and makes career changes within the business much simpler.

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2. Include quizzes in your lessons to reinforce training

Employee Motivation Management Tip - Include quizzes in your lessons to reinforce training

Assessing your employees post-training is a terrific way to further motivate your employees. Analyze what your workers have learned and determine if your training is effective or not. It also helps to reinforce ideas by requiring them to recall lessons while they complete their employee motivation quiz. Following that, learning gaps are detected, giving you an indication of which areas need more focus for training. This employee motivation management tip allows you to redesign training programs and training goals and successfully tailor employee learning.

3. Prepare fun events and activities

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” as the expression goes. Making the effort to create enjoyable workplace activities where workers can relax and have fun with peers after a long day’s work goes a long way toward keeping them motivated. 

Employee Motivation Management Tip - Prepare fun events and activities

To provide employees with a brief respite from work, you can plan game nights, fitness activities, karaoke nights, or even a employee motivation activity, for example. They can connect more with their colleagues and get to know one another if they use this employee motivation management tip. They’ll feel more connected and involved not just with their coworkers but also with the company, as they build ties and positive work relationships.

4. Create a workplace culture of acknowledgment and appreciation

Creating a workplace culture focused on recognition and gratitude is crucial for motivating employees as well as improving overall business success. While a simple “thank you” is good (and should be standard procedure), creating a solid employee appreciation program or initiatives will have a significant influence on your staff. Because not having one might have a negative impact on the growth of your organization.

Employee Motivation Management Tip - Create a workplace culture of acknowledgment and appreciation

Suppose you have a high-performing team member who routinely goes above and beyond in their role. Despite this, this individual is never recognized or rewarded for his or her exceptional effort. That top performer will eventually realize that their efforts are underappreciated, leading to a lack of motivation. Another motivation management tip could also be to encourage people to quit the organization in search of a culture that recognizes and values what they do. Avoid this by exchanging pleasant words, creating a platform for them to be recognized, and praising them for their efforts.

5. Let your team set the rules

If your team members feel you don’t trust them and micromanage everything they do, they’ll lose motivation to do their best job. Instead, give them more say over how they function and let them establish the rules.

Employee Motivation Management Tip - Let your team set the rules

Set up a meeting with your team to collect feedback on their preferred process. When individuals have control over how they work, they’ll feel more confident and motivated to complete their responsibilities, as well as more satisfied with their entire career path. As a result, employees will be motivated to work harder.

6. Celebrate milestones

Celebrating milestones, such as a birthday, a work anniversary, or the success of a project, is an excellent way to keep employees motivated. There are several methods to celebrate business and personal anniversaries. Send out an employee newsletter announcing and welcoming new team members, for example, if your company has recently employed some new team members.

Employee Motivation Management Tip - Celebrate milestones

If an employee is celebrating a significant professional milestone, such as tenure or promotion, then have their manager present an employee appreciation speech highlighting their great achievements. They’ll feel valued by their bosses and acknowledged by their coworkers in this manner.

7. Provide supportive management

employee motivation management tip edapp

Employee motivation starts with leadership, since great leaders become role models for others to follow. Great leaders listen to what their team has to say so that they can keep the team motivated and feel valued.  You can help keep your team motivated by actively listening to them and taking action regarding the feedback they give. Employees are more likely to offer their all at work when they believe they’re being heard and catered to.

8. Engage with your team virtually 

Employee Motivation Management Tip - Engage with your team virtually 

With the rise of hybrid and remote work environments, many organizations are struggling to keep employees connected because of their different work locations. You should engage with your workers virtually if you want to keep them engaged and efficient. Of course, regular organizational virtual meetings are required, but consider integrating virtual team-building events such as a virtual happy hour or virtual game night as well.

9. Make room for side projects

Employee Motivation Management Tip - Make room for side projects

Giving your staff the opportunity to work on projects that they’re passionate about gives them a sense of autonomy. It also helps them to develop their abilities in a way that’s compatible with their goals and aspirations. Working on personal projects gives your staff a sense of purpose and promise, which can help raise employee motivation. Eventually, that motivation will flow over to the tasks you require them to work on.

10. Conduct employee engagement surveys

Employee Motivation Management Tip - Conduct employee engagement surveys

What better way to learn how to motivate employees than to get input from them? By asking them questions and learning what motivates and engages them, you can make the work at hand easier because you’ll have direct suggestions on how to make this happen. Make sure you address employee satisfaction topics, such as asking them what actions you can take to help them grow, what activities they’d want to engage in, and anything that can be changed to help them perform their best work.


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Stephanie Escuadro

Stephanie is an eLearning content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), a microlearning solution designed for today's digital habits. She creates content about cutting-edge learning technologies and resources to help companies deliver great training experiences. When not absorbed in writing, she spends her time taking care of her dog and binge-watching.

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