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How the Australian Open is getting their teams match fit


January 13, 2022



How the Australian Open is getting their teams match fit

Every year, in January, all eyes are on Australia as we take the global stage with the Australian Open. It’s a mammoth feat getting Australia’s biggest tournament up and running. It takes months of preparation, training, dedication, and a small army to pull it off. 

That’s why this year we’re lending a helping hand. From Ballkids to retail teams, we’re helping the Australian Open teams get match fit for the big event.

Australian Open ballkids

On the Court

At every Australian Open match, there’s one thing preventing a good game from descending into chaos. The Ballkids. 

“To be a Ballkid, there’s a lot of things to remember,” says Elise Mace, Ballkid Strategy and Operations Lead. “There’s the skill component — how to roll the ball, how to service the players, the court movement, and the concentration they need to do their job on the court.” This demands a considered training program that runs throughout the year.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) gives the Ballkids the ability “to access training videos, knowledge tests, and real match videos from their phones,” says Mace. Being able to brush up on critical skills prior to and in between games is going to be integral in ensuring  “they know what they are going to be doing regardless of what happens on the court”.

In the shop

The AO Shop has 11 sites, over 150 retail assistants, team leaders, and logistics crew. It’s a huge team effort behind the scenes to bring the AO to life. This makes the onboarding process extremely important to get right. 

The training required to run the AO Shop is extensive and each year staff undertakes product training on the new collection, sales, and customer service training, as well as everything the workforce needs to know about working at the Australian Open. Prior to this year, all retail staff training has been done face-to-face. But as the tournament continues to grow, so does the need to go digital.

Mobile training gives staff the ability to upskill on their own time. “Some of our employees have other jobs. They’re working full-time during the Christmas holidays. It’s so much easier now that we don’t need to set a time, day, and place for upwards of 150 people to be available in one go,” says Jonothan Lee, Retail Manager. “We’re looking forward to trying something brand new this year”.

AO mobile training

“Tennis Australia shares SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s passion for technology and innovation, so teaming up officially is a smart step that will positively impact our team and fans. Together we’re working towards a seamless, safe, and enjoyable event for the public.”

– Alex Hamilton, Tennis Australia Chief Event Officer

For a behind-the-scenes look at the Australian Open, tune into ‘Almost Open’ on YouTube. A seven-part series by our sister company SafetyCulture that lifts the curtain on the operations of the most-watched Grand Slam.


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