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Improve training with course evaluation surveys in your microlearning


October 9, 2023



course evaluation survey

Course evaluations are essential to improving all aspects of your training programs. Collecting feedback directly from learner experience will help you find ways to build more effective learning experiences and better training outcomes. 

When training is great, employees will be better and will be able to contribute much more to company objectives. To help you build meaningful training courses in your microlearning, we’ve written everything you need to know about course evaluation surveys and more!

What are course evaluation surveys?

A course evaluation survey is a set of questions for learners to help improve their learning experiences. Getting feedback directly from learners is the most effective way to build impactful programs because you’ll be addressing their direct needs. It allows trainers and teams to reflect and reassess their learning experience, which will lead to better performance.

Course evaluation survey examples - SC Training (formerly EdApp) templates

In general, there are multiple ways to hold course evaluations. For example, you could do formative or summative evaluations. Formative assessments take place during the initial sections of training to figure out if the training is fit for the learner’s needs. Summative evaluations are done after the course to determine the overall effectiveness of training.

So, whichever training evaluation method you choose, a survey is one of the best ways to gain valuable insight into improvement.

Why do you need course evaluation for microlearning?

Microlearning is a modern training model that uses short bursts of learning to help improve knowledge retention and impact. Most elearning platforms and training programs utilize this method because of its scalability and ease of use. So, if you’re using microlearning for training, why use course evaluations?

Course evaluation surveys - why use evaluation surveys?

Well, microlearning is learner-focused, which means it values the learner’s experience to ensure effective training. The best way to create effective programs is to directly understand what they need and want from training. By figuring out what kind of experience they want and need, you’ll gain valuable insights to help improve each step of your microlearning training.

Fortunately, most microlearning platforms like SC Training (formerly EdApp) can directly integrate course evaluations into learning courses to make sure it’s a seamless process overall.

Benefits of using course evaluation surveys

Now that we’ve understood why course evaluation surveys are so important to training programs, let’s see some of the direct benefits of including them in your training courses:

  • Improve programs: Learner feedback directly impacts the effectiveness of a program. Understanding where learners had a hard time shows exactly where L&D managers need to work. This kind of specific data is only possible through surveys.
  • Ensure compliance: Course surveys can also test the results of the program, so this will help in understanding the level of compliance your teams have. If your programs are lacking in any aspect, surveys are easy and simple ways you can improve the compliance of your programs.
  • Increase retention rates: Improved training experiences will motivate learners to take training more seriously. By making sure you’re asking the right questions, your learners will feel valued and motivated to take the required training. Investing in the growth of your teams shows you care and will encourage them to stay.
  • Build involved trainers: Course evaluation questions aren’t just for learners, trainers who create these questions also need to be involved. This means asking the right questions and the only way to do that is to know your teams. This method will build trust and improve team relationships which will overall impact the productivity of everyone in the organization.
  • Compile insightful data: Survey data is usually collected and can be compiled to improve all future processes. This is a long game that can help your teams and organizations achieve higher objectives. For example, all the insights you’ve gained from training survey questions can be used to build onboarding training tailored to a specific team.

Sample questions to include in your course evaluation surveys

Depending on the objective of the course and survey, questions can differ. For example, if you’re doing a summative evaluation, post-training survey questions are the to take. In general, the best way to think about creating questions is to divide the questions into an aspect of training.

Do you want to improve the course material? Do you want to understand the impact on the learner? The samples we’ll provide today are based on an aspect of training.

1. Course Content

  • The content and questions complemented each other
  • All the information increased my knowledge/skills on the subject matter
  • The information in the training was something I could not simply search for on the internet
  • The course content was organized and easy-to-follow
  • The content could be completed at a reasonable time
Course survey question examples - Course Content

2. Learner engagement

  • I regularly complete my modules
  • I consistently finish my modules on time
  • The courses challenge my existing knowledge
  • I am motivated to finish all of my modules
  • I look forward to taking training courses
Course survey question examples - Learner engagement

3. Course structure

  • The training program increased my interest in the field
  • I feel confident to learn more and do more coursework on the subject
  • Expectations and learning objectives were clear
  • Assignments and quizzes were relevant to the course material
  • Each course made sense as a whole
  • The training intent matches organizational objectives
  • The training was relevant to my own career goals
Course survey examples - Course structure

These are just a few of our suggestions for training survey questions based on the impact you want for your learners. Talk to your teams and get to know what they want and need to further improve your surveys.

The best way to create course evaluation surveys

We’ve discussed the benefits, advantages, and some examples of survey questions, but now what are the most effective ways to create and deliver course evaluations? Well, our answer to that is SC Training (formerly EdApp). SC Training (formerly EdApp) is an award-winning learning management system (LMS) that centralizes all training needs in one platform, including course evaluation surveys.

Course evaluation survey - best ways to create course surveys

You can build courses, deliver them to learners, and track performance all in one app. The courses are designed in the microlearning model but integrate all kinds of content including course evaluation surveys. And did you know that there’s more than one kind of training survey? You can customize them to look and be much more engaging. Time to get rid of simple questionnaires.

Course evaluation survey -  best ways to create course surveys with SC Training (formerly EdApp) creator tool

SC Training (formerly EdApp) uses sliders, visualizers, multiple-choice questions, and more to make surveys more dynamic and interactive. So why waste energy on building evaluations separate from your courses? It’s efficient and fun! Try SC Training (formerly EdApp) today and build courses based on learner experiences!

Improve learner experience with course evaluation surveys in your microlearning courses! Make it easy with SC Training (formerly EdApp). Sign up for free today.


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