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10 LMS for Franchises


May 16, 2022


Jeanellie Avelino


LMS for Franchises

Today’s advancement of the Learning Management Systems or LMS for franchises has made it easier for franchise owners to communicate with their partners and franchisees, locally and globally, and keep them informed about product updates and improvements. This article contains a list of the most recommended LMS for franchises that can help you build and scale your franchise training and maintain a consistent business cycle across all of your franchise units.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) ranks as the best LMS for franchises on this list for its collection of powerful features that can help create, deploy, and manage all your training materials and set your franchise business up for success. Whether your training aims to educate your new partners on your franchise policies or update your existing franchisees with a new market trend, this LMS program has you covered. 

LMS for franchises - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Among its best features is its SCORM-compliant authoring tool, which is incredibly easy to use thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality. You can develop and update your franchise training material and content within hours instead of weeks or months.

LMS for Franchises - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Authoring Tool

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s authoring tools come with a number of interactive templates that are suited to a diverse set of learning methodologies. You can introduce your new collection of products through its Image Collection content template, or have your trainees match which menu item is offered at a given time of day with the Drag to Match game template. If you’re short on resources, you can even import ready-made franchise courses from SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course library. Most of them come fully editable, so feel free to tweak their content or add your branding as preferred. 

Designed using cutting-edge learning and development techniques. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s instructional designers have designed hundreds of engaging courses for companies like yours.

LMS for Franchises - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Image Collection

SC Training (formerly EdApp) also takes pride in its Document storage feature, where you can house your policies or procedure documents in a centralized location. Here, you can upload and store PDFs, PPTs, or even videos, which your business partners and franchisees can easily access. They can download these additional resources to their devices so they can refer to these technical documents whenever needed. 

LMS for Franchises - Briefcase


Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Key features: 

  • SCORM authoring tool
  • Interactive content and game templates
  • Ready-made franchise courses
  • Document storage
  • Mobile learning

2. LearningZen 

LearningZen provides a number of highly valuable features designed to remove the hassle of scaling training materials and maintaining brand uniformity. Among the best ones would be its course builder, which can be used to create content that’s unique to your brand. You can add a range of media content like video, audio, and pictures, as well as exams and assessments, to make your training more valuable for your learners. This franchise LMS also updates your learners for any updates and new products and services, making sure that everyone involved in your franchising business is informed consistently. 

LMS for Franchises - Learning Zen

The tool, unfortunately, isn’t free, plus its pricing plans are more targeted to companies with at least 100 employees.

Cost: Pricing plans start at 49 per month

Key Features: 

  • Course builder
  • Multimedia content
  • Exams and assessments
  • Automated updates

3. Persona Learning

Persona Learning is a franchise learning management system that offers a number of quality tools intended to minimize training efforts while ensuring that all of your partners adhere to the same corporate standards. Their elearning authoring tool supports built-in course creation, including photos, vector images, and audio, securing an excellent and valuable learning experience for your partners and franchisees. To keep the quality of online training materials consistent, you can also add your logo and modify colors, fonts, and more with its custom style sheets. 

LMS for Franchises - Persona Learning

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies and solutions are also available. However, it might require a little help from the experts as it can be a little tricky to put together a VR-type of training, even more so if you’re targeting hundreds to thousands of learners. 

 Cost: Available upon request

Key features:

  • Built-in course authoring
  • Custom style sheets
  •  Virtual reality and augmented reality solutions

4. Kallidus

Kallidus gained popularity because of its modern learning platform and tools, which franchise owners and training managers will find handy and valuable. For starters, they have an elearning course builder where you can put together franchise training content and update it without much fuss. If you already have your resources ready, you can just upload your files to this platform and transform them into an elearning course. Should you wish to add further personalization to your training content, this LMS can also be adapted to your branding requirements.

LMS for Franchises - Kallidus

The only catch, however, is that this employee training software lacks interactive elements like gamification, so you might have to think of creative ways to engage your learners. 

Cost: Available upon request

Key features: 

  • Elearning course builder
  • Customized LMS

5. Forma LMS

Forma LMS works as an open-source content development platform that can help you meet the specific needs of effective franchise training. It features a modern and responsive content authoring tool that can be used to develop and manage franchise training content in different formats: SCORM multimedia, HTML pages, videos, and powerful assessments. It also offers massive editing actions and lots of configuration and automation options, giving you no restrictions when it comes to designing and managing elearning for franchises. 

LMS for Franchises - Forma LMS

Cost: Pricing plans available upon request

Key Features: 

  • Modern and responsive authoring tool
  • Massive editing actions
  • Configuration and automation options

6. Violet LMS

Violet LMS is a white-labeled online learning management system that allows you to create training materials while integrating your brand’s look. This strategy will give your franchisees, partners, and distributors an enjoyable learning experience and inspire them to better understand your product and updates. Apart from its content creation capabilities, this LMS for franchisors also supports certificate management and classroom training, all of which are perfect forcreating a blended learning experience and driving learner engagement. While Violet LMS is ideal for large organizations that require a robust LMS, smaller businesses may be overwhelmed by the tools listed and may be unable to use all of them.

LMS for Franchises - Violet LMS

Cost: Available upon request

Key Features: 

  • Content creation
  • Certificate management
  • Classroom training

7. OpenLMS

Open LMS is individually crafted for all types of organizations, like franchises. It’s jam-packed with features that can set your training up for success. Among the most useful features are authoring tools, webinar hosting, and gamified learning platforms. Additionally, you’ll have access to its visual and analytics tools, which can help you follow the training progress of your learners regardless of whether they’re dispersed nationwide or worldwide. Open LMS also supports custom branding, making sure that the platform reflects the look and feel of your business. 

LMS for Franchises - Open LMS

This LMS for franchises has no free version, which is a drawback for those who are on a tight budget. It also doesn’t have a free trial, so there’s no way to test its features first before purchasing its plans.

Cost: Available upon request

Key features: 

  • Authoring tools
  • Gamification
  • Visual and analytics tool
  • Custom branding

8. uQualio

If you’re looking for an all-in-one elearning software where you can build and manage franchise courses without the need to jump from one tool to another, uQualio is one of your premium choices. This LMS for franchises acts as a centralized platform where you can create courses from scratch, upload, and edit videos, manage course deployment and structure, and even communicate directly with your partners and employees. uQualio has no free version, but its pricing plans are relatively reasonable. For only 9 USD per month, you can already coach up to 50 team members with as many  admin users as you like.

LMS for Franchises - uQualio

Cost: Starts at 9 USD per month

Key Features: 

  • Course creator
  • Video editor
  • Course management

9. NetExam

Another LMS for franchises that has been gaining quite a lot of attention is none other than NetExam. You can use this platform to develop franchise courses, SCORM modules, and even exam question banks to boost knowledge retention through quizzes. It also offers a full suite of localization where you can translate your courseware into over 30 different languages. It’s a truly global solution that allows you to easily reach your international partners, without worrying about any language barriers. 

LMS for Franchises - NetExam

Cost: Available upon request

Key Features: 

  • SCORM content creator
  • Exam question banks
  • Translation tool

10. IMC 

With IMC’s learning management technology, you can transform your franchise training into real business success. What’s noteworthy about this software is that it balances the potential of both learning management systems (LMS) and learning experience platforms (LXP). For trainers, you can use it to tailor, manage, and track your training courses, all in one centralized location. As for the learners’ side, they are in full control of creating their learning path and deciding how they can access it–mobile or desktop, online or offline, or on the internet or through their app. 

LMS for Franchises - IMC

Cost: Available upon request

Key Features: 

  • Combined LMS and LXP functions
  • Course authoring and management
  • Mobile friendly 



Jeanellie Avelino

Jen is a learning expert at SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile-based training platform that helps corporates and businesses bring their training solutions to the next level. She carries an extensive writing experience in a variety of fields, including architecture, the gig economy, and computer software. Outside of work, she enjoys her free time watching her favorite series and documentaries, reading motivational books, and cross-stitching.

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