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August 31, 2023



Social collaboration software

Social collaboration software (SCS) is like a digital office where coworkers can talk, share ideas, and work together, even if they're not in the same place. Imagine a mix of messaging, file-sharing, and teamwork tools all in one place. This software is also important for company training because it lets employees learn together, ask questions easily, and get help faster.

What are the benefits of social collaboration software?

Social collaboration software brings a bunch of cool benefits. It helps coworkers connect and communicate smoothly, no matter where they are.

social collaboration software - benefits of social collaboration software

It's like having a virtual water cooler where your team can chat, share thoughts, and bond. Here, they can also share files and collaborate on projects, making teamwork a breeze.

And for company training, it makes learning interactive and engaging. It also boosts productivity, encourages creativity, and turns work buddies into a supportive learning squad.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) stands out as a social learning management system (LMS) because of its user-friendly mobile-first design and collaborative training features. Its mobile learning model guarantees that all training materials are easily accessible on your learners' preferred devices. This makes it ideal for both hybrid and blended learning setups.

social collaboration software - edapp

SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers three key social learning components: Discussions, Assignments, and Virtual Classroom. The Discussions feature lets learners engage in forum-style conversations after completing a course, encouraging real-time insights and deeper understanding.

social collaboration software - edapp discussions

On the other hand, Assignments improve knowledge retention by reinforcing concepts. It also allows your team to express themselves with multimedia responses. With this open-learning environment, you can also coach your team by giving your feedback directly to them.

social collaboration software - edapp assignments

For a vibrant social learning atmosphere, your team can also work together in a Virtual Classroom. This feature supports live training sessions with popular video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Teams, or Google Meet.

social collaboration software - edapp virtual classroom

SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers a versatile suite of social learning tools right at your fingertips. Beyond these, you can also create and customize interactive training courses using its Creator Tool. Plus, with an extensive Template Library and the assistance of an Create with AI tool, you can effortlessly design polished e-learning courses in a matter of minutes.

social collaboration software - edapp ai create

Course Creation Services are also available to save you time and energy from building courses and help you focus on other important tasks in your organization.

social collaboration software - edapp course creation services

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Creator Tool
  • Template Library
  • Create with AI
  • Course Creation Services

Sign up to SC Training (formerly EdApp) and unlock a one-of-a-kind social collaboration software for team training.

2. Learningbank

Social learning revolves around fostering teamwork for the sake of development–this is exactly the aim of Learningbank. It creates valuable training experiences that are engaging and hassle-free for learners. This social collaboration software has an intuitive interface with essential elements such as course materials, data insights, and features for social learning interactions.

social collaboration software - learningbank

Learningbank is great for medium to large businesses as it caters to deskless and frontline employees as well. Also, its robust integration features are very helpful to companies with different software sets within their operational workflows.

Cost: Contact Learningbank

Key features:

  • Course Materials
  • Data Insights
  • Social Learning
  • Software Integration

3. Eloomi

Eloomi emphasizes effortless yet impactful learning. This is achieved through a user-friendly learning experience platform (LXP) that allows you to either generate customized content or select ready-made courses off-the-shelf. Like other peer-to-peer learning apps, its social learning features allow you to start discussions among learners and team members. 

social collaboration software - eloomi

Once the courses are delivered, you can collaborate with your learners to chart out specific learning paths that promote their continuous development. This empowers your team members to actively manage their learning journey.

Cost: Contact Eloomi

Key features:

  • Customizable Content
  • Ready-made Courses
  • Discussions
  • Learning Paths

4. Abara LMS

Abara LMS is an administrative-focused social LMS with e-learning solutions for training firms and corporate Learning and Development (L&D) units. This social collaboration software aims to improve the administrative tasks of training through its features.

social collaboration software - abara lms

When it comes to social learning, Abara offers instructor-led virtual training, allowing learners to send video responses for high-quality collaboration. The platform also hosts virtual Q&A sessions and elevates the quality of webinars. This guarantees that your team is deeply engaged through their training journey.

Cost: Contact Abara LMS

Key features:

  • Administrative Solutions
  • Virtual Training
  • Virtual Q&A Sessions

5. Blackboard

Blackboard offers collaborative features and virtual classroom solutions for an engaging training setting. Interactive whiteboarding, notifications for raised hands, breakout clusters, and chat functionalities enhance collaborative learning.

social collaboration software - blackboard

These features encourage active engagement and valuable exchanges among peers. Through automated attendance monitoring and seamless mobile availability, Blackboard equips your learners to establish connections and excel in remote and online learning experiences.

Cost: Contact Blackboard LMS

Key features:

  • Interactive Whiteboarding
  • Notifications
  • Breakout Clusters
  • Chat Functionalities
  • Automated Attendance
  • Mobile Availability

6. Participate

Participate is a social learning platform where online learning communities can unite and engage. It has diverse features such as conversation threads, one-on-one messaging, community notifications, and peer guidance. These features encourage social learning and knowledge exchange among your team.

social collaboration software - participate

But, Participate falls short of delivering the complete spectrum of features found in a comprehensive LMS. For example, it lacks pre-designed templates to seamlessly integrate multimedia and gamification components into training courses.

Cost: Contact Participate

Key features:

  • Conversion Threads
  • One-on-One Messaging
  • Community Notifications
  • Peer Guidance

7. Mindmeister

MindMeister’s strategy for social and collaborative learning introduces an online mind-mapping application that encourages visual teamwork. Equipped with features like idea generation, note-taking, and project organization, this social collaboration software empowers your team members to participate in training activities with their peers.

social collaboration software - mindmeister

Still, MindMeister’s capabilities are quite restricted in its free version. Even basic features like exporting documents, attaching files, accessing version histories, and facilitating group sharing are only available in its paid premium version.

Cost: Starts at 3.50 USD monthly per user

Key features:

  • Mind Mapping
  • Idea Generation
  • Note Taking
  • Project Organization

8. Schoology

Schoology facilitates peer learning with video conferencing, real-time annotations, and dynamic whiteboards to improve engagement and collaboration. Its cloud-driven implementation and seamless compatibility with Google apps also guarantee a streamlined user journey.

social collaboration software - schoology

To find the best tools used for collaboration to fit your requirements, you can reach out to Schoology for a product demonstration of their platform.

Cost: Contact Schoology

Key features:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Real-time Annotations
  • Dynamic Whiteboards
  • Google Integration

9. Sibme

Sibme Huddles allows your learners to have synchronous meetings, conversations, and video and resource sharing. This feature facilitates teamwork, private connections, and dialogues about on-the-job insights.

social collaboration software - sibme

As a premier LMS for collaborative learning, Sibme transforms learning from passive to active with personalized learning spaces. This online collaboration software allows learners to practice relevant job skills with peers and think about areas for improvement. With its seamless integration across web and mobile platforms, learning becomes flexible and easily accessible through any device.

Cost: Contact Sibme

Key features:

  • Sibme Huddles
  • Personalized Learning
  • Web and Mobile Integration

10. Hive Learning

Hive Learning is a forward-looking peer learning solution for cooperative knowledge sharing and skill development in companies. With its wealth of features, Hive Learning creates an active learning community.

social collaboration software - hive learning

This collaboration tool for business has discussion boards, ways for distributing various learning resources, and the option for learners to evaluate their peers’ assignments and projects. Plus, Hive Learning encourages teamwork via group tasks while catering to individual preferences through personalized learning paths.

Cost: Contact Hive Learning

Key features:

  • Discussion Boards
  • Multimedia Resources
  • Peer Evaluation
  • Group Tasks
  • Personalized Learning

11. Teamhood

Teamhood is a collaboration and task management software that allows team to coordinate and execute their plans in a visual way. It offers a wide variety of task and project management features, as well as providing a place for the team to communicate and collaborate on their efforts.

Social collaboration software - Teamhood

Here, you will find a comment section under each task, resource management, task allocation, and a visual Kanban board to represent your progress. Teamhood allows you to narrow in on your work or track and manage the project as a whole.

Cost: Free for the basic package, paid business plans available

Key features:

  • Comment section
  • Task allocation
  • Workload management
  • Kanban boards
  • Time tracking


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