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Tips for Customer Service Training


January 29, 2019


Scott Whitaker


customer service training

Not only does training arm your customer service reps with much-needed technical and professional skills but it also shows that you are keen on bringing them with you into the organization’s future. This helps keep them motivated and involved… all of the time. Below are some innovative tips for customer service training, which can help supervisors, managers and HR professionals get started.

1. First, determine your training needs

As you likely don’t have unlimited funds or time to conduct a customer service training program, you should make a decision early on regarding the purpose of your training. It is advisable, therefore, to settle on things that are most relevant to address company needs, or skills that will provide the biggest payback.

2. Make the customer training ongoing

Training is not meant for new employees only. Organized, ongoing training will maintain your customer service reps’ skill levels and motivate them to improve and grow professionally.

3. Maintain an internal knowledge base

Your customer support team must have a deep understanding of your products and services. Your clients would prefer reps who have better product understanding since they would resolve complaints quickly. Remember, customer service representatives who process clients’ inquiries promptly and reduce query resolution time raise your organization’s customer satisfaction score (CSAT).

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4. Place more significance on common cases

You should focus more on explaining the setbacks or issues that crop up frequently.  Since it will make up the bulk of a customer service rep’s work, it makes sense to spend more time on these issues to ensure they know how to resolve them every time they arise.

5. Use customer contributions/feedback

You may agree with me that client feedback is an incredible learning source. You need to hold frequent meetings with your team, where you discuss client feedback and ways on how to handle issues that occur repeatedly. This will help your reps to perform better and raise customer satisfaction levels considerably.

6. Embrace mobility

A mobile learning approach means your customer support team can get training, regardless of where they are. Flexibility is vital for the customer service team, as it is tricky for them to leave their workstation to attend full-day training. More so, mobile learning is not only convenient for the team but also cost-effective, since the organization will not incur any extra cost in buying tech gadgets to achieve this purpose. After all, employees will use their handheld devices for this. Performing short, targeted, training tasks like this is called, microlearning.

7. Adapt training to employee styles

Not every customer service rep learns in the same way. It is important, therefore, to know how to successfully deliver training to your reps based on individual attributes, including variation in both personality style and learning preferences.

Conclusion: Tips for customer service training

If you can incorporate the above tips in your customer service training program, then you will surely see your clients more satisfied. Remember, satisfied clients become your brand advocates.

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