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Top 10 LXP Platforms


August 4, 2023


Gabrielle Rivera


Top LXP Platforms

A learning experience platform (LXP) is a comprehensive digital platform that offers a user-centric approach to learning and development. It offers a wide range of curated content, personalized learning paths, social learning features, and advanced analytics. The platform is designed to deliver a seamless and engaging learning experience for its users.

LXPs revolutionize the way organizations deliver and manage learning experiences. Overall, they streamline the learning process, improve retention, and enhance training effectiveness. This contributes to continuous growth of employees and the organization as a whole.

Features of a learning experience platform (LXP)

LXPs offer a variety of features to deliver personalized, engaging, and effective learning experiences for users. These features make LXPs invaluable tools for organizations seeking to improve employee training and development initiatives. Here are some of those key features:

  • Content Curation: LXPs curate and organize courses, videos, articles, and interactive content from various sources. This makes it easy for learners to access relevant and up-to-date materials.
  • Mobile Accessibility: LXPs are designed to be accessible on various devices. This allows learners to access content and continue their learning on-the-go through smartphones and tablets.
  • Microlearning: Many LXPs emphasize microlearning, breaking down content into bite-sized, easily digestible modules, which enables learners to learn in short bursts and fit learning into their busy schedules.
  • Gamification: Gamification elements, like badges, points, and leaderboards, are integrated into LXPs to motivate learners and create a more enjoyable learning experience.
  • Personalization: LXPs use algorithms and user data to deliver personalized learning paths and content recommendations based on individual learning preferences, goals, and performance.
  • Social Learning: LXPs facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing through social features such as discussion forums, chat, and peer-to-peer learning. This encourages learners to interact and learn from each other.
  • Analytics and Insights: LXPs provide detailed analytics and reporting tools to track learners' progress, performance, and engagement. This empowers organizations to assess the effectiveness of training programs and identify areas for improvement.
  • Integration Capabilities: LXPs can integrate with other learning management systems (LMS), human resources software, and content libraries to facilitate seamless data exchange and a unified learning experience.
  • AI-driven Learning: Some LXPs take advantage of artificial intelligence to analyze learner behavior, preferences, and performance to enhance personalization and continuously improve the learning experience.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is an award-winning and top LXP platform that’s perfect for honing your team’s talents based on their skill set. It has an editable content library with courses for different industries that you can choose from and customize. With over 80 microlearning templates, it’s easy to create bespoke training without any coding knowledge or design skills thanks to its easy-to-use authoring tool.

Top LXP Platform - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Additionally, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Discussions feature capitalizes on a forum-style exchange and helps learners provide richer contributions through video and image submissions for a more interactive learning experience. It allows learners to have the freedom to express their points in an open-ended format, which strengthens the connection between learners.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Key features:

  • Editable content library
  • Microlearning templates
  • Discussions

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2. Raptivity

Raptivity is a cloud-based LXP platform that delivers distance learning through visually stimulating content that enhances the learner experience even from afar. It incorporates gamification in the workplace by including games in the training material, such as bowling and dart game quizzes. It also has an interactive template library suited for different learning styles that you can customize with various themes and colors. In this distance learning tool for teachers, learning programs can run on different devices, including mobile. This helps you focus more on your content as you’re sure that it will seamlessly display your training materials regardless of the device used. 

Top LXP Platform - Raptivity

Cost: Free trial for 14 days, paid plans start at 30 USD/month

Key features:

  • Gamification
  • Template library
  • Mobile-compatibility

3. Unlock:Learn

Unlock:Learn is designed to tailor learning experiences for your team. With its user-friendly features and automated processes, it allows you to onboard and train your employees easily. You can also strategize your training by accessing relevant data reports through the LXP platform’s analytics feature. Unlock:Learn promises 3 things: measurable performance impact, meaningful learning experiences, and sustainable operational excellence. They have integrated features such as role-based dashboards and custom-built data visualizations for learners all in one channel. You can also upload your content, create a learning path, launch a course, and view analytics and reportings with this platform. Lastly, they have an AI search that enables you to search all text within a course across multiple entries.

Top LXP Platform - Unlock:Learn

Cost: Free trial, paid plans

Key features:

  • AI chatbot
  • Role-based dashboards
  • Automation
  • Analytics & reporting

4. Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS is a top LXP platform that provides the tools needed to generate, deliver, and manage eLearning programs. Easy customization, interactive assessments, and certificate are some of Tovuti’s most distinguishable features that can help personalize the learner experience. Also, it offers many microlearning path options to make the training purposeful based on a learner’s skills and knowledge. Handy integrations in this platform include an open API, Single Sign-On capabilities, and a Zapier integration to make cross-platform communication easier. 

Top LXP Platform - Tovuti LMS

Cost: Available upon request

Key features:

  • Interactive assessments
  • Microlearning path
  • Cross-app integrations

5. Degreed

Are you looking for a way to provide your employees with resources that will help them learn and grow in one place? Look no further as Degreed is another top LXP platform that has an abundance of courses, videos, books, articles, and podcasts to facilitate discovery and learning for your teams. This LXP platform also connects your teams to projects and assignments suited for their skills that can not only benefit your organization but also support their personal and career growth. By utilizing real-time data on each employee’s unique strengths and interests, Degreed is able to match employees with asks, projects, stretch assignments, shadowing, or even mentorships to boost experiential learning.

Top LXP Platform - Degreed

Cost: Available upon request

Key features:

  • Content library
  • Opportunity marketplace
  • Real-time employee skills data

6. Bridge

Bridge combines learning and performance management to yield a unified training experience.  Whether you are looking for career development or engagement measurement, Bridge works to meet your training needs. Remote workers are able to stay connected via virtual training activities and career development plans. HR or L&D professionals can author their own courses using the intuitive system. Additionally, this top LXP platform has a Bridge Advanced Video feature through effortless video capture, which comes with auto-captioning and translation, multimedia file sharing, time stamped commenting, and more.

Top LXP Platform - Bridge

Cost: Starts at US /user/month

Key features:

  • Virtual training
  • Career development plans
  • Bridge Advanced Video

7. EdCast

EdCast is an AI-powered LXP platform designed to help different organizations scale employee training and learning engagement with a strong commitment to performance improvement. Using employee performance data from EdCast LXP’s detailed analytics reports, you can create customized learning paths and provide upskilling courses for each learner enrolled in your system. Through the tool, you can also encourage your employees to engage in social learning activities by sharing procedural knowledge through video or article content. 

Top LXP Platform - EdCast

Cost: Available upon request

Key features:

  • Analytics
  • Customized learning paths
  • Social learning activities

8. Stream

Stream is another top LXP platform that aims to provide learners with a personalized on-demand learning approach. It allows you to conduct mentoring, host a webinar, or buddy up with learners for a unique learning experience. Its content services include off-the-shelf editable learning content and you can even have them create custom content as well. With Stream’s deep search, your learning content automatically transforms into performance support materials. 

Top LXP Platform - Stream

Cost: Available upon request

Key features:

  • Deep search
  • Webinars
  • Learning content

9. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is built to make distance learning more engaging and interactive for your learners, instead of providing them with typical modules created in a PDF file or PowerPoint presentation. With this distance learning tool for teachers, you can easily create your training content and use the platform’s eye-catching themes and styles to turn it into a visually engaging online course that your learners will surely enjoy. You can also combine your lessons with self-improvement quizzes, formal tests, and assignments to drive their confidence and boost learning retention. If needed, you can create a beautiful course player and schedule the delivery of these training materials with ease. To improve their scanning and reading, this platform also allows casual reading with note taking and highlighting.

Top LXP Platform - LearnWorlds

Cost: US 4/month

Key features:

  • Quizzes
  • Course player creation
  • Note taking and highlighting

10. Yarno

Yarno is a top LXP platform designed to effectively provide tailored learning experiences and have employees reap the benefits of online learning. It features a learning library where your training teams and learners can store all your training content for easy access. It also includes a quiz feature called Embed that allows you to identify knowledge gaps and reinforce information. In this platform, training is delivered through interactive questions to further strengthen the recall of information. Answers are supported with informative explanations where they can receive feedback from their answers. You can also work with a team at Yarno to help you create custom-made videos to level up your training.

Top LXP Platform - Yarno

Cost: Available upon request

Key features:

  • Learning library
  • EMbed quiz
  • Custom video creation


Gabrielle Rivera

Gabrielle is an eLearning content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), a microlearning solution designed for today's digital habits. She creates content about cutting-edge learning technologies and resources to help companies deliver great training experiences. When not absorbed in writing, she spends her time playing video games and reading books.

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