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Why we’re sponsoring Brentford for the 2022 FA Cup


December 15, 2021


Darren Winterford


Why we’re sponsoring Brentford for the 2022 FA Cup

Anything is possible in the FA Cup. As one of the oldest football tournaments in the world, the magic of this tournament comes from the fact that every team in the top 10 levels of English football can compete and get a chance to face the Premier League’s elite teams, or even win their way into Europe. 

With 736 teams competing, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime for small teams. We saw this in 1972 when Sunderland won against Leeds United; again in 1992 when Wrexham beat Arsenal; and even as recently as 2013 when we saw Wigan win against Manchester City in the final. The FA Cup is the ultimate leveler where anyone has the chance to win big and put their team’s name on the map.

Football Association Cup

Better as a team with Brentford FC

When Brentford was promoted to the Premier League – nearly 75 years after being relegated to the Fourth Division – we saw how they had climbed through the ranks to put their team name back on the board. With a long-standing reputation for innovation, Brentford went from just a ‘bus stop in Hounslow’ to the underdog – a small team who is achieving ambitious goals. Just like us. Just like our customers.

One of our guiding beliefs at SC Training (formerly EdApp) is that small teams can do anything. SC Training (formerly EdApp) was born out of a small digital agency in Manly, a quiet beachside suburb in Sydney, Australia. We started from my living room before moving to a small office above a pie shop – and within 12 months, we had won 4 mobile awards, became a featured app in the Apple Store, and a finalist at the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) Awards. Even though we were a small team of mostly part-time developers, we began to notch up some wins of our own against some of the largest, most established learning platforms – and they began to take note of us.

Democratizing learning

We quickly learned that the biggest challenge many of our customers were facing is cost. Traditional e-learning platforms can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars –  often not including features like course creation, analytics, or mobile access. Not only does this mean that most learning platforms are only accessible to teams who can afford the upfront costs, but they also need the specialists to create, design, translate, review, and edit training before rolling it out. We wanted to create a platform that didn’t require an in-house expert team and was cost-effective – or even free – for teams who need it most.

Brentford FC

That’s why we felt passionate that SC Training (formerly EdApp) can be used for free by teams of any size to use – and without any restrictions that would make our platform difficult to use or scale. This ‘freemium’ model means that anyone can get real value from SC Training (formerly EdApp), and only those who require more advanced features need to dip into their wallets. 

Just as the FA Cup is the ultimate leveler on the football pitch – SC Training (formerly EdApp) is the ultimate leveler in the training space. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor Brentford as we level the playing field within our respective realms.

Keep a lookout for our ‘Trained by SC Training (formerly EdApp)’ messaging on the sleeve for Brentford FC’s entire FA Cup campaign, starting on January 8th against Port Vale FC.

You can experience how SC Training (formerly EdApp) really is free to use – for any team – by signing up for free here.


Darren Winterford

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