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A Human Rights Case Study

Discover how the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (APF) leverages SC Training (formerly EdApp) to successfully deploy a multinational program, achieving 80 percent course completion rate across their dispersed, multilingual teams.

How the APF seamlessly integrates SC Training (formerly EdApp) to into their blended learning approach at scale

The APF brings together National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) from all corners of Asia and the Pacific to address some of the most serious human rights challenges in the region. From five founding members, the APF membership has expanded to twenty-five NHRIs. Today, their network supports over 4,000 dedicated human rights defenders who work tirelessly on the ground to protect the rights of those most vulnerable.

The APF uses SC Training (formerly EdApp) to easily reach and train their dispersed members across the globe to deliver a holistic and effective learning experience.


Modern, mobile-accessible training for globally dispersed teams

The multinational human rights coalition requires a modern Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver their online capacity development activities quickly and easily.

The APF’s LMS also needs to integrate into their broader community platform. And with members working across multiple regions, their training platform must be easily accessible from both desktop and mobile, while accommodating multiple languages across various time zones - often with limited internet connections.

Asia Pacific Forum

We've had some feedback that people don't actually feel like they're learning. It doesn't feel like a big heavy course, it's just nice and easy to go through.

Kate Turner-Mann, Manager of Capacity Development at the APF


  • Language barrier
  • Inconsistent internet connectivity
  • Inconsistent access to devices

Asynchronous Learning

  • Different schedules between nation members
  • Multiple time zones
  • Learner preference to complete coursework out of work hours


  • Integrate with existing social learning platform
  • Integrate with existing knowledge hub

Seamless integration into their online community platform

For an optimal learner experience, the APF seamlessly integrates SC Training (formerly EdApp) into their existing online platform that connects to their internal social network and knowledge base. This enables the APF community to easily collaborate and connect with each other across multiple borders and time zones.

Mobile accessibility around the globe

Not every NHRI staff member that participates in the APF capacity development activities has equal access to a laptop or internet. They also speak different languages and will often complete courses outside of work hours. As a mobile-first platform, SC Training (formerly EdApp) allows the APF learners to be able to access, download, and complete microlessons in their language when it’s convenient for them – whether that’s in between meetings or on their commute.

Quick and easy content creation built for scale

The APF uses SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s rapid authoring tool, Canva integration and template library to easily build engaging and effective courses in half a week - less than half the time it previously took. This extra time has allowed the APF to produce more content and deliver it to their members as quickly as possible, in a format that they’re more comfortable with as adult learners.

How the APF achieves 80% completion rates with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) provides the APF with tools to solve their communications challenges, allowing for asynchronous learning and a full integration into their existing platforms. As a result, the APF saw course completion rates of 80 per cent and are currently building a library of content, resources, training, and opportunities for all of their members.

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