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Discover how AXA Climate School has helped over 4M employees tackle climate change



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Helping planet earth become a true stakeholder on all companies

At SafetyCulture’s Beyond event, AXA Climate shares how they’ve successfully helped 50 businesses and over 4 million employees transition to sustainability with the Climate School.

AXA Climate

Companies need to empower their employees at scale if they want to adapt to climate change. That’s where the real change happens. AXA Climate School provides businesses and their employees with the information they need to build the skills required to adapt to climate change and get ahead of the curve.

Antoine Poincare, Vice President, AXA Climate for the Climate School

How the Climate School helped 4M+ employees make the transition to sustainability

On a mission to help businesses around the world make the shift towards sustainability, AXA Climate needed a training platform to scale their valuable content to millions of employees around the world. 

Here’s how AXA Climate has rolled out its Climate School in over  50 organizations and 4M+ employees worldwide.

Customization is key to getting cut through

The Climate School is made up of over 150+ completely customizable microlearning lessons on SC Training (formerly EdApp). Every time a new organization signs up, it gets an account prepopulated with user groups and courses specific to that user group’s business needs and functions. So from the get-go training is going into the right hands of those who need it. 

With such an extensive library to choose from and lessons for each job function, AXA Climate creates a completely customizable program for each company. Companies that have signed up include Accor, PWC, Microsoft, JLL, Marsh McLennan, Schneider Electric, Heineken and Ubisoft.

AXA Climate

We chose SC Training (formerly EdApp) as a platform because it's the easiest way to build courses. SC Training (formerly EdApp) allows us to present detailed training in a simple, yet engaging way and is easily customizable. 

Antoine Poincare, Vice President, AXA Climate for the Climate School

Simple to understand. Simple to act on

AXA Climate knew that for organizations to mobilize their employees, the training needed to be presented so that customers want to consume content. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlessons allow The Climate School to deliver its content in an easy-to-understand, bite-sized format, imitating the way most people learn in their lives outside of work.

AXA Climate uses SC Training (formerly EdApp) to delive content that is easy-to-understand

Knowledge is only useful if it’s accessible

A lot of the organizations rolling out AXA Climate’s program are global. English isn’t always the first language of their employees. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s AI translation means that AXA Climate can roll out its program in 109 languages. 

So if organization needs a course in 9 different languages, that’s exactly what they’ll get. 

AXA Climate uses SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s AI translation to deliver programs in 109 languages

Millions of people make the move towards sustainability thanks to AXA Climate

SC Training (formerly EdApp) helps AXA Climate empower millions of people with tangible steps they can take to tackle climate change adaptation. 

The program has already seen success in businesses where it’s been rolled out, with 97 percent of users confirming they have learnt something “new and useful”.

AXA Climate helps millions of people move towards sustainability
AXA Climate

People need to understand the science behind sustainability, how it’ll change their jobs and how they can adapt. We use SC Training (formerly EdApp) to provide businesses and their employees with the tools they need to start adapting today .’

Antoine Poincare, Vice President, AXA Climate
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