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Find out how Chatime AU has transformed their training program to bring back a sense of fun and as a result, increase their business ROI.


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Chatime found the ticket to higher training completion rates and customer-first service

Increase in business ROI, employee engagement and performance —the results don't lie. Chatime has found the perfect blend when it comes to training.

Setting up new employees is easy with our Deputy integration

Chatime has halved the admin time of onboarding and training. Now, all it takes is one click. No more emails or chasing up.

Getting 1500 T-Ristas up to speed quickly? No problem

T-Ristas can recite drinks, old and new, SOP processes and hygiene standards by heart thanks to Brain Boost.

Gamification the secret sauce to converting sales

Turns out a little healthy competition is all it takes to turn brand campaigns into big sales.

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) has been great in helping new T-Ristas retain product information quicker. And because they are getting to know the product so quickly they’re having a lot more fun with it.

Josephine Eager, National Training, People and Culture Manager, Chatime

Chatime finds the ticket to higher completion rates and best-in-class customer service

Just over a year ago, Chatime Australia’s training program looked very different. Their T-Ristas were using over five different platforms for onboarding, rostering and training. It didn't inspire learning and chasing non-completions was a headache.

That was until Jo Eager, Chatime’s new National Training, People and Culture Manager started looking at their program from a learner's perspective.

“Our T-Ristas are the face of our brand. If they’re not having a good time, neither are our customers.

I knew gamification would work well. We also needed to reduce the number of platforms we were using. We started looking for a new solution but we had one caveat — it needed to integrate with our shift scheduling tool, Deputy.”

Training that keeps pace with the QSR industry

Chatime is a fast-moving brand. Eager knew that if something was too complicated, it was going to cause roadblocks, not only with their systems and platforms but also with getting our team members to use it.

Chatime transformed their training into short, sharp micro lessons. As a result, they had a 90% adoption rate in the first month alone. Now when T-Ristas come into the tea brewery, they do a 10-minute training on different drinks and then can start making them. 

Keep it simple. Automate where possible 

Chatime used to waste a lot of admin hours with onboarding and setting up different platforms. Now, the whole process is automated thanks to the SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Deputy integration. 

Now when a new member joins, all they need to do is make sure they’re set up in Deputy and the training automatically syncs. No more headaches. No more email chasing.

Nothing drives action like a bit of competition

Chatime uses SC Training (formerly EdApp) for its brand campaigns to help support ROI and conversion within its tea breweries. 

They use leaderboards and gamification to encourage T-Ristas to do the training and analytics to track learner engagement. They saw a huge increase in engagement during their last campaign. And as a result, they also saw a huge increase in campaign sales.

Digital and in-person training go together like ice tea and tapioca pearls

Chatime has created the perfect training blend with microlessons, leaderboards and Practical Assessments.   

According to Eager, “Practical Assessments make sure that both our business partners and T-ristas not only understand the training but are applying it in their day-to-day inside the tea breweries”


If you approach it from your learners' perspective then you’re going to achieve better results overall. You’ll immediately see a return in your sales, your customer satisfaction, your employees' attention and a massive reduction in head hours. It’s a no-brainer.

Josephine Eager, National Training, People and Culture Manager, Chatime
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