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SC Training (formerly EdApp) & Dunhill

Taking global retail luxury training to new heights

How global retail luxury brand, Dunhill, continuously trains teams from the UK to China with SC Training (formerly EdApp).

Why Dunhill chooses SC Training (formerly EdApp) to enhance their learning strategy

As a part of their blended learning approach, Dunhill chooses SC Training (formerly EdApp) to seamlessly deliver microlearning to hundreds of team members across the UK, Europe, and Asia in real-time.

Mobile-first microlearning works perfectly for Dunhill as engaging and interactive lessons can be easily deployed to hundreds of our retail team members in real-time.

Ben Nuttall, Global Marketing Manager, Dunhill

Dunhill seamlessly trains luxury retail teams from the UK to China

Dunhill leverages SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s built-in features like leaderboards to track and measure every teams performance. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s built-in translation feature also allows Dunhill to quickly and easily deliver content to their teams in their preferred language - with over 100 different language options, saving countless hours of manual work.

Custom learning to easily reach every Dunhill market

The team at Dunhill love how easy to use SC Training (formerly EdApp) is, enabling them to launch their training program and deliver content in a matter of weeks. With the use of SC Training (formerly EdApp), Dunhill caters to each and every employee, regardless of learning style or geographical location.

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With the click of a button, we were able to easily translate Dunhill courseware within minutes, which saved us hours of manual translation work.

Ben Nuttall, Global Marketing Manager, Dunhill

Dunhill retail workers love SC Training (formerly EdApp) because it’s fun and effective

Yu Kit Wong, Senior Sales, finds SC Training (formerly EdApp) an intuitive, interactive, and fun platform where it feels more like playing a game rather than learning. Yu Kit works in a busy Dunhill store and accessing the courseware in a variety of languages, including Chinese, has enabled her to cater to their wide range of clients, who speak different languages.

Achieving completion rates over 80% across all markets with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Dunhill easily reaches and trains hundreds of team members across the UK, Europe, and Asia. SC Training (formerly EdApp) helps drive superior learning results in the famously competitive industry of retail luxury. Having a platform that’s mobile-first, agile, and easy to deploy enables Dunhill to deliver the tools their teams need to perform their best.

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