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Discover how mobile training gave Tennis Australia the ability to train 500+ part-time and casual staff faster than ever before for the 2022 Australian Open.



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Almost Open: Australian Open Ball Kid Training 2022

At the Australian Open, Tennis Australia’s ball kids and retail teams were ready to roll in weeks – without the challenge of scheduling 500+ casual and part-time workers.

How Tennis Australia virtually trained 500+ part-time and casual staff for the 2022 Australian Open with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

As the organizers of the most celebrated grand slams of the year, Tennis Australia needed a mobile training solution to help them deliver vital training to their ball kids and retail staff – overcoming the scheduling challenges that come with managing a largely part-time and casual workers.

Here’s how SC Training (formerly EdApp) enabled Tennis Australia to come together for an incredible Australian Open.

Training anyone can do from their smartphone, anytime

With younger team members having other responsibilities – such as school and part-time jobs – offering training that they can complete anytime from their smartphones means that they no longer need to set a day, place, or time for 500+ people to be available at once. Instead, teams can access bite-sized information when it’s convenient for them, meaning they’re in the best mindset to learn and retain their training.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) gamification features helps train the ball kids for the Australian Open

Game, set, match! Training that feels like a game

With in-built gamification, Tennis Australia teams can swipe, drag and drop, and match their way through SC Training (formerly EdApp) lessons on their phone to get to the top of the leaderboard. This can even make policy- and procedure-based training more interactive and engaging for staff, which ultimately leads to higher completion rates and message retention.

Tennis asutralia

The ball kids can access training videos, knowledge tests, and real match videos all from their phones. [This ensures that] they know what they are going to be doing – regardless of what happens on the court.

Elise Mace, Ball Kid Strategy and Operations Lead at Tennis Australia

Start training in minutes with invite links and QR codes

In minutes, Tennis Australia can quickly print off a QR code to hang up in the locker room or back office, or send an invite link by SMS text or email to kick-off training. This gives instant access to team members to start their training whenever they have 5 minutes to spare.

Australian Open easily trains their team with SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s log in features

Expertly designed training created – at no extra cost

It’s a mammoth feat getting Australia’s biggest tournament up and running – making it hard to find the time to create training from scratch. Tennis Australia handed SC Training (formerly EdApp) their existing material and partnered with a dedicated account manager and expert course designer to create engaging, bite-sized courses in days.

Tennis Australia microlessons
Tennis Australia

We know that kids aged 12 to 15 really like using their phone, downloading apps, and interacting in that kind of way. We're excited to see how this program complements our on-court training program.

Elise Mace, Ball Kid Strategy and Operations Lead at Tennis Australia

Thanasi Kokkinakis takes on SC Training (formerly EdApp) ball kid training

Thanasi Kokkinakis explores what life might have been like as a ballkid. It's tougher than he thought.

Now Tennis Australia can easily roll out training to its dispersed, casual teams

SC Training (formerly EdApp) gave Tennis Australia the practical tools to deliver seamless mobile training for 500+ part-time and casual ball kids and retail teams. For the first time ever, Tennis Australia doesn’t have to worry about scheduling over 500 people on a particular day, place, and time. This allows Tennis Australia to easily track and scale its existing training, without the added stress.

Australian open delivers training to their dispearsed teams with SC Training (formerly EdApp)
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