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11 SEO Copywriting Courses for Better Ranking Articles

We’ve compiled a list of the best copywriting courses for SEO professionals. These courses can help you and your SEO team understand what is SEO copywriting, how to attract better traffic, and how copywriting can help your leads convert into customers.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) SEO Copywriting Courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) SEO Copywriting Course - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course is a free SEO copywriting course developed to help you learn how to optimize your company’s websites and increase overall traffic and customers. It starts by talking about the importance of investing in SEO and defining SEO objectives, both vital in making a great SEO plan. 

It then covers general SEO topics such as keyword research, content planning, copywriting, and even link-building techniques. At the end of the course, you’ll also have a better understanding of the different aspects of technical SEO, including site speed optimization, mobile accessibility, and link redirection.

To start your learning journey, you can import this SEO course directly from SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course library. And even without any coding or designing experience, you can easily customize the material or rebrand the entire program in any way you want. You can also take advantage of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Canva integration to add images, GIFs, and videos from Canva’s library onto your SC Training (formerly EdApp) course.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: What is SEO, SEO planning, copywriting, link building, technical SEO

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SEO Content Institute - SEO Copywriting Course - SEO Copywriting Training Course

2. SEO Copywriting Training Course by SEO Content Institute

Are you looking for a digital marketing resource course that will teach you what is seo copywriting and the latest techniques? Then look no further. This SEO copywriting online course from SEO Content Institute will teach you all that and more.

Here, you'll learn how to write persuasive, top-positioned copy that appeals to a general audience or your specific target market. The course is great for in-house copywriters or freelancers who need to keep themselves updated with the latest SEO trends and copywriting techniques. The course is taught by Heather Lloyd-Martin, a 20-year industry veteran and pioneer of SEO copywriting.

  • Cost: 997 USD
  • Scope: SEO, copywriting, content writing

Created by SEO Content Institute

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Carminemastropierro SEO Copywriting Course - SEO Copywriting Course

3. SEO Copywriting Course by Carminemastropierro 

SEO Copywriting Course by Carminamastropierro is great for those who want to learn how to write SEO copy that’ll help improve their website's rankings. In this course, you’ll learn the foundations of SEO copywriting, how to research and place keywords, the importance of word count, and how to optimize both internal and external links. 

You’ll also learn about page speed and user experience, voice search, schema markup, open graph data and protocol, and how to write SEO sales copy from scratch in this online copywriting course. This is great to consider if you want to generate more traffic, awareness, and customers from your SEO.

  • Cost: 297 USD
  • Scope: Overview of SEO, Technical SEO, Copywriting

Created by Carmina Mastro Pierro

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Content Hacker SEO Copywriting Course - The Expert SEO Content Writer Course

4. The Expert SEO Content Writer Course by Content Hacker

The Expert SEO Content Writer Course is designed to teach learners everything they need to know about SEO writing and how to be successful in the field. The course is perfect for freelancers, service providers, and anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of SEO writing, rank well in search engines, and be enjoyed by readers. 

This digital marketing course is taught by Julia McCoy, who is a well-known and respected authority on the subject. The course covers everything from keyword research to content strategy. The course is affordably priced and comes with a money-back guarantee, making it a great investment for anyone looking to improve their SEO writing skills.

  • Cost: 379 USD
  • Scope: Ins and Outs of SEO Writing, content writing, SEO for beginners

Created by Content Hacker

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Emarketeers SEO Copywriting Course - SEO Content & Copywriting Training Course

5. SEO Content & Copywriting Training Course by Emarketeers 

The SEO Content & Copywriting Training Course is designed to help marketers, copywriters, and content managers deliver the latest SEO content planning strategies and copywriting techniques for their organization. The course is led by SEO specialist Jonathan Saipe. 

Here, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of how to use and take advantage of online tools to improve your SEO skills and optimize processes. It covers a wide range of topics including content planning, copywriting, natural language processing, user experience, and authority optimization. It also comes with a certificate of attendance and four weeks of post-course support.

  • Cost: 795 GBP
  • Scope: Overview of SEO, SEO copywriting tools, content planning

Created by Emarketeers

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College of Media and Publishing SEO Copywriting Course - SEO Content Writing Course

6. SEO Content Writing Course by College of Media and Publishing

College of Media and Publishing’s SEO content writing course is designed to help you write great digital content that will rank highly on popular internet search engines. This course will teach you how to integrate keywords and links into your writing, and how to present your work professionally. The course is flexible, so you can learn at your own pace with unlimited tutor support available. 

Once you complete the course, you'll receive a Certificate of Achievement endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme, and the CMP Diploma in SEO content writing, which is recognized in the UK and beyond. The cost of the course is £123.62 per month, payable over four installments, and there’s a full money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

  • Cost: 123.62 GBP per month
  • Scope: Keyword planning, content planning, professional copywriting

Created by College of Media and Publishing

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brightonSEO SEO Copywriting Course - Copywriting for SEO Training Course

7. Copywriting for SEO Training Course by brightonSEO

brightonSEO’s Copywriting for SEO Training course is perfect for any copywriter wanting to learn how to write Google-friendly copy. Here, you'll learn how to create a keyword strategy, best practices for SEO copywriting, and how to put it all together. 

The course is taught by experts from the industry, and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and get personalized attention. The group size is intimate, so you'll be able to get the most out of the training. The cost of the course is $397, and you'll receive a certificate of completion.

  • Cost: 397 USD
  • Scope: Keyword strategy, SEO best practices, SEO copywriting

Created by brightonSEO

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Universal Class SEO Copywriting Course - Online Course: SEO Copywriting

8. Online Course: SEO Copywriting by Universal Class

Get the skills you need to easily take on SEO writing jobs with Universal Class’ Online Course: SEO Copywriting. This course is perfect for those who want to make a freelance writing career out of their passion for writing.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create copy that’s optimized for search engines, so that your potential customers can easily find you. By the end of this course, you’ll have a better understanding of what SEO copywriting is and how to apply it to your own writing. The course is self-paced which means you can go through it at your own pace. 

  • Cost: 144.95 USD
  • Scope: Copywriting, SEO, content writing, blog writing

Created by Universal Class

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Lone Wolves SEO Copywriting Course - SEO Copywriting Training Course

9. SEO Copywriting Training Course by Lone Wolves

This SEO copywriting course is perfect for those who want to learn how to write content that ranks better in search engines. It takes you through the need-to-knows of SEO, the difference between copywriting and article writing, and how copywriting relates to other SEO techniques. 

It’s a great investment for those who want to learn more about digital marketing and how to improve their website's ranking in search engines. The course is taught by Remco, who has a wealth of digital marketing expertise and an extreme focus on measuring results. The course costs $199 and is half a day long. 

  • Cost: 199 USD
  • Scope: Copywriting, SEO, content writing, blog writing

Created by Lone Wolves

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Coursevania SEO Copywriting Course - SEO & Copywriting Course

10. SEO & Copywriting Course by Coursevania

Coursevania’s SEO & Copywriting course is designed to take beginners with no knowledge of SEO, content marketing, or copywriting, and turn them into content marketing experts. It’s broken down into three sections, each covering a different aspect of content marketing. The first section covers SEO and copywriting, the second section covers content marketing, and the third section covers website creation. The course also includes a handy PDF and MP3 packed with extra resources. The course is $2.700 and comes with a certificate of completion.

  • Cost: 2700 USD
  • Scope: Content marketing, SEO, copywriting, website creation

Created by Coursevania

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SE Ranking SEO Copywriting Course - Content SEO Course

11. Content SEO Course by SE Ranking

The Content SEO course by the SE Ranking Academy focuses on creating high-performance content that ranks well in search engine results pages. It consists of 7 modules and covers each step of the content creation cycle: finding content ideas, keyword research and optimization, analyzing competitors’ content, creating briefs, creating content, and measuring the results.

An experienced lecturer explains how to create people-first, quality content that satisfies user intent throughout different stages of the buying cycle, corresponds to Google’s E-A-T concept, and attracts more organic traffic to the website.

You’ll also learn how to manage the prewriting, writing, and editing processes in the advanced Content Editor tool and master the knowledge with practical assignments. After successfully completing theoretical tests, you’ll earn a certificate of achievement which you can later add to your CV or portfolio. 

  • Cost: Free for SE Ranking’s active users
  • Scope: Goals of content SEO, creating relevant content, keyword research, content optimization, content strategy, content insights and updates, measuring success. 

Created by SE Ranking

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Become a better copywriter with SEO copywriting courses

It’s no secret that SEO has now become a staple in the marketing industry. That’s why there’s an increased demand and job openings for SEO professionals, especially SEO copywriters. But, that also means an increased competition for those SEO jobs. How do you set yourself apart from other copywriters if your writing reads the same as the rest? Thankfully, with SEO copywriting courses, you can set yourself up for success and apart from the competition. The courses on this list will teach you how to become a better copywriter, land better jobs, and convert traffic into high-profile leads.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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