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Mitigate risk and engage external partners with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Keep internal teams, external contractors, and clients compliant and up-to-date with best financial practices. So you can future-proof your business.

  • Save hours on creating and managing onboarding and training
  • Deliver information your teams can learn in under 5 minutes on any device
  • All while being compliant by default
Financial solutions training platform
BNP Paribas
Australian Taxation Office
Commonwealth Bank

Educate internal staff, external contractors, and clients on risks:

Cyber securitu

Cyber security



Ani-money laundrey

Anti-money laundering

External contractor training that’s compliant by default

Make contractor training available via mobile – all without giving access to internal systems. So your external stakeholders can complete courses in their own time. And you can track completions for easy compliance.

Keep your internals and external teams up to date with latest compliance training

Allow learners to complete courses when it’s convenient for them

No more expensive face-to-face sessions or clunky online training. Create learning that employees and external stakeholders can complete in bite-sized bursts when they have 5 minutes to spare. So they can absorb information faster.

Learners can complete their training wherver they are, and at their own pace

And the best part? Workers can complete training anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Create agile training in weeks – not months

Roll out new and updated courses in real-time with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s creator tool. With 80+ in-built microlearning templates, you can 3x development and deployment speed. So you can quickly communicate organizational and legal changes.

Template library

Build employee loyalty with learner pathways

Deliver the professional development your teams deserve. Create upskilling for high-performing team members to understand broader company knowledge and move into leadership positions. So you can retain highly-qualified employees.

Career development with learner pathways

Every step of the learning journey, all in an easy-to-use platform

1. Onboard

Onboard new team members

2. Train

Take them through digital training

3. Assess

Assess their knowledge on the job

4. Track

Track their

5. Certify

Certify your

Instantly translate learning into 100+ languages with a click of a button

Easily reach and educate global stakeholers in their preferred language. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s built-in AI translation tool uses your learner’s default device settings to identify their preferred language. So you save hours of manual translation work.

Automatic course translation

Launch faster with editable, ready-made courses

Jumpstart your onboarding and training with 1,000+ editable courses in SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s free course library. Simply add your branding and tailor training to your policies and procedures. So you can get your team trained up in minutes.

Editable course library

Make workplace learning a habit, not a one-off event

Premium feature

Let us build your courses for you

Deliver custom content that looks and feels like you built it. Work with our customer success team and expert instructional designers who have worked with industry leaders, like BMW and Bentley, to create impactful, bite-sized courses. So your teams get the training they need, faster.

Course creation services

And the best part? Anyone can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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