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Motivate your teams with a little friendly competition

Drive your teams to complete their lessons quickly and accurately to snag the #1 spot – no prompting required.

Break the ‘boring training’ stereotype

Make workplace learning feel more like a game – not work. With native smartphone motions like tapping, dragging, and swiping, EdApp easily motivates your teams to get their training done quickly to rank on the leaderboard.

Make learning feel more like a game

… and it means better results for your learning program

Motivate your teams to do their training quickly and accurately with leaderboards today.

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Go head-to-head as a team or individual

Motivate your team in a way that works for them. Admins can create individual leaderboards where each learner competes against each other, or group leaderboards where each user group requires teamwork to win.


Create leaderboards based on...

Location, teams and activity

Inspire better learning behavior

Create a culture of transparency and accountability. As learners can track how they’re performing against their team, it motivates them to complete their training quickly and accurately. So learning becomes a habit not an afterthought.

Inspire better learning behaviours

EdApp has given Mizuno the opportunity to motivate learners with leaderboards and real prizing. With results shared on the leaderboard, it creates a bit of competition among learners and inspires really high performers to perform better. And better yet – our learners love it.

Sally James, Marketing Manager at Mizuno

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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