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Make training available on the go with mobile-first learning

Deliver highly relevant microlearning to engage your team and help them hit milestones faster. All in a format that works for them – no matter the device.

Mobile learning your team can complete anytime

Put training in your team’s pockets. With our microlearning app, your learners can access bite-sized courses from their smartphone – or any device – whenever they have 5 minutes to spare. No internet required.

Mobile learning your team can complete any time

Bite-sized training your team can finish in under 5 minutes

No more fighting short attention spans or conflicting schedules. Microlearning allows your learners to interact with highly-targeted lessons, so they can easily digest and retain key concepts you need them to understand. 

Bite-sized training for Getir and Yababa by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Watch completion rates soar with SC Training's mobile-first learning

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Break the ‘boring training’ stereotype with built-in gamification

Motivate your team to get training done quickly with gaming and prizes. With native smartphone elements like swipes, drag-and-drop, and match, training with SC Training (formerly EdApp) feels more like a game – not work. 

Learn more about our gamification templates and features, like achievements.


Learn from the best with peer and social learning

Your team knows best. Leverage in-house knowledge with peer and social learning tools, where your team can easily share ideas, information, and practical uses with each other in text, image, and video format. 

Explore our Discussion and Assignments features.

Social and peer learning

Why interactive elements will level up your workplace learning


Make your training unforgettable with spaced repetition

Unlock your team’s full learning potential in less than 10 minutes per day. Our Brain Boost spaced repetition tool automatically repeats key learnings until your learner gets it. No additional content creation required.

Spaced repetition

Check knowledge and reinforce key concepts with our quiz maker

Make sure your team understands new concepts with Rapid Refresh quiz maker. Easily send questions to your team after any learning opportunity – from end-of-month meetings to a product update email – to see what they understood.

Online quiz maker

Remind your learners to complete their courses automatically

No more manually tracking your learners. Set up automatic notifications to send reminders to your team's smartphones so they're more likely to complete training on time.

Push notifications

Verify digital training with Practical Assessments

Every step of the learning journey, all in one place. Assess and track your team’s knowledge at each step of the training process so you can be sure your teams are doing tasks correctly. No spreadsheets required.

Practical assessment

Get started now with help from our experts

We have a great team of real people ready to answer your questions and show you what your learning experiences could look like with SC Training (formerly EdApp).

Award-winning customer support
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SC Training helps us address learning barriers that our learners face like microlessons, where learners can complete a lesson when they have 15 minutes to spare.

Kate Turner-Mann, Manager of Capacity Development at Asia Pacific Forum

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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