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Creating a quiz that's as simple as uploading a spreadsheet. Create an engaging quiz for your team in minutes.

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Free Quiz Maker Feature List

Here's everything you can do with our quiz creator

Our easy-to-use quiz creator is packed with amazing features that make creating quizzes for your team easier than ever before.

  • Spreadsheet Upload: Create quizzes using our simple template and create hundreds of questions in minutes.
  • Built for mobile: Quizzes that you create with EdApp can be taken on any device and look beautiful on any mobile phone.
  • Real-Time Leaderboards: Gamify your quiz and watch your team compete for the best score with live leaderboards.
  • Built-In Reinforcement: Want to make sure your content sticks? You can reinforce learning with our built-in refresh.

Monica Vinader

I love using Rapid Refresh because it's so quick and easy to create lots of questions and upload them in a speedy way. Our teams love using it too, because it's quick and they get an immediate result.

Laura Kousoulou, Head of Global Operations, Monica Vinader
Using EdApp Free Quiz Creator

Why you should use the EdApp quiz creator

Our quiz creator is so much more. We want to make the learning experience more engaging for your team. That's why we created learning that feels more like a game, not work. Your team can compete with each other to get the best scores and keep track every day how they're doing. Plus, you'll get real time analytics and feedback on responses for each question so you know where to focus even more.

EdApp is an easy-to-use and free quiz creator for you and your team.

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How people use our quiz creator

Our free quiz creator can be used to quiz teams on almost anything. Here are just a few examples of how it's being used across different industries.

  • Hospitality: Teams at restaurants and cafes are using it to quiz their teams on food safety protocols.
  • Healthcare: Field sales teams are being asked questions about the latest product updates and new regulation to the industry.
  • Construction: Our quiz creator is used to refresh OSHA training that's delivered to teams yearly so they stay in touch.
Quiz Maker for OSHA
Free Quiz Maker Integration

Integrate our quiz creator with almost anything

We know that you don't want another platform to crunch numbers in. That's why you can directly integrate your existing systems with our quiz creator. Using our standard integrations, or Public API you can connect EdApp to almost anything.

EdApp is an easy-to-use quiz creator for you and your team.

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