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Multiple choice

Make Q&As more than just A, B, C, or D. Reinforce key concepts by offering a more interactive version of the classic multiple-choice question.

Carousel template

Swipe through answers to pick the best one. With only one answer shown at a time, this template makes it easy for learners to focus – especially with longer answers. 

Categorize template

Drag a statement to one of two categories with this multiple choice template. Perfect for true or false questions, reinforcing different categories of products, or confirming if something is good or bad.

Chat template

Ask your learner to pick the most appropriate response in a situation – using speech bubbles. Perfect for any communication-related response, the chat template can be used to contextualize training or simulate conversations.

Circle the answer template

It’s as intuitive as it sounds. Learners can circle the correct answer to a given question, either using their finger on a touchscreen device or mouse. 

Multiple choice image template

Tap the correct image to submit your answer with the multiple choice image template. This template allows learners to select the best of up to four images and automatically reformats images to adapt to any given screen size.

Matrix template

Select all of the correct answers to multiple question categories. Perfect for related questions, learners can easily reference back to the original question or previous answers for a buildable question-and-answer block.

Multiple choice template

Provide custom questions, answers, and explanations for learners – no matter if they got the question right or wrong. So your teams get instant active reinforcement. This template also allows learners to select image responses.

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