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Put two and two together with relationship templates. So you can reinforce the connections between related concepts for your learners.

Connect template

Identify the correct relationships between two keywords or concepts with the connect template. Learners simply draw a line between two related tiles to match correct products, concepts, categories, and more.

Drag to match template

Match images or text with this easy-to-use template. Learners simply drag the image or text on one side of the screen to the other. So you can be sure your learners correctly identify the related tiles.

Image pairing template

Select the correct image in the pair with this image template. Learners are shown up to four pairs of images in response to a question like what products are limited edition or what products belong to a certain category or product line.

Reorder template

Put keywords in the correct order with this reorder template. Similar to the ‘Select in order’ template below, learners drag and drop keywords in the correct order to pass the slide. Perfect for reinforcing timelines, best selling products, and more.

Select in order template

Reinforce your top selling products or most effective sales techniques with the select in order template. Similar to the ‘Reorder’ template above, learners simply tap on each image in their correct order to pass this slide.

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