EdApp by SafetyCulture


Collect your learner’s feedback in-lesson. With survey templates, learners can rate and suggest improvements for future lessons. So training resonates every time.

Free text survey

Collect learner feedback in-lesson with the free text survey template. Simply set a question for your learner, and access and analyze feedback in the admin portal. So you can make necessary changes in real time.

Multiple choice survey

Make your feedback easy to analyze with the multiple-choice survey template. Simply provide a couple of clickable answers for your feedback question, and monitor how your team responds in the analytics suite.

Slider survey

Get your team to rate their understanding on a scale of zero to five. This allows learners to visualize their answer, all while being easily stored in EdApp’s analytics suite for easy analysis.

Quadrant matrix

Get your team to organize concepts into quadrants. Use this customizable template to create category labels to run along the axes and draggable words. So you can see how your learner understands concepts in relation to one another.

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