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Onboarding bootcamps

Get up to speed on how to create courses, manage users, engage your teams, and more at one of our free onboarding bootcamps. So you can create and deliver impactful, interactive training to your teams, faster. All while getting live help from one of our SC Training experts. Book in now!

*Q&A included.

45 Minutes

Creating engaging microlearning courses

Learn how to create beautiful microlearning content your teams will love with our course creation and AI-powered tools.

45 Minutes

Learner and content management

Learn how to set up your users and groups to achieve your training goals - including course delivery options like recurring certifications.

45 Minutes

Boost engagement and analyze reports

Leverage engagement and communication tools, and analyze your user & course performance through Training reports.

Past Webinars

SC Training Onboarding: User & Content Management

Get the full run down of the best ways to manage and deploy your courses and other content types, as well as how to manage users in the SafetyCulture platform.

SC Training Onboarding: Creating Courses

You'll learn how to build a course from scratch with SC Training. Using our library, with a little help from AI or your existing documents watch our team create great training courses in no time and share our tricks of the trade.

SC Training Onboarding: Analytics & Engagement

From leaderboards to course completion statistics - learn your way around analytics and reporting options in Training as well as the best way to keep your teams engaged.

Introducing Create with AI: The quickest way to create a course from scratch

Join us on Thursday, May 18, to get an exclusive first look at SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s newest feature — Create with AI. Our Product Experts will take you through how the new feature works, examples of how other customers use it, and how you can use it to take your training to the next level. No more staring at a blinking cursor, see first-hand how you can use the magic of Create with AI to fully written, designed, and interactive lessons.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) x Nova

Keeping on top of compliance can be a headache. Join us on the 15th of November to learn how one of Australia’s most prominent radio stations makes sure they’re compliant by default, nationwide. Hear from Nova’s Learning and Development Business Partner, Mitch Senior on how he makes sure Nova maintains a 90% completion rate on all compliance training and keeps their commercial teams on top of their game.

Getting started with SC Training (formerly EdApp): A comprehensive overview of creating and deploying training your teams will love

Join us on this webinar specifically designed for the SafetyCulture community to help you get up and running using SC Training (formerly EdApp) to train your teams. You will become an expert in no time - we will show you the basics of authoring, inviting users and using our reporting and analytics to gain feedback. We will also have time to have your questions answered from our team of training experts. See you then!

Introducing third party payment gateways: how to build your business with SC Training (formerly EdApp) courseware

Following our popular webinars on blended learning and the addition of video conferencing platforms, join us next week and learn how to easily use SC Training (formerly EdApp) with payment providers like Stripe to create your own store. Hear from our special guest, Carl Husa of Improvement Sciences, as he demonstrates how he and the team delivered a third party payment integration program in under three weeks to one of the United States largest health providers: Dignity health. Gain insight into our authoring community who are on standby to help you with course production and learn how to set up your own payment gateway.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) x Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has thousands of employees around the globe — the face of the business, they're Bottega's most important brand ambassadors. Join us next Tuesday, October 18th to hear from Bottega Veneta’s Global Digital Learning manager, Victoria Devia, and discover how they guarantee a consistent high-end brand experience across the globe with SC Training (formerly EdApp).

Do all your training with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

85 percent of you still value face-to-face training – but more than half of you are still using spreadsheets. It’s time we fix that. Join Luke Rowan(AU) and Bobby Ousten (UK/US) to get the full lowdown on our upcoming features and how you can use these tools to enhance your training program.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) x Bayer

With 900 employees in Australia and New Zealand alone, Bayer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Join us on the 19th of October to hear from Bayer’s Commercial Learning Manager, Sophie Barwick and find out how they’re using SC Training (formerly EdApp) to create a culture of learning across their diverse teams.

Support your teams with our SC Training (formerly EdApp) Lockdown Care Package

Discover our brand new curated collection, designed specifically to help your teams through lockdown. Now boasting more than 500 courses, learn how to easily select, edit, and deploy the best content to support your teams - all within minutes. Get an exclusive tour of the newest additions to our growing editable course library. Plus, get a sneak peek at what courses you can expect to see in the coming months. Have your questions answered in real-time and provide feedback on what you'd like to see next in this informative webinar.

TrainUp: Top 3 tips to creating beautiful training

Samuel Farhi, the brains behind our editable course library, is sharing his easy secrets to creating amazing courses. Follow along and learn to use SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s user-friendly templates to create beautiful courses, know the right time to incorporate Canva graphics to build amazing content quickly, and use our built-in quiz maker to understand learner progress. Whether you’ve just started using SC Training (formerly EdApp) or you’ve already created hundreds of lessons, this session is not to be missed!

Trade-In Your Training: The fastest way to deploy to your teams

Finding the time to create world-class training can be difficult for any business. In this session, hear from real customers' first-hand experience with Trade-In Your Training: Our free service to help you take your existing training materials and turn them into beautiful mobile-first courses. Led by our team of experts, see real examples of training documents that were transformed in under 24 hours and learn how SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s templates can be used to suit any use case. Get a walk-through of the end-to-end process and have all of your questions answered live.

Upload, import or create: Three easy ways to get started with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Whether you're completely new to SC Training (formerly EdApp) or you're looking for a refresher, this session is for you! Get a live walkthrough from signing up to creating or importing your first course and inviting your users - everything you need to get started. Follow along for a guided walkthrough of our completely free editable library including our most popular courses by industry, ready for you to edit, brand, and deploy. Have any questions? Our learning experts will be on hand to answer them live.

How to incorporate story design into your SC Training (formerly EdApp) microlessons with special guest Rance Greene, President of ATD Dallas

In this webinar, we will be joined by special guest, Rance Greene, President of ATD Dallas, to explore story design and how it fits into a microlearning structure. As an experienced author, story designer, and speaker, Rance will be sharing the principles behind the best storytelling for instruction, along with Instructional Design theory. Gain insight into the benefits of storytelling and learn how to successfully incorporate it into your microlearning with SC Training (formerly EdApp) including valuable principles such as ideal structure and length.

Microlearning masterclass: Build beautiful courses with SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s learning experts

We'll be exploring our editable course library to find the best examples of microlearning to inspire you to create custom content for your teams. Follow along as we show you just how easy it is to take content from our library, brand it, and deploy to your learners in minutes. You'll also learn how to easily build a course from scratch with our interactive templates. Finally, we'll reveal some creative tricks to take your lessons to the next level.

Master blended learning with special guest Lisa Rees-Allen of Wheelhouse Strategic Consulting

Hear from special guest Lisa Rees-Allen, owner of Wheelhouse Strategic Consulting, as she shares her experience on shifting from a single dimension, traditional learning format into a blended learning approach with SC Training (formerly EdApp). Discover the vital role that microlearning plays in Lisa's blended learning journey and learn how she leverages SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s built-in features like Virtual Classrooms and learn how to create the most powerful blended learning plan for your teams. Follow a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to revolutionise your training.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) x Finn's Bali

Within four weeks of launching with SC Training (formerly EdApp), Finns Bali had 80% of staff activated and 90% completion rates. With 1,800 staff across all of its departments, join us on the 8th of December to find out how Finns create a consistent best-in-class customer experience and supports its team year-round. Bonus: Hosting one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties in Bali, find out how they’re using SC Training (formerly EdApp) to completely flip their business operations in 24 hours for their mammoth New Year's Eve event for 9,000 people.

TrainOn: Advanced styling made easy with CSS

Unlock the power of CSS in this informative session, hosted by our Lead Instructional Designer, Samuel Farhi. We promise that coding is easier than you think, and Sam will take you through the step-by-step process to help you create your most beautiful and engaging training content yet. Follow along and learn how to create advanced styling for elements like fonts, buttons, borders, and more to create a truly unique training experience for your teams. Whether you're new to SC Training (formerly EdApp) or you're a seasoned pro, this webinar is guaranteed to give you the tools to level-up your training that your learners will love.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) x Tommy Bahama

Join us as we do a deep dive session with Tommy Bahama’s Manager of Training and Business Development, Marshall Escue. Get an insight into how Tommy Bahama uses SC Training (formerly EdApp) to prepare for busy retail periods, minimize the impact of seasonal turnover and maintain a global customer-first standard with a localized approach to training in each region.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) x Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon is one of those unicorn customers who’ve mastered using every SC Training (formerly EdApp) feature to their advantage. We chatted with Marley Spoon’s Learning and Development Manager, Sarah Donellan to understand how. With 800 learners across Australia, the United States and the Netherlands, Sarah shares how she’s used SC Training (formerly EdApp) to create an engaging blended learning environment that motivates staff to keep returning and developing their skills.

Boost your training engagement in 3 easy steps

Our learning experts share their top tips on how to boost SC Training (formerly EdApp) engagement across your business. We'll cover how you can use SC Training (formerly EdApp) to speed up the time between onboarding and becoming an effective team member, customize learner journeys and spend more time on impact and less time on admin. You’ll also hear firsthand how other organizations have improved their training engagement, as well as new features we’re rolling out this year.

Guest host: Creating effective adult learning with LearnJam

Join us in welcoming special guest Tim Gifford, Head of Workplace Learning at LearnJam, for our next webinar. Coming from a background in digital education before co-founding the company in 2013, Tim uses creativity and LearnJam’s learning principles to helping businesses bring their workplace learning to life. Along with our learning team, gain insight into structure, authoring, content creation, and the principles behind microlearning by implementing SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s tools and leveraging LearnJam’s expertise.

Developing Your Training Strategy with SC Training (formerly EdApp) and iAuditor

Hear from special guest, Gary Bonnett, on how to use iAuditor to help inform your training strategy in SC Training (formerly EdApp). Gary has over 20 years of Life Safety experience with proven leadership in organizational transformation and is a long-term iAuditor customer.

How global leader Shell adopted microlearning as part of their blended learning journey

For this exciting webinar, we are thrilled to welcome special guest host, Thomas von der Fuhr, Associate Director of Kantar Consulting. Hear directly from Thomas as he discusses the role that microlearning (SC Training (formerly EdApp)) plays in Shell's blended learning solution. Gain insight into Shell's practical approach to learning and development, and learn how the leading integrated energy company successfully fits elements like gamification and pre/post testing into their mobile-first microlearning strategy.

The opportunity in China

Join us on the 17th of August where we'll show you how easy it is to expand your training program to China with SC Training (formerly EdApp). You'll learn how you can use SC Training (formerly EdApp) features — from AI Translation to Practical Assessments — to train, engage and make sure you're compliant, all from afar.

How to: Become a pro at branding and deploying SC Training (formerly EdApp) courseware

This exciting session will guide you through the entire process of selecting, editing, branding, and launching your couresware. Our learning team will be introducing some of the newest additions to our growing editable course library. Learn how to access and select the best content for your training, how to make it your own with branding and incorporating media, and launch your microlessons - all under 15 minutes. Walk away with the confidence to create the best learning content for your teams and have any of your questions answered.

TrainOn: Kickstart your learning plan with special guest Alexander Salas

Hear from two leaders in the learning and training design space including SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Lead Instructional Designer, Samuel Farhi and Alexander Salas, award-winning eLearning consultant and learning facilitator. This informative session is for anyone that’s creating training content for their teams and will help to give structure around your training plan. Learn the best way to get started, identify what training you need to deliver when, and learn how to harness the power of technology to deliver the best content to your learners. Be a part of this conversation and Sam and Alexander will take your questions live.

Launching #EducateAll: A global initiative with SC Training (formerly EdApp) and UNITAR

Join us for our most exciting webinar yet where we will be outlining our groundbreaking initiative that we can’t wait to share with you. Hear exclusively from our CEO, Darren Winterford, along with Nigel Gan, Training Specialist and Program Manager at the United Nations Institue for Training and Research (UNITAR). Drawing on both SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s and UNITAR’s passion for education and inclusivity, learn how our partnership grew out of our collective mission to democratise learning and how we are providing access to free, high-quality, and impactful education to millions of learners around the world. Discover how #EducateAll will expand learning as we know it and how you can be a part of it.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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