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10 Housekeeper Training Courses

We provided a list of housekeepers training courses that consist of lessons on standard procedures on cleaning and inspection, sanitation guidelines, hazard preventive measures, and even recommended practices to avoid COVID-19 transmission. These courses are applicable for onboarding new maintenance staff and reinforcing key concepts among your experienced housekeepers.

10 Housekeeper Training Courses
Last published: 7th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Housekeeper Training Course #1 - Hotel Housekeeping Inspection

1. Hotel Housekeeping Inspection

Hotel Housekeeping Inspection is a free housekeepers training course offered by SC Training (formerly EdApp). This 3-part course provides guidelines and best practices for inspecting guest rooms, bathrooms, and corridors to help your housekeepers ensure standard sanitation and the accommodation environment leaves a good impression on the guests. It serves as a great onboarding learning material for introducing housekeeping tasks to new hires, as well as a refresher training course in maintaining cleaning and polishing standards for existing housekeepers. 

Available in SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s editable course library, this free cleaning certificate course online is readily deployable for your housekeepers, or you can customize it with the specific standards of your accommodation establishment. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s mobile-first approach makes learning easy to access and convenient for your agile housekeepers.

Price: Free

Scope: Room inspection, bathroom inspection, and corridor inspection

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Housekeeper Training Course #2 - Cleaning and Sanitizing in Hospitality

2. Cleaning and Sanitizing in Hospitality

Cleaning and Sanitizing in Hospital is another free housekeeper training course by  SC Training (formerly EdApp). This 5-part course includes a lesson on restroom sanitation, ways to perform stain removal and spot disinfection on high-touch areas, and also complete commercial cleaning procedures and maintenance. It also covers best practices in proper cleaning of dining areas and public areas such as lobbies, corridors, walkways, and waiting rooms. A gamified quiz is ready by the end of the course to test the understanding of your housekeepers. 

Price: Free

Scope: Guidelines on servicing restrooms, dining areas, public areas, and differentiating cleaning vs. sanitizing

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Magnifying Class Housekeeper Training Course #3 - Hotel Housekeeping

3. Hotel Housekeeping

Hotel Housekeeping by Magnifying Class is a self-paced professional course designed to help your housekeepers learn efficient procedures in hotel cleaning and provide them a comprehensive guide on housekeeping management. This course introduces a deeper understanding of a hotel and defines the roles of a housekeeper. It further elaborates on various cleaning materials and thoroughly discusses the work procedures of a housekeeper. Then, it dives into the diverse situations in accommodating guests, helping housekeepers improve their communication. This course is delivered through instructional videos that can be accessed on the site. A minimum of 70 percent score is required in the final exam, which is only available after completing the course is required to earn a certificate. 

Price: $150 USD

Scope: Comprehensive understanding of a hotel, tasks of a housekeeper, work materials, work procedures, different situations in hospitality, and improving communication

Created by Magnifying Class

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OSHAcademy Housekeeper Training Course #4 - Housekeeping Safety

4. Housekeeping Safety

Available in OSHAcademy, Housekeeping Safety is intended for housekeepers and janitorial employees. As maintenance workers are exposed to potential hazards through the use of cleaning chemicals, this course aims to promote a safer workplace for them. Its modules dive into the potential health risks from hazardous cleaning chemicals and ways to prevent them, explore how to handle sanitation in a contaminated work environment and equipment, and provide an in-depth guide to prevent injuries. The course modules and practice quizzes are available for free. However, certification is only available for purchase and can only be earned by achieving a passing score in the (open-book) final exam.

Price: Free (without certification), $15.99 USD - $27.99 USD (with certification)

Scope: Understanding the health hazards from cleaning chemicals and contaminated materials, and ways to prevent injuries in the workplace. 

Created by OSHAcademy

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Housekeeper Training Course #5 - COVID-19 Safety for Hotels


COVID-19 Safety for Hotels by SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a free housekeepers training course that aims to provide a service that helps reduce COVID-19 transmission in hotels. This 4-part course includes an overview of COVID-19, recommended cleaning and housekeeping procedures, and safe ways to attend to guests in public areas. It also lists down servicing and maintenance practices for dining or room service in times of COVID-19. Learning content is delivered in a form of engaging microlessons, which can be completed in just a couple of minutes.

Price: Free

Scope: Overview of COVID-19, and housekeeping and servicing procedures amidst COVID-19

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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BSCAA Housekeeper Training Course #6 - Infection Control for Cleaning and Housekeeping Staff

6. Infection Control for Cleaning and Housekeeping Staff

The Infection Control for Cleaning and Housekeeping Staff course by the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) is geared towards empowering your housekeepers with the knowledge of proper compliance with housekeeping infection control policies and procedures. This housekeeper training course defines microbes and infection, demonstrates strategies for infection, contamination control, and personal protection. It also provides guidelines on proper cleaning, waste management, and storage of cleaning equipment. Lessons are delivered online and can take around 4-6 hours to complete in a self-paced manner. An assessment is available at the end of every section. 

Cost: $29.70 (Inclusive of tax)

Scope: Introduction to microbes and infections, practices on infection control and personal hygiene, preventive measures on contamination, guidelines on cleaning tasks, proper waste disposal, and storage of cleaning equipment 

Created by Building Service Contractors Association of Australia

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The Training Terminal Housekeeper Training Course #7 - Hotel Housekeeping

7. Hotel Housekeeping

Offered by The Training Terminal, Hotel Housekeeping is a course focused on empowering housekeepers with the right knowledge and skills to ensure that guests are well-satisfied with your establishment’s environment during their accommodation. This course elaborates the role of the housekeeping department, dives into the duties and responsibilities of a housekeeper, instructs on room cleaning routines, and also builds the right behavior and attitude in carrying out housekeeping duties. Lessons are delivered through a self-paced interactive slide. Knowledge and understanding are tested after each module. Passing the final assessment is required to earn a certificate. 

Cost: £25 EUR (exclusive of tax)

Scope: Introduction to housekeeping, understanding the pillars of housekeeping, housekeeping operations, room cleaning routines, and housekeeping terminologies

Created by The Training Terminal

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eLearning Marketplace Housekeeper Training Course#8 - All About Housekeeping

8. All About Housekeeping

All About Housekeeping is a course available in eLearning Marketplace, offered to guide your housekeepers with extensive techniques and procedures on professional housekeeping. This course starts by identifying the different types of hotels and gradings. It further expounds on the structure of a housekeeping department. Then, it provides a thorough discussion on the key responsibilities for room housekeeping. Lessons are delivered through guided learning that can be completed in around 0.5-2 hours. 

Cost: £12 EUR

Scope: Different types of hotels and gradings, the structure of a housekeeping department, and key responsibilities of housekeeper

Created by eLearning Marketplace

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ViVET Housekeeper Training Course #9 - Introduction to Hotel Housekeeping

9. Introduction to Hotel Housekeeping

Designed by ViVET, Introduction to Hotel Housekeeping is suitable for beginners in housekeeping. This course creates a solid foundation for your new housekeepers with basic knowledge of housekeeping and an understanding of the housekeeping department’s role in the hotel. It also includes a guide on the career path for your housekeepers. With ViVET, courses are delivered through texts and videos. A certificate is also granted upon successful course completion. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Introduction to hotel housekeeping, identifying divisions of a hotel, and career path for housekeepers

Created by ViVET

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Source Training Housekeeper Training Course #10 - Advanced Cleaning

10. Advanced Cleaning

The Advanced Cleaning training course by Source Training is specifically designed for housekeeping in the luxury industry. This 6-part course consists of modules on understanding basic cleaning principles, identifying the cleaning requirements for a variety of surfaces, recognizing different types of dirt, having a working knowledge of the right cleaning procedures, choosing the correct cleaning products and equipment, and distinguishing the right washing chemicals. Lessons are delivered through short interactive modules that can easily adapt to the fast-paced schedule of your housekeepers. After course completion, there’s an opportunity to earn a certificate by completing an assessment. 

Cost: Price upon quote request

Scope: Basic cleaning principles, identifying surfaces, recognizing types of dirt, right cleaning procedures, knowing cleaning tools and equipment, and determining the right chemicals

Created by Source Training

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Maintain high standards of order and cleanliness with housekeeper training

Hotel and accommodation is a very competitive industry. That's why you need housekeeper training to ensure that your sanitation employees are able to ensure that your establishment is well-maintained for the guests. Having a well-designed space, strategic location, or beautiful amenities is not enough to guarantee customer satisfaction. No guest would be satisfied with their accommodation if they fail to feel safe and clean because of mishaps when it comes to sanitation. To step ahead of the competition, you should invest in housekeeper training to provide your guests with the best experience possible.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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