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SC Training (formerly EdApp) & Mizuno

A Retail Case Study

Discover how Mizuno — the global leader of sporting equipment and sportswear — leveraged SC Training (formerly EdApp) to easily train their internal teams and retail partners with beautiful, bespoke microlessons that their learners love.

How SC Training (formerly EdApp) helped train thousands of Mizuno’s external retail partners

Along with their internal teams, Mizuno trains externally to major retailers like Rebel Sport and The Athlete’s Foot.

As a leading producer of sporting equipment and sportswear around the globe, Mizuno has a rich heritage and takes pride in its processes of innovation, research, design, and development. Training on the intricacies of Mizuno’s products as well as their history and branding has always been a priority.

Mizuno ensures their internal teams and their external retail floor staff have the most up-to-date and accurate information at their fingertips. Because Mizuno is driven to create highly sophisticated and technical merchandise, product is constantly updating and expanding — including footwear ranges, which are updated every six months.

Mizuno and SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Since SC Training (formerly EdApp) promotes microlearning, lessons can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. This is hugely beneficial for team members that have spare time during their commute or on break.

Sally James, Marketing Manager at Mizuno

Reaching and training retailers with ease

With SC Training (formerly EdApp), Mizuno reaches their external retailers in real-time, delivering the most up-to-date product information so staff can confidently represent the Mizuno brand.

No longer bound by clunky training modules on-site, mobile-first microlessons can be completed at the bus stop, at home, on a lunch break or whenever Mizuno learners have a spare five minutes!

Mizuno uses SC Training (formerly EdApp) to deliver bite sized lessons

Why SC Training (formerly EdApp) works for the global retail industry

Global retail industries are famously fast-paced and this is especially true for sporting equipment and sportswear. Having a platform that’s agile, mobile-first and highly interactive means that audiences can be easily reached and trained at unprecedented rates.

"SC Training (formerly EdApp) keeps up with our extremely fast-paced industry, aligning with Mizuno’s relentless passion to innovate and drive success."

Mizuno's mobile lessons

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is perfect for the industry because global retailers are able to create, personalise, and deploy lessons within days, making it incredibly seamless to reach and train dispersed retail teams.

Sally James, Marketing Manager at Mizuno

What successful retail training looks like for Mizuno

How Mizuno used features like gamification and push notifications to motivate retail learners

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