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Track in-person attendance with Group Training

Skip the attendance sheet and track who’s completed their in-person training all in one place.
Group training

Recording attendance has never been easier with Group Training

Throw your attendance spreadsheet in the bin. Keep your records alongside digital training for reliable tracking and compliance.

can QR code

Team members scan the QR code to mark their attendance.

Train team

Run your team through their training, as usual.

Review attendance

Review in-person attendance next to your digital training data.

Set up in seconds

Get started with a click of a button. Simply toggle the ‘Group Training’ button in course settings to allow a course to be presented in person and track learner attendance.

Set up in seconds

Get your team to mark their attendance

Skip the attendance sheet. Your team can simply scan the Group Training QR code to easily mark themselves as present. No devices? You can mark them as present before the session.

Track in person attendance

Be compliant by default

No more ticking off names. Group Training is automatically tracked in the admin experience so you can see who was trained on what, when, and by whom.

Track learner progress

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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