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SC Training (formerly EdApp) & Unitar

A case study with the world’s leading training and capacity development organisation

This is how the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) incorporates SC Training (formerly EdApp) microlearning to educate its learners across the globe.

UNITAR is a dedicated training arm of the United Nations

Serving over 130,000 beneficiaries globally in close to 700 learning, training, and knowledge-sharing events

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) has enabled UNITAR to expand their reach by providing microlessons to developing and vulnerable communities in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and across the Middle East and Africa.

Nigel Gan, Training specialist and portfolio manager

How UNITAR incorporates SC Training (formerly EdApp) microlearning to educate all communities around the world

To quickly adapt to the devastating effects and restrictions of COVID-19, UNITAR adopted SC Training (formerly EdApp). This enables UNITAR’s global leaders to continuously reach and support individuals and communities with invaluable and often life-changing content, which is easily accessed straight from learners’ mobile phones.

Educating millions with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

With the help of SC Training (formerly EdApp), UNITAR educates on some incredible topics such as gender concepts, peace, women’s entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, Sustainable Development Goals, leadership and governance, and more. These microlessons are easily delivered to hundreds of thousands of learners around the globe, reaching places like the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Sub Saharan Africa.

Powering education across the globe

SC Training (formerly EdApp) allows UNITAR to quickly create and deploy training content via smartphone learning. More individuals around the world have access to a smartphone compared to desktops, so selecting a mobile-first platform like SC Training (formerly EdApp) made sense to reach a broad range of learners all over the world.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) works for global training and education

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is an incredibly powerful tool, which has the capability to host and deploy an unlimited amount of content. Learning content can also be completed by learners anytime, anywhere since SC Training (formerly EdApp) can reach to even the most remote locations where internet might be unstable or non-existent thanks to features like offline mode.


Since SC Training (formerly EdApp) is so easy to navigate and use, our teams have been able to create, personalise, and deploy high-quality lessons very quickly.

Nigel Gan, Training specialist and portfolio manager
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