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This Toolbox Talk episode seven welcomes Will Kerr, HSEQ Training & Development Advisor at Mckay Drilling

McKay Drilling specialises in all areas of drilling and delivers high-end services to the exploration and mining industries. Before using SC Training (formerly EdApp), the biggest training issue McKay Drilling experienced was reaching their dispersed workforce at scale. The company also relied on paper-based documents and dated PowerPoint presentations.

Hear from Will and learn why SC Training (formerly EdApp) has already received fantastic feedback as a refreshing and engaging training experience and why he "definitely recommends" introducing SC Training (formerly EdApp) to achieve better retention rates and to transform your training.


Toolbox Talks with Tim Music, Operations Manager - Special Projects at ASL Distribution Services

Precision Home and Office Deliveries is the sister company of ASL Distribution Services, which is responsible for delivering close to 100,000 packages a day for a vast number of large eCommerce customers.

After experiencing rapid growth where around 200 new drivers were hired in a span of 2 weeks, Tim quickly introduced SC Training (formerly EdApp) to onboard and train new drivers at scale. In this episode, learn why microlearning and gamification work for ASL Distribution and how Tim is planning on expanding their training to more teams


Toolbox Talk series with Disa Hill, People and Communications Manager at Xypex

Xypex is a civil and commercial infrastructure group that's been successfully operating for around 29 years. Disa implements training platforms to help onboard their teams and set them up for success. In this episode, find out why Xypex made the switch to SC Training (formerly EdApp), why microlearning was the clear choice to boost engagement, and how easy it was to get up and running with SC Training (formerly EdApp).

"Everyone in our organisation has a phone and we wanted to put learning into peoples’ hands and to have the flexibility around when they accessed it and how they accessed it."


This Toolbox Talks Series welcomes special guest Haydn Elliott, Co-Owner/Operator, F45 Oxford Circus & F45 Soho

F45 is a highly successful franchise fitness model that started in Australia in 2013 before expanding to the UK. Before coming across SC Training (formerly EdApp), Haydn was uninspired with the options to train his teams, finding it bland and boring as well as ineffective.

In this episode, Haydn reveals why SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s dynamic templates work for absorbing information with microlearning, testing knowledge with interactive slides, and measuring accountability through analytics.


The SC Training (formerly EdApp) Toolbox Talks series with special guest Elena Kartsiouli Director of Consultancy and Customer Relations at Food-Scion

Food-Scion was founded to help food producers implement the labeling of food safety regulations in a practical and easy way. The company uses food labeling, consulting, and training and they've chosen SC Training (formerly EdApp) to help deliver vital training in small, bite-sized chunks. After using SC Training (formerly EdApp) for the first time, learn why Elena is now "obsessed with microlearning."


Toolbox Talks series with special guest Letizia Sogus, HSQE Advisor at B & M McHugh Ltd

HSQE Advisor at B & M McHugh Ltd is a building, civil, and environmental contractor company based in the UK. Discover why the leading construction group selected SC Training (formerly EdApp) to carry out training to their widespread clients and industries. With the help of our mobile-first platform, B & M McHugh instantly modernised and simplified their training, while also saving an incredible amount of time compared to traditional, clunky learning platforms.


Jamie Thomson from SC Training (formerly EdApp) with special guest Capt. Ioannis Theodorakas (John), Co-founder & Director at Theta Marine Consulting

Theta Marine Consulting is a specialised provider of maritime solutions in quality, health, safety, maritime training, security, and more. Discover how we changed the way Theta Marine Consulting approaches learning and how they created their first microlesson in under 15 minutes. Hear what their learners think about mobile learning and what has made their managers love SC Training (formerly EdApp).


Jamie Thomson from SC Training (formerly EdApp) with special guest Lucy Tape, Ski Slope and Training Manager at The Snow Centre

Hear why Lucy describes SC Training (formerly EdApp) as an “absolute game-changer” for training at The Snow Centre, the UK’s newest indoor destination for snow sports. Learn how Lucy and her team successfully introduced microlearning for the first time, why it works for them, and how it’s reduced their training time from a week down to a couple of quick microlessons per day.


Jamie Thomson from SC Training (formerly EdApp) gives insight on how to transform and train your teams through mobile-first microlearning

Joined by special guest Andrew Gabb, Health and Safety Manager at BP Chargemaster, Andrew shares his experience with SC Training (formerly EdApp) first-hand and provides insight into the UK's biggest name in electric vehicle (EV) charging. Learn how BP Chargemaster quickly and effectively incorporated microlearning into their mobile-first onboarding and training strategy through COVID-19 and beyond.

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