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10 Salesman Training Courses

We’ve curated a list of salesman training courses to help boost your team’s sales skills and ensure success in their customer interactions. These courses aim to help them meet consumer demands and increase their sales performance.

10 Salesman Training Courses
Last published: 13th May 2024
EdApp Salesman Training Course-The Language of Sales

1. The Language of Sales

EdApp’s Language of Sales course will help learners form relationships with consumers which enables them to communicate well even in the toughest situations. It starts with teaching how to build trust by being aware of the problems that consumers face and leveraging them to build rapport. This course will also cover how to create convincing arguments while navigating challenges, such as sounding credible even in remote communication. It also highlights the importance of resilience which is a characteristic every salesman should have when responding to adverse circumstances.

This salesman training course consists of three bite-sized lessons thanks to its microlearning design model. This ensures that information is easily understandable and that the odds of knowledge retention are bolstered. As a result, you can expect a dramatic increase in completion rates and make sure everyone in your team is up to date. 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Building customer relationships & trust, developing convincing arguments, navigating through tough situations

Created By EdApp

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EdApp Salesman Training Course-Knowing Your Market

2. Knowing Your Market

Being aware of your target market is essential before implementing a sales strategy. This course by EdApp will explore how knowing your market will help you and your organization make the right calls and decisions through market research. It touches on the basics of market research to help gain customer insight and also differentiates marketing research from market research. By the end of this course, learners will be able to determine their market and ensure that their findings are up to date and relevant to stay on top of the competition.

As this salesperson training is offered by EdApp, it means that it’s free and completely editable. You can incorporate your branding and add more relevant content to personalize this course. With EdApp’s user-friendly authoring tool, you’re guaranteed to create beautiful content with the help of its free templates. EdApp also has the best live support if you ever get stuck or need additional assistance in creating or editing your lessons.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Importance of knowing your target market, fundamentals of market research, keeping your market research relevant

Created by EdApp

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Coursera Salesman Training Course-Sales Training: Building Your Sales Career

3. Sales Training: Building Your Sales Career

This salesman training course by Coursera provides people working in sales with a perspective on how they can develop their careers. This course is ideal to take whether you’re a newbie or have been in the field for a long time. It begins by providing an overview of the skills you’ll need to be successful in your career and trade secrets to bring the best salesman out of you. It then proceeds to discuss tips and tools of the trade, such as exploring prospects, creating a personalized presentation, and closing a sale. This course includes assessments at the end of each lesson and has flexible deadlines perfect for your teams who are always on the go. While you can enroll in this course at no cost, it’s quite on the lengthy side as it takes approximately 10 hours to complete.

Cost: Free

Scope: Sales fundamentals, personalizing your outreach, creating a personalized sales presentation

Created by Coursera

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edX Salesman Training Course-Consumer Behavior

4. Consumer Behavior

edX’s Consumer Behavior course will bridge the gap between consumer behavior and marketing. It discusses how brand differentiation and lifestyles can make an impact on sales, especially in a digital marketing landscape. Additionally, learners will know how consumers develop perceptions about a brand and how they form associations with it. Finally, it covers how to apply this information to your marketing strategy. As a bonus, there are interview sessions included with industry experts to gain more insight into consumer behavior. This course is free of charge but you’ll need to pay a fee to get an instructor-signed certificate of completion.

Cost: Free

Scope: Introduction to consumer behavior, segmentation & brand positioning, consumer decision making

Created by edX

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EdApp Salesman Training Course-Selling Strategies and Interacting with Customers

5. Selling Strategies and Interacting with Customers

This salesman training course offered by EdApp recognizes the importance of having meaningful interactions with customers to sell your product or service. The course starts by teaching learners how to properly greet customers to initially establish rapport. It then uncovers how to ask the right questions to pique curiosity towards your product. As price is a huge factor in a consumer’s purchasing decision, this course also offers closing techniques derived from value-based selling.

This course is housed in EdApp’s mobile-first LMS which means that your teams can take this course anywhere, anytime from their smartphones. In this technological age, this is certainly an advantage since mobile learning serves as the best solution in keeping up with the current trends and adapting to the hectic schedules of your employees.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Greeting customers, value-based selling, sales closing techniques

Created by EdApp

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Richardson Sales Performance Salesman Training Course-Storytelling

6. Storytelling

Stories are tools that salespeople should use as part of their arsenal to build rapport. When they’re told well, they can evoke interest and captivate your consumers leading to a successful sale. This course by Richardson Sales Performance knows exactly how storytelling can create an emotional connection and teaches how to tell a customer-centric story that results in customers taking action. It provides the process and the skills needed to achieve the storytelling skills to engage your audience, such as choosing the right words, gestures, and tone as well as those that they should avoid. It also discusses the behavioral science of why stories work in capturing your customers’ interest.

Cost: Contact Richardson Sales Performance for pricing

Scope: Key elements of a story, how to build & tell a story, behavioral science behind storytelling

Created by Richardson Sales Performance

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EdApp Salesman Training Course-upselling

7. Upselling

This Upselling course by EdApp will teach your sales team all about the fundamentals of upselling and the various factors that contribute to creating upselling avenues. It explores the psychology of upselling which is manifested by providing consumers with the “must-have” effect to entice them to upgrade. It also enlightens learners about the consumer decision-making process to help them identify opportunities to accelerate customer decisions. To demonstrate this, it will provide negotiation tips and tricks so you can learn how to handle and overcome hesitations or objections from customers.

Training your sales teams spread across the globe isn’t a problem with EdApp. This is because this LMS features a built-in AI translation tool so you can deploy this course into 100+ languages without worrying about time and costs. With a click of a button, this course can be rolled out to the default language of your learner’s mobile device so there’s no need to spend time identifying what language they speak.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Basics of upselling, psychology of upselling, overcoming customer reluctance, negotiation skills

Created by EdApp

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The Digital Sales Institute Salesman Training Course-Social Selling

8. Social Selling

Consumers’ decision-making and interest are now heavily influenced by social media which is why social selling training is an essential part of any sales program. This course by Digital Sales Institute teaches how social media activities can serve as a gateway to enhance consumer interactions by showing social visibility and sharing focused content. It also teaches how to implement a social selling strategy and how to establish your brand. Learners will also be educated on the buyer’s journey and will know which social network tools are best to use. If you’re looking for a comprehensive training course, this is the right fit for you as it consists of 42 lessons spanning multiple topics that can be accessed in one year.

Cost: US $29.99

Scope: Introduction to social selling, implementing a social selling strategy, the buyer 5 whys

Created by The Digital Sales Institute

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Huthwaite International Salesman Training Course-SPIN Selling

9. SPIN Selling

This course by Huthwaite International discusses the SPIN methodology, which has sales personalization at its core. It has been around for the last 40 years and has proven to be an effective method to increase the sales success of organizations. By learning the tool and behavioral skills of the SPIN methodology, your sales teams will be able to gain higher levels of customer satisfaction, fewer objections, and more sales. This course will also help you recognize the strong and weak points in your current sales process to help create a reliable framework for your future consumer interactions. Unfortunately, this course isn’t self-paced so you’ll need to work around your team’s schedule just for them to take this. It’s set to be completed in four days with sessions lasting for around four hours each day.

Cost: £1,300

Scope: SPIN selling, improving sales performance, sales call planning

Created by Huthwaite International

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EdApp Salesman Training Course-Improving Your Sales Forecast

10. Improving Your Sales Forecast

This salesman training course by EdApp places value on having a well-defined process across your organization and using predictive analytics to improve sales forecasts. It begins by discussing the benefits of having a standardized process to eliminate human errors when predicting success. It also covers the factors that can affect a sales forecast, determines overestimation & underestimation, and provides tips for a more accurate forecast. This course also urges teams to use AI and machine learning forecasting tools to automate tedious tasks and certain processes.

With EdApp’s user management feature, enrolling your teams in this course happens in just a few clicks. You can quickly invite your learners by uploading their email addresses in bulk or creating an invite code that they can enter when they open EdApp. Different user groups can also be created to provide each team with content that’s relevant to them. To gain more insight into your training, you’ll also have visibility to the number of users in your account, their course progression, and their course completion rates.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Standardizing sales process, AI & machine learning, utilizing analytics

Created by EdApp

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Elevate your sales game and close more deals with salesman training

Having a career in sales offers excitement, challenges, and high earning potential. While it can be rewarding, it requires a very particular set of skills and a can-do attitude to succeed. To adapt to the evolving shifts and trends in the field, having an effective salesman training program in your organization is crucial to ensure that your teams are aligned and updated with your strategy. Salesman training will also equip your teams with the practical knowledge, communication skills, and techniques they need to stay ahead of the competition.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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