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10 Supervisory Training Courses

We’ve curated this collection of supervisory training courses to give your team leaders a power boost. By exploring topics like coaching styles, managerial effectiveness, and performance management, leading high-performing teams will be a breeze for your supervisors.

Supervisory training course - Beginning to Lead a High Performing Team
Supervisory Training Course #1

Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team course is all about helping your leaders understand what it takes to build and guide a team of high-performers. This course dives deep into the importance of setting SMART goals and how they directly impact work.  But that's not all! This supervisor training also makes sure that your leaders understand the difference between management skills and leadership qualities. They’ll learn how to recognize the unique skill sets needed for each role so they’ll know exactly which ones to apply in different situations.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope:  Qualities of a high-performing team, management vs. leadership, the leadership shadow

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Supervisory training course - Leadership and Coaching or Management Styles
Supervisory Training Course #2

Leadership and Coaching/Management Styles

This supervisory course offered by SC Training (formerly EdApp) will help your team members determine who they are based on the types of supervisor. It begins by discussing the six most common leadership styles and the characteristics that come with each. Then, it’ll teach your team how to recognize each style and learn when to use them. While awareness of their style is important, it assures your learners that there’s no need to worry if they haven’t figured it out yet. Managing people doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter approach as it’s an ongoing process.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: Leadership styles, implementing different leadership styles, onboarding best practices, leadership characteristics  

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Supervisory training course - Introduction to Supervision
Supervisory Training Course #3

Introduction to Supervision

Taking Alison’s Introduction to Supervision course is a great stepping stone to becoming a reliable supervisor. This course gives an introduction to supervision where your team will understand the different responsibilities that come with it. It also educates them about how to be a good supervisor, their impact on the workplace, and the importance of forming a good working relationship with their employees. While this course may seem like it’s geared toward professionals who are only starting their careers, it’s also ideal for tenured supervisors.

Cost: Free

Created by: Alison

Scope: Defining supervision, principles of leadership, responsibilities of a supervisor, leadership strengths and weaknesses  

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Supervisory Training Course #4

Modern Supervisor Skills

This Modern Supervisor Skills course offered by Coursera offers the must-have supervisor skills and knowledge that your team needs to manage your company’s workforce more effectively. It also covers diversity training to help them manage their employees regardless of background. It begins with an overview of the nature of the job and the crucial part that supervisors play in creating a positive workplace. It’ll also teach your team various methods for effective employee communication.

Cost: Free

Created by: Coursera

Scope:  Basic principles of management, building a customer-centric culture, effective employee communication, managing a diverse workforce

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Supervisory training course - How to be a Passionate Leader
Supervisory Training Course #5

How to be a Passionate Leader

This supervisory training course’s mission is to help your leaders learn how to be better supervisors. It will guide them to become a positive influence that inspires employees to perform well in their jobs. It also emphasizes the importance of being outspoken with beliefs and following them through with behavior and actions. Another key point is building trust and harmonious relationships with your employees through consistency and integrity.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: Personal passion, building trust & relationships, avoiding decision traps  

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Supervisory Training Course #6

Leadership Skills for Supervisors

This course offered by TrainUp aims to seek a balance between technical expertise and supervisory leadership. It covers how to empower your team to improve credibility and trust. To build interpersonal skills, it explores effective listening processes, participative leadership skills & techniques, and the proper delivery of constructive feedback. This supervisory training is delivered virtually on set dates and takes 3 days to complete. It has one of the steepest prices among all the courses listed here so it’s best to assess your training budget before enrolling.

Cost: 2,445 USD 

Created by: TrainUp

Scope: Listening processes and skills, decision-making tools for effective leadership, participative leader skills and techniques 

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Supervisory Training Course #7

Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor

This course by Skillpath will teach your learners how to concentrate on the qualities and skills that drive excellence. To learn more about this, it discusses the six differences between a leader and a boss and identifies how one is more effective than the other. This course will also help your supervisors master effective communication to help their teams to be more productive. It also acknowledges the importance of motivating and rewarding employees and explains the concept of tangible and intangible incentives.

Cost: 99 USD

Created by: Skillpath

Scope:  Performance management methods, team communication, being a leader vs. being a boss, teamwork, visionary leadership

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Supervisory Training Course #8

Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness

This course is suited for managers that have years of experience and are interested in elevating their effectiveness. It uses a blended learning approach, which includes instructor-led training and pre and post-assessments. Here, they can learn how to create a high-performing team by adopting certain coaching methodologies and encouraging learning and development. It also uncovers the different conflict resolution approaches and how to ensure their effectiveness based on the situation.

Cost: 2,545 USD

Created by: American Management Association

Scope: Strategies and tools to create a high-performance team, coaching methodologies, conflict resolution  

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Supervisory Training Course #9

Becoming a Successful Leader

This course by edX uncovers how the inclusive leadership style of 21st-century leaders led them to success. It explores what inclusive leadership is through the EACH framework, which stands for Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility. Then, your team members will be given real-life scenarios and case studies to apply the new skills that they’ve learned. This course also stresses the importance of having your own Personal Leadership Plan to continuously develop your skills over time.

Cost: Free

Created by: edX

Scope: EACH framework, inclusive leadership skills, creating a Personal Leadership Plan  

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Supervisory training course - Performance Management
Supervisory Training Course #10

Performance Management

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Performance Management course focuses on establishing role clarity, addressing feedback, and managing underperforming employees. This course begins by explaining role clarity, wherein the responsibilities and tasks that come with the job are identified to spot performance gaps. It also discusses how to give, receive, and process feedback effectively through radical candor. Lastly, this course will give techniques in objectively communicating underperformance, which should be done right away when detected.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: Understanding performance management, role clarity, feedback process, managing underperformance

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A supervisory training course equips individuals in leadership and management positions with the skills and knowledge necessary to oversee and guide their teams. The course typically covers topics such as communication, conflict resolution, delegation, and decision-making.

It aims to enhance supervisory abilities, promote effective leadership, and foster a positive work environment. Having a supervisory training course empowers supervisors to lead by example and motivate employees to achieve their full potential.

By developing strong supervisory skills, organizations can improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention, leading to overall organizational success and growth.

What training do supervisors need?

Supervisors need a comprehensive range of training to excel in their roles effectively. Firstly, they require leadership and management training to develop skills in communication, decision-making, and team building. Conflict resolution and emotional intelligence training are vital for handling employee disputes and fostering a positive work environment.

Supervisors also benefit from performance management and feedback training to provide constructive evaluations and support employee development. Time management and delegation training help them prioritize tasks and distribute responsibilities efficiently. Also, workshops on diversity and inclusion build awareness and sensitivity to foster an inclusive workplace.

Lead your teams to success with supervisory training

It’s one thing to be a supervisor but what matters the most is if you’re effective at being one. Effective supervisors possess a clear vision, lead by example, adapt to their environment, and empower their teams to succeed together. Whether your leaders have been supervising a team for years or are just starting, it’s important to receive training to assess the way they handle their employees.

Through supervisory training, they’ll be able to communicate more effectively, develop their team’s ability to work together, and resolve any conflict. It’ll also keep them updated with modern management approaches and leadership styles they can incorporate into their management plan.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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