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Follow three simple steps to get started 

Follow three simple steps to get started.

  • Activate your account.
  • Search Aviva in the content library to access approved content.
  • Invite your team to join you.
  • Start delivering engaging learning content today.

Both SafetyCulture and the Aviva Risk Management Solutions team are here to support you in managing risk across your business. As well as utilising approved Aviva content, you can digitise your existing content into live digital learning material to use across your team. 

Aviva will continue to add to your digital toolkit to help guide you in maintaining the highest operational standards.

As part of our ongoing support to our partner Aviva, all Aviva commercial customers will be offered dedicated support to be up and running quickly.

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This service is provided as a free-of-charge offer to Aviva clients by SC Training (formerly EdApp) and not by Aviva. Aviva is not responsible for the content of external sites and services and does not accept liability for any reliance placed by you on them. This offer is available until 31st June 2024, though may be withdrawn at any time prior. The offer is available to Aviva customers located in Europe. Should you already have a paid subscription to SC Training (formerly EdApp), this offer will be eligible only for additional user licenses. Your use of the services provided will be governed by the SC Training (formerly EdApp) Terms and Conditions of Use available at support.edapp.com/terms-of-service 

Any content in the SC Training (formerly EdApp) course library not branded as Aviva is not provided by Aviva and as such Aviva is neither responsible nor liable for any use of that content.

Discover, edit, and deploy 

Find hundreds of ready-made courses available for you to edit and deliver to your teams.

Safety and Risk Management

Safety and risk management

Choose from a growing collection of safety and risk management training to help prepare your teams on key risk management processes and safe work procedures. Give your employees the confidence to work safely and efficiently and prepare them for any challenge.



Cultivate an environment of continuous learning and give your teams the opportunity to upskill. Choose from hundreds of courses to spark curiosity and drive high-performing team members with the tools they need to grow and succeed.

Management and leadership

Management and leadership

Curate and customize the best management training for your current and future leaders. Set your teams up for success by leveraging coaching, management, communication, teamwork, and much more.

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Why choose SC Training (formerly EdApp)?

Mobile-first microlearning

Mobile-first microlearning

Deliver a learning strategy that provides the best learning outcomes with microlearning. Leverage interactive, built-in features guaranteed to boost engagement and completion rates. Deploy your bespoke content to your teams directly to their personal mobile devices, where they can easily access and complete lessons in small digestible chunks.

Editable course library

Editable course library

Choose from hundreds of ready-made courses to browse, edit, and deploy to your teams. Contributed by some of the world’s most reputable brands and thought leaders, easily browse and select the best content for your audience, then brand and customize to your liking. Find world-class courseware made for every industry to help your teams achieve the best performance of their lives.

World-class authoring

World-class authoring

Create lessons on SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s intuitive and incredibly agile platform in record time. Choose from expansive template libraries to suit a diverse set of learning methodologies and drive better learning results. Use SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s built-in tools like Canva integration to create bespoke graphics for your lesson content. No prior technical knowledge needed.

Better learning outcomes

Better learning outcomes

Experience completion rates beyond 90% compared to rates as low as 15% from traditional Learning platforms. Apply features like spaced repetition and gamification to make learning fun and enjoyable while simultaneously increasing retention and creating a continuous learning experience.

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