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4 Ways Mobile Makes Microlearning Better


May 27, 2019



mobile microlearning

Mobile microlearning offers an array of benefits to a multitude of aspects in company processes, determinant of the extent of company success.

If you’re unsure, microlearning is designed to be an employee training strategy with an aspect of learning support. Presented in the form of short modules, microlearning lessons are essentially designed to be completed in approximately five minutes. The authoring tool used to design these lessons incorporate elements of gamification, in the form of interactive quizzes and other gaming elements. This achieves an engaging and mentally stimulating training program for employees, leading to company success.

Mobile learning enhances microlearning for employee training, due to its wide scope of accessibility, which is crucial in our fast-paced lives. Mobile makes microlearning better in myriad ways, including these four we have rounded up for you.

1. The Centralisation of Learning

So, you know when you carry your three textbooks with you on the journey to work and have to flip through all 500 pages to find that thing you were looking for? No, we didn’t think so. In our digital age, that is unheard of and frankly, impossible. Through the use of mobile microlearning, course information and material can be accessible anywhere and at anytime. The use of microlearning modules in the consolidation of institutional knowledge centralizes all information, which is useful for employees’ absorption and retention of knowledge.

2. Updatable Content

Content in your microlearning modules is easily editable, making your strategy adaptable to changing trends and advancements in the company and in the industry as a whole. Employees must remain conscious of these changes to stay updated on the company’s products and processes. Due to its flexibility, microlearning tends to be effective in various situation, in terms of its ability to meet the needs of different employees, and their roles and preferences.

3. The Simplification of Learning

Due to information being in the form of simplified chunks, it is more easily understood, thus more likely to be retained. The simplification of learning may heavily contribute to employees’ understanding of new knowledge, as well as a sense of achievement which further motivates them. The mobile phone delivery format is perfectly built for this type of mobile microlearning.

4. Evaluation of Employee Progress and Understanding

Employee performance can be measured and tracked through reporting for effective employee assessment. Reporting on employee advancement can be inferred from tracking employees’ progress, making use of the data produced from gamification. Through the quizzes and challenges, you are able to evaluate employees’s progress and understanding of the company and their role.


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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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