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4 Ways To Deliver Rockstar Corporate Mobile Learning


July 24, 2019



4 Ways To Deliver Rockstar Corporate Mobile Learning

There are many ways to deliver corporate mobile learning (mLearning) but, as with anything, there are more effective ways than others to achieve optimal success.

mLearning has been in the learning spotlight for a considerable amount of time now and there is no question why. In our current technological age, it is crucial to incorporate all of our tech knowledge into the best possible learning strategy, suiting the needs and preferences of learners, younger and older.

We have dug through mounds of mLearning strategies to pinpoint four ways to help you deliver rockstar corporate mobile learning throughout your workforce.

1. Compliance Training

Compliance training can be tedious, especially when there are various employees with various roles and responsibilities. To sustain a high level of engagement amongst employees, it is important to make compliance training interesting with mobile learning. The implementation of gamification into mLearning makes mandatory compliance training entertaining and possibly addictive.

2. Employee Onboarding

Although not the only crucial stage in the success of employee performance, onboarding is the beginning of all else. When employees are ‘properly’ onboarded, they have a clear understanding of expectation and standards. This is important for individuals to excel in their roles with whatever task they may have been given.

3. Sales Training

Extensive training in sales is essential for effective customer service and running of the company. Training employees in sales is made easy with mLearning as learners are able to access just-in-time (JIT) learning material, with which they can access necessary information at any given time. By doing this, they can more easily assist customers, answer questions and possibly up-sell.

4. Product and Process Training

Having well-informed employees is important for a successful company as knowledge can be built upon and shared. It is essential to keep employees up-to-date with new data or pre-existing material that has been chopped and changed. mLearning enables this through the ease of editing information which is then instantaneously accessible by all users. This is thanks to a cloud-based authoring tool, whereby its delivery system only requires the touch of a button for it to be available to employees.


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