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5 Challenges for Training Sales Staff that Mobile Learning Solves


July 10, 2019



Training Sales Staff with Mobile Learning

Sales staff encounter a plethora of challenges in the process of employee training due to inhibiting factors, such as lack of engagement and difficulty retaining information. The effectiveness of training sales staff can be significantly boosted with the use of mobile learning.

Mobile learning can be the answer to all of your employee training prayers when used as a solution to address five major challenges.

1. Staying motivated

A lack of motivation has a direct effect on the productivity of your employees, as well as your company culture. Accomodating employees’ needs and preferences is at the forefront of what keeps learners motivated. Mobile learning provides flexibility and support to individuals, simultaneously resulting in an immediate increase in engagement. Understanding what drives the motivation in employees is key to to motivating your sales staff. This can be achieved through the embedment of intrinsic motivation in the mindsets of employees. Incentives are an excellent tool to use to maintain a strong level of training activity, which can be provided through gamification in mobile learning.

2. Spending too much time on copious amounts of irrelevant information

Mobile learning embodies the translation of information on various topics into digestible chunks which are then able to be absorbed and retained by learners. When employees are asked to sift through mounds of information, which in some parts may be irrelevant to them, motivation is instantly lost resulting in decreased productivity and a hindrance to overall company success.

3. Difficulty in maintaining customer relationships

Customer relationships must be withheld, meaning employees’ ability to communicate with customers effectively is the crux of sales staff performance success. Mobile learning provides staff the opportunity to access information in times of need. This is enabled through microlessons being accessible on individuals’ own mobile devices in segments short enough to instantly refresh memory. Maintaining strong relationships with all customers develops an ongoing investment into your company, bringing more revenue and personal satisfaction. Who doesn’t love a happy customer?

4. Strong understanding of product knowledge for effective selling

Employees must be well-informed of the product and its details for an effective sell. Understanding the intricacies of what is being sold to customers is the first step to building rapport amongst buyers, contributing to overall corporate success. Mobile learning allows for the revision of product knowledge, providing learners with details needed for effective advisory.

5. Short attention spans and potential cognitive overload

Our attention spans are, a) shocking, and b) are like eggshells to walk on before the whole thing falls through (stay with us here). It is scientifically-proven that the average human can only withhold between 3-5 pieces of information at one time, otherwise results in cognitive overload. Our limited concentration capacity must be suited, which is why it is important to provide knowledge in short bursts to boost the brain’s ability to store information in long-term memory.


Want to know more about how to implement mobile learning for your sales staff?

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