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5 Questions That Drive Successful Learning Results


August 30, 2019



5 Questions That Drive Successful Learning Results

Learning success stems from the dynamism and functionality of a plethora of internal and external organizational factors.

When determining what organizations desire to achieve, managers must ask specific questions in the consideration of how employees function best.

In this article we discuss 5 essential questions to ask when designing the best training strategy for your employees, for learning success.

1. What Is To Be Achieved?

The ideal training strategy.

Mobile learning, mLearning, provides the closest thing to an ideal training strategy. Learning success often comes down to the medium on which training is provided to employees. In our technological age, technology dictates almost our every move. The number one reason we rely on our devices so much is for the sole reason of its convenience. Providing training that is accessible on employees’ own devices suits their needs and preferences, providing exactly what they need; convenient learning.

2. Why Must It Be Achieved?

For a more dynamic, functional and productive workforce.

When training is completed, appreciated and enjoyed by employees, there is a significantly higher chance that your workforce is well-informed and successful. Providing content in mobile-based microlearning modules allows employees to learn on-the-go, whilst retaining more information than they would otherwise. This means that vital knowledge can be stored in employees’ long-term memories, meaning they can easily draw upon knowledge they must apply in their job.

3. How Will It Be Achieved?

Implementing a modern, forward-thinking approach to learning.

The way to achieve successful learning results is to effectively introduce and execute a strong microlearning and mobile-based learning plan. This can be done by employing a modern LMS which offers a plethora of unique features to assist in the set-up of your employee training strategy. SC Training (formerly EdApp) provides users with a good authoring tool, offering a vast library filled with ready-made templates which unique content can be imported into. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s strategy lies on the basis of providing short 3-5 minute modules where information is released in bursts, known as spaced repetition. This, along with the effective templates and gamification, facilitates the creation of your ideal training plan.

4. What Needs To Be Done To Achieve It?

A well-developed and thought-out learning plan with clear objectives.

Providing goals that need to be achieved by employees from the get-go provides learners with a purpose. This leads to a sense of motivation being instilled into the mindsets of employees, resulting in increased productivity and completion rates. When goals are achieved it is important to reward and recognise your employees through the provision of intrinsic and extrinsic praise. This can be carried out through awarding points and motivational phrases, or real-life rewards such as vouchers.

What Is The Ideal Outcome?

A well-informed and knowledgeable workforce contributing to overall organizational success.


If you would like to learn more about how to build the most effective employee training strategy for learning success!

If you’d like to know more about how SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s mobile elearning platform can help your internal training practices, get in touch at enquiries@edapp.com. You can also try SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here.

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