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5 Steps to a Successful Corporate Learning Program


October 1, 2019



Successful Corporate Learning Program

A successful corporate learning program must be made up of various interdisciplinary components for a holistic approach to an effective employee training strategy.

We have laid out five steps to drive your corporate training program to success.

1. Lay out clear goals for employees to achieve

Setting out a path on which employees can reach specific goals on the way sets up your workforce for a motivated approach to employee learning for personal and professional growth. It is important to make goals achievable for learners, otherwise companies risk disengagement and disheartenment of their workforce. To do this, a middle ground must be found between training objectives being a challenge and facile.

2. Curate corporate learning courses from relevant and reliable resources

Drawing information from relevant and informative sources is essential for a successful corporate learning program. Sourcing the most recent information prepares your workforce with the most useful, correct and relevant course material, bettering them in their roles. Information can then be imported into responsive and effective templates to be provided to employees in the form of mobile learning.

3. Clearly communicate with your employees

When employees are clearly communicated with, their sense of value is increased giving them greater motivation. Communication is essential for the attachment of employees to one another, creating team spirit pivotal to combined corporate succcess.

4. Create an action plan for the achievement of objectives

Creating an action plan furthers the ability of learners to gage a sense of motivation and how far they must progress to obtain what they are working towards. Action plans must be developed based on a realistic timeline and capabilities of employees, as well as being fully accessible to them. It is beneficial for authoritative figures to request feedback on objectives and the action plan to best nurture the needs and preferences of employees.

5. Critically evaluate and adjust the program for its optimal success

The critical evaluation of the corporate learning program is essential for its improvements and adjustments. In the process of planning, developing and executing the training program, feedback is essential at each stage. This evaluation and feedback can come from the employees themselves, as well as higher-level powers, based on the performance of the company.


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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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