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July 12, 2019



authoring tool will improve your training

Authoring tools are used to develop and bundle content for an eLearning environment. It is a key tool in the process of creating microlearning lessons that are effective in transferring knowledge. Microlearning is one of the newest ways that businesses are conducting training. Here are five ways that an authoring tool will improve your training.

Creating Made Easy

Authoring tools help users create eLearning content and materials easily and innovative. The more interactive and engaging the learning modules are, the more knowledge is retained. Authoring tools provide useful tools to help users create learning modules quickly.

Save Time

Authoring tools provide the user with a wide range of images and templates that they can use to create eLearning modules for microlearning programs. They can help to make it easier to create professionally looking learning modules, so businesses can save time and the expense of outsourcing. Nobody knows better than you about your business.

Create Stellar Looking Rewards

Authoring tools help to create another motivating factor for the eLearning users. Some learners may need a little bit more of an incentive to continue their training programming. With free elearning authoring tools, you can create visual rewards that look great and encourage the users to keep working.


The best microlearning programs are intuitive and can react to what the learner needs. These programs allows for more information to be presented to those that need it and bypass certain additional modules when they don’t. It is the interactivity of the interface that makes this possible and authoring tools help with that.

Increased Learner Involvement

Authoring tools help to increase learner involvement in the programming. The tool can help to find the right incentive to ensure that the learner is involved in the learning process and incentivized to keep learning. You can easily fuel a healthy competition within the office to get people working towards increased levels of learning.

Authoring tools are effective in creating a better learning experience for their users. It helps the user create multimedia content that works to keep them engaged and active in their learning process. When it is easy to create learning programs and these programs deliver quality results for the users, businesses and their employees win. Effective training can create a greater experience for the users and this will work to improve customer service and profitability.  

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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