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10 Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization


October 3, 2022



Ways employees learn culture in an organization

Organizational culture is incredibly important for the overall success of your business. It influences teamwork, productivity, and efficiency, which in turn increases employee job satisfaction and morale. In this article, we’ll unpack the different ways employees can learn about the culture in an organization. 

1. Train your employees

If you want to nurture curiosity and learning with your employees, reinforcing culture can be done through training and learning interventions. Educate them about the organization’s main culture goals examples and objectives and the ins and outs of your corporate culture by organizing a training program or creating an organizational culture article that they can refer back to. This lets them know what is the culture of your organization. Doing a face-to-face session is one way to learn but if you want to achieve higher participation rates from your team, then you might want to consider holding online training instead. 

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - Train your employees

SC Training (formerly EdApp) has been used to drive habitual change and reinforce behaviors, expectations, and a different cultural approach to organizations - all through an online learning method called microlearning. This approach gives organizations the power to instill essential information in employees in a very digestible way. It can incorporate many elements of what makes up a culture, allowing employees to absorb more information in a shorter amount of time.

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Microlearning

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2. Reinforce spaced repetition

Spaced repetition is a learning process where key information is repeated at regular intervals. Trainers and managers usually apply this technique to their training process to make sure that their employees will continue processing certain concepts in their brains, and not simply store and forget them later on. Likewise, you can also use it to help your team members learn at work, remember your organizational values and practices, and embed them into their long-term memory. 

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - Reinforce spaced repetition

3. Talk about organizational stories

Organizational stories are often based on memorable past events that are repeatedly talked about and shared with other employees – particularly new starters. These stories can include narratives or events relating to founders, conquers, successes, failures of the organization -- and even how is culture transmitted and formed. Values are often reinforced through the re-telling of stories, as is what engaged employees should and should not do.

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - Talk about organizational stories

Incorporating story design into your learning interventions can be a very powerful tool to equip your employees with real-life examples of the right behavior. If you’re a little unsure about how to use this learning approach, then you might want to consider taking SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Story Design course. This course will guide you through the right way of structuring and delivering your stories, and how you can make them strong and relevant. It follows a microlearning design model and is jam-packed with interactive elements like games and quizzes to secure higher retention from its learners. 

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Story Design Course

4. Set rituals and ceremonies

Rituals and ceremonies refer to repetitive patterns, which can be used to emphasize an organization’s values and core practices, or what a company stands for. The use of repeated symbols or patterns to communicate ideas is called a motif. This idea is found in organizational rituals. For example, if you have an outcome-based culture, one way to help your employees learn this culture of an organization is by regularly rewarding them for good work. Offer material prizes like a gadget or a coffee voucher for your company’s top performers. You can also organize monthly lunches with your team to celebrate their performance from the previous month. Setting such rituals and ceremonies sends your team a strong message about your organization and culture. 

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - Set rituals and ceremonies

5. Assign organizational heroes

Organizational champions, who are often referred to as ‘heroes’, are the top talents who perform in an exemplary manner. It's important to note that culture is learned. These people have the behavior and work ethics that best reflect the philosophy and culture of your organization. Having these figures as role models in a learning organization will give the other employees an idea of the person they should follow to adjust and adapt to your company culture. 

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - Assign organizational heroes

6. Establish cultural symbols

Symbols serve as a representation of an organization’s culture, which instills a sense of identity and drive in employees. They traditionally communicate with those in the organization through unspoken messages like company logos and branding. You can also teach your employees about organizational culture by adding messages on office walls, creating unique room labels for meeting rooms, or distributing office merchandise.

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - Establish cultural symbols


7. Use a consistent tone of voice

One of the best organizational culture examples involves employing a brand voice builder to create a consistent tone of voice. This tool is frequently utilized by organizations to delineate their brand and culture through spoken and written expressions. Consistently harnessing your company's brand voice, whether communicating internally or with clients, facilitates comprehensive culture assimilation for everyone on your team. For instance, if your company aims to foster a formal culture where individuals in positions of authority are addressed differently, then using titles like "Mister" and "Ma'am" should be the norm. Conversely, adopting a more informal and playful tone is advisable if you intend to cultivate a friendly and personalized organizational culture within the workplace.

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - Use a consistent tone of voice

8. Organize team-building activities

Another way employees can learn culture in an organization is through team building. Organize company culture activities that will bring your employees together and give them a better grasp of your company’s brand and culture through bonding and connection. Team building is also a great way for the members of your organization to learn about each other, like how they communicate, plan, and solve problems. They can then use their observations to improve their work habits and ethics. 

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - Organize team-building activities

For remote teams, you can also set up team-building exercises that will allow your employees to bond virtually, regardless of their location. Check this list of virtual team bonding activities for how you can bring everyone together and teach your organization’s culture in a virtual setting. 

9. Offer mentorship programs

Mentorship programs allow employees to interact with their seniors or high-performing colleagues. The process is simple and straightforward. Mentors will share their knowledge and experience with their mentees and watch them closely until a specific goal is met. Offering this type of program is one of the best ways employees can learn about culture, as they’ll get to observe it directly and closely from someone who probably best represents your organization’s culture, beliefs, and values.

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - Offer mentorship programs

10. Allow mobile learning

With the significant increase in smartphone users today, why not take advantage of this trend to teach your employees about your organization’s culture and values? Adopting a mobile learning approach will give your employees the ultimate convenience to learn more about your company culture anytime and anywhere. And just think about how many field employees and remote workers you can train and educate about your company culture by making learning easily accessible through their handheld devices. You’ll see improved corporate culture management and a higher level of participation from your team by using this learning strategy.

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - Allow mobile learning

Materials that are acquired to be used within the organization are referred to as consumable materials. SC Training (formerly EdApp) is the perfect place to create training programs and consumable materials that will adapt perfectly to any device, including smartphones. This is because its course creator tool comes with course templates that have been optimized for mobile use.

Ways Employees Learn Culture in an Organization - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Authoring Tools

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