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5 Advantages of Mobile Learning for Enterprise Companies


May 13, 2019



mobile learning advantages

Mobile learning boasts a plethora of benefits and advantages for enterprise companies who have the objective of corporate training success. Some are obvious, some not so obvious.  Here we run through some of the key advantages of mobile learning for enterprise companies.

Level Cloud enforces that productivity, flexibility and communication is at the heart of the advantages of mobile technology. With that in mind here are the reasons why we think it is essential for enterprise companies to implement mobile learning.

1. Modules on mobile devices are completed twice as fast than on a PC

Wealth Management and Financial Services giant, Merrill Lynch, conducted a study where it was concluded that within the sample, smartphone users completed learning 45% faster than those doing their online courses via a PC. As a result of their findings, Merrill Lynch adopted a mobile learning approach to communicate new company knowledge to employees from 38 different countries.

2. Millennials are more likely to engage in mobile learning

The rise of the ‘digital generation’ calls for a whole lot more than what has existed for years.  Millennials desire webinars and taking online courses a lot more than sitting in one spot for hours. High maintenance, right? Short, mobile microlearning modules between 5 and 10 minutes appear to be attractive to millennials, with employees not only actively learning, but also reviewing what was previously learnt.

3. An increased number of employees can be trained simultaneously without being in the same room

Onsite training was provided to Johnson & Johnson sales representatives from 60 cities, five years ago. Imagine piling hundreds of people into one room for hours on end, so 2014, right? Since then, Johnson & Johnson has implemented a mobile learning system to effectively train employees from all around the globe, on their own schedules.

4. Employees can learn at their own pace, not when they have to

Focusing on employees’ work-life balance dramatically increases overall work satisfaction, moving the company closer towards their optimal success objectives. Allowing employees to learn at their own pace also maintains office productivity, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of all workplace processes.

5. All training material is compact in one place for easy access

With the convenience for employees to access learning material from almost anywhere, they can engage with mobile-based learning content when they have the time. Mobile devices can give learners instant access to the material, essentially speeding their time to competency.

What’s the best mobile learning system?

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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