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AI in HR: Enhancing Training Efficiency


November 7, 2023



AI in HR: Enhancing Training Efficiency

AI technology has revolutionized virtually every aspect of workplace processes. Automation and content generation have never been more straightforward with advances in AI-assisted technology. And HR work is no exception. From onboarding training to performance management, AI tools can do it all.

In this article, we’ll explore the future of HR with AI technology. You’ll learn about the benefits of AI in human resources and practical ways to integrate them into existing workflows.

What is AI in HR?

Generative AI has found its way into every aspect of work, most notably in research and content generation. HR teams are usually tasked with creating training materials, onboarding new employees, tracking performance, and other learning-related tasks. AI in HR also allows for smart learning and intelligent recommendations. 

What is AI in HR?

This means that you can automate data with advanced analytics that’ll help you support teams with improved learning and talent management processes. Another innovative application is the use of AI for creating professional visuals, such as utilizing AI headshot services for creating high-quality, professional portraits for employee profiles. The result is an HR support team with more time and resources to focus on more important tasks that have a higher impact on company goals.

AI use cases in HR

While the possibilities of artificial intelligence in human resources seem limitless, there are several popular and effective use cases in practice today, most especially in training. Here are some prime examples of AI in HR:

  • Onboarding: Teaching new hires the ropes can become a complicated process and even overwhelming. A seamless onboarding process includes content that’s easily digestible while still covering relevant topics. Using AI to create simple onboarding training content can simplify everything and make it much more cost-efficient.
  • Upskilling: Simplify learning courses by building them with AI or AI-assisted learning systems that can generate virtually any course with a button—no need to spend tons of resources and effort on expensive curriculums or resource speakers.
  • Performance reviewing: AI-assisted evaluations can help provide objective feedback and assessments of employee profiles and performance. With accurate data insights, you can create much more effective training programs that target learner needs.
  • Learner objective creation: It can be difficult to build personalized learning journeys with a lot of teams. Each learner is different and employees need or want other goals in their career development. With the help of AI, you can build objectives based on data and create content that’s aligned with personal and organizational goals.
  • Employee engagement: AI can help with creating employee engagement programs, activities, and strategies. Tools like ChatGPT can help with brainstorming effective engagement activities that are aligned with team and individual goals.

Benefits of using AI in HR for training effectiveness

Here are just a few of the advantages of using AI in HR for improved employee engagement and training:

  • Cut costs with streamlined processes: With an efficient workflow from content creation and delivery to analytics, you’ll be able to save more resources for more important tasks and investments. AI can help with a large chunk of research and content creation which makes up a big part of training for HR purposes.
  • Save time for content creation: You can build a complete training course in just a few seconds with AI course creation platforms. All the time you would have used for research, writing, designing, and editing is given back to you with the help of AI tools. HR teams can focus on more innovative work with the entire content creation process out of the way.
  • Track learner progress with ease: A lot of AI tools and learning management systems have complete reporting and analytics capabilities that include intelligent analysis. Algorithms and smart recommendations can help you understand your teams much better. You can track progress and build an effective learning plan out of the data and insights given by these tools.
  • Reduce unnecessary meetings: With online courses powered by AI, no need to brainstorm and hold long conversations with team members individually. Smart learning and AI learning management systems simplify all of these processes. Your learners can even directly send their feedback to you on the platforms.
  • Onboard new hires quickly: With a streamlined onboarding process, you can get your new team members started with little downtime. This makes sure that your teams get comfortable much earlier and are productive saving time and cost for everyone.

Examples of AI tools in HR

Now that we understand the way AI tools are changing the way HR teams are working, let’s explore some of our recommended AI tools.


You haven’t been using AI if you haven’t started collaborating with ChatGPT. This language model tool can help you create, edit, and improve all aspects of your HR processes. Because of its high-level content generation capabilities, you can ask it for virtually anything. For everything research, especially with compliance topics, it’s such a wonderful and versatile tool.

AI in HR: ChatGPT


Bard is Google’s conversational artificial intelligence tool that uses its PaLM 2 model which makes it capable of high-level language processing. This just means you can talk to the AI to help you build content, strategies, and processes relevant to your HR tasks. It’s language-proficient, reasoning-focused, and classification-capable so relevant topics are sure to be within the scope of the tool.

AI in HR: Bard


Timely is an AI-powered team management tool that simplifies time-tracking and task management for employees. Teams receive daily records of online activities straight to their mobile devices for easy tracking. Reports and meetings can also be logged alongside the number of hours spent. And it’s all confidential which guarantees the privacy of your teams’ activities. 

AI in HR: Timely

SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is an award-winning learning management system (LMS) that boasts a wide range of learning and training needs all in one platform. Its key feature is Create with AI, an intuitive AI-assisted course creator that builds a course for you in a matter of minutes.

All you need is an idea, a topic, or a description. Type it in and watch as it generates a beautiful microlearning course fit for all of your HR training needs.

AI in HR: SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Create with AI

If you’re looking for ideas to manage HR compliance with your LMS, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s AI tools are the place to start. Aside from the Create with AI features, there are a wide range of available courses ready to deliver right to your learner’s mobile devices. The content available and the ones built with AI are all designed with a microlearning design. 

AI in HR: SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Course Creator using Create with AI

This just means the courses are interactive and digestible, perfect for onboarding, compliance, and other upskilling training for HR goals!

Enhance training efficiency with SC Training (formerly EdApp). Try AI in HR with this award-winning training tool for free today!


Alec Bailon

Alec is an eLearning expert for SC Training (formerly EdApp), a pioneer LMS that designs creative mobile workplace training solutions. On the off days, they enjoy cooking, reading, or finding a live show or play to watch.

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