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How to automate employee onboarding process using AI


May 31, 2023



How to automate employee onboarding process using AI

Traditionally, employee onboarding has been a manual process that’s time-consuming and labor-intensive. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to automate tasks and increase efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways to automate employee onboarding using AI software.

The employee onboarding process

Employee onboarding is a critical process for any organization. It’s when new employees are introduced to the company's culture, values, and policies. It’s also the time when they’re trained on the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their new role. This is why it’s important to have a smooth and efficient onboarding process.

The employee onboarding process

When the onboarding process is slow and inefficient, it can hinder organizational success and the development of a strong and cohesive workforce. It can make or break an employee’s experience if they feel that they’re not welcome properly.  In fact, research by Brandon Hall Group found that organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent.

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Simplifying Employee Onboarding with AI

There are a number of ways to automate employee onboarding using AI software. It offers a wide range of options to streamline the process, from minimizing manual paperwork to offering individualized training. Let's take a look at how AI can improve your onboarding process.

Reduce administrative tasks

AI can be used for tasks such as creating employee profiles, sending welcome emails, and assigning access to systems. AI algorithms can even extract the information needed from documents, reducing the need for manual data entry. This also includes verifying and authenticating documents such as IDs, educational certificates, and employment contracts.

AI contracts are also emerging and offer a potential future for streamlined contract management in onboarding. These AI-powered systems can automate parts of the contract creation, negotiation, and approval process, saving time and effort for both HR and legal teams.

Simplifying Employee Onboarding with AI - Reduce administrative tasks

Track employee progress

AI can be used to track employee progress through the onboarding process. This can help HR staff to determine areas where new employees may need additional support in their onboarding journey.

Simplifying Employee Onboarding with AI - Track employee progress

Create and deliver learning materials

Offering new hires relevant and engaging training materials is crucial for their success. From creating courses to delivering training, AI software can now be used to automate this process.

Simplifying Employee Onboarding with AI - Create and deliver learning materials

Automating employee onboarding process using SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Using an onboarding LMS with built-in AI software is a nifty solution. This is where the all-in-one learning solution SC Training (formerly EdApp) comes in.

For starters, new hires can access SC Training (formerly EdApp) directly from your company identity portal with a single sign-on – no invite code or email necessary. (Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google Suite, OKTA, Ping, SAML). That’s one less password for your learners to remember!

With SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s User Management feature, it’s easy to invite new members and organize them into groups to mirror your organization’s team structures. So you can deliver tailored training to your team in one click and send notifications to individuals with ease. You can also group users with similar learning paths or those who have to complete their onboarding courses, for a seamless admin experience.

Automating employee onboarding process using SC Training (formerly EdApp) - user management

But what might take the most time is creating onboarding material - from gathering and organizing relevant information to designing the layout and structure of the material. If you’re looking for ways to use AI and streamline the course building process, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Create with AI is a great option.

Automating employee onboarding process using SC Training (formerly EdApp) - Create with AI

Create with AI is a tool that helps you create engaging and effective microlearning content. It uses artificial intelligence to generate interactive content that’s tailored to your audience's needs. Create with AI can help you save time and money on your training, and it can help you improve your employee engagement and retention.

With Bing images and third-party AI, you’ll no longer have to start with a blank screen. Just enter a keyword, an image, or a link, and watch the tool do its magic. You’ll be able to see the lessons generated, which not only contain chunks of text, but also interactive lessons, including games and quizzes, thanks to SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlearning template library.


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