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Bersin Learning Talks Microlearning at L&D Innovation & Tech Fest


November 22, 2019



Bersin Learning Talks Microlearning at L&D Innovation & Tech Fest

After winning the Innovation Award at the 2018 L&D Innovation & Tech Fest, we were excited to be back at Australia’s biggest and fastest-growing HR event as a transformation sponsor for 2019. SC Training (formerly EdApp) was in good company with over 440 other L&D, HR, and technology leaders, difference-makers, and disruptors as we collectively celebrated the talent, technology, and ideas transforming the future of work. 

Shifting to Microlearning Tools

The keynote presentation was given by Josh Bersin, HR thought leader and founder of Bersin by Deloitte. Bersin stressed that we are in an era of truly teaching leaders how to coach, develop, and listen to their people. Bersin noted a shift to microlearning tools so that learning and development can be accessed “at any time of the day.” Clunky and outdated platforms designed to check-in with performance management and deliver valuable information are simply not performing. 

Aligning with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Bersin’s conclusion aligns with our mobile-first microlearning platform, which is the principle that SC Training (formerly EdApp) was built upon. Microlearning is the breakdown of information into topical, bite-sized chunks. As one of the most effective forms of learning and training, microlearning delivers increased knowledge retention, more engagement, and better outcomes than traditional desktop-based eLearning and transmissive learning. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s mobile-first platform also allows learners to complete sleek lessons on their mobile device (as well as on desktop) at a time that suits them best and to do so at their own pace.  

Bersin also highlighted the “explosive growth” that microlearning is currently experiencing, which directly coincides with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s platform adoption. To build on this idea of growth, Bersin starkly contrasts microlearning with macro learning. Where the outdated macro learning is designed for individuals to learn something new in several hours or days, microlearning, on the other hand, is designed for instant information that can be digested in 2 minutes or less. Where macro learning is traditionally limited by definitions, concepts, principles, and practice, microlearning is simply topic or problem-based, allowing learners to search by asking a question and interacting with effective media like video and text. Essentially, microlearning’s structure is made for modern learners, where information can be absorbed quickly and effectively.

The reason for microlearning’s explosive growth, as Bersin explained, is because organisations are finally starting to adapt to the needs and preferences of today’s digital habits. Which brings us to the CEO of SC Training (formerly EdApp), Darren Winterford, and his presentation at L&D Innovation & Tech Fest aligning with Bersin’s statements on the importance of microlearning. 

Modernizing the Employee Experience

Along with the importance of microlearning and gamification to drive results in successful learning, Darren discussed how the SC Training (formerly EdApp) platform has helped global organisations modernise the employee experience and dramatically increase engagement levels through making content accessible, digestible, and engaging. The results delivered up to 90% completion rates and nearly 75% of learners preferring mobile microlearning over more traditional methods. 

Bersin’s takeaway included how to leverage automation to thrive alongside current workforces noting, “New software tools that deliver microlearning, assess adjacent skills, and identify people for the right role through AI are now here to help.” We couldn’t agree more; our platform features data-driven authoring and the use of machine learning for translation resulting in better learning outcomes, superior delivery experience, and ease of integration. 

Learn more about the L&D Innovation and Tech Fest here and follow the #LDTechFest hashtag for social media content.


Deni Verklan

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