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The 10 best LMS software for workplace training in 2024


April 1, 2024



Best LMS software

Finding the right learning management system is the key to unlocking your team’s A game. It helps boost performance to new heights by making training easier. But with all the options out there, choosing the best LMS software for your teams can be overwhelming. 

Here, we’ve taken care of that for you by creating a list of the best learning management systems in 2024, so you can nail down the perfect LMS software for your crew.

What is an LMS software?

An LMS software creates, manages, and delivers whatever your training needs are. It does the work for you by giving a centralized location for all things training, creating personalized paths depending on your organization’s needs, and tracking employee progress in real time. 

When on the lookout for the best LMS system for your business, keep accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and digestibility in mind. You want an LMS that allows your teams to train whenever, wherever with enjoyable content that also gives you the best bang for your buck!

Now, let’s take a look at the top learning management system examples we’ve put together just for you.

Best LMS Software #1 - SC Training

We’re starting things strong with SC Training. Widely known for its mobile-first approach, this is a top-notch choice in fast-paced work environments and for teams that are always on the go. Train anytime, anywhere—no internet needed because teams can download their courses and complete them offline. 

Best LMS Software - SC Training Mobile-first

Revolutionize the way your teams train with its Create with AI feature. Save precious time by using AI for your LMS and easily generate courses that are built with up-to-date strategies and trends in mind.

Best LMS Software - SC Training Create with AI

SC Training also offers course creation services with experts who build your courses for you. Meet with a team of instructional designers, share your content, let them work their magic, and watch your training ideas come to life. 

Best LMS Software - SC Training Course Creation Services

If you’re not looking to start things from scratch, SC Training also has a wide selection of ready-made training courses. With over 1,000 free and editable courses available in its course library, your team has access to the best training materials within minutes.

Best LMS Software - SC Training Course Library

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Mobile-first training
  • Downloadable courses
  • AI course creator
  • Course creation services
  • 1,000+ ready-made and editable courses 
  • Unlimited lessons 
  • Unlimited users

Train your teams using the best LMS software! Join SC Training today.

Best LMS Software #2 - CYPHER Learning 

CYPHER Learning offers a wide variety of LMS features ranging from admin tasks to security needs. It also aims to keep you in charge with a personalization feature that allows you to customize your portal interface and branding to meet your team’s training must-haves.

Best LMS Software - CYPHER Learning

This LMS software is also designed to adapt to your business needs by allowing you to easily add features as you go along so there’s enough room to accommodate growth. It also uses automation so you can streamline your training experience and deliver faster results.

Cost: Available upon request

Key features:

  • Customizable interface
  • Scalable
  • Automation

Best LMS Software #3 - 360Learning

Up next on the list of best LMS systems is a platform known for its collaborative features that allow for fast and impact-driven workforce training. 360Learning promotes interaction among your crew members and in-house experts through discussion boards and group pages. Plus, anyone in your team has the power to create training courses in less time.

Best LMS Software - 360Learning

With its integration capabilities, 360Learning can be helpful for teams with multiple existing tools to facilitate seamless data exchange from your current LMS platform and HR system.

Cost: Starts at 8 USD/user/month

Key features

  • Collaborative hub
  • Discussion boards
  • Content integration

Best LMS Software #4 - Edtch

Edtch is a learning management software that covers a variety of features from L&D, HR, customer support, and sales. This LMS also gives you the chance to assign mandatory training while giving your teams the freedom to take optional courses.

Best LMS Software - Edtch

It also boasts a powerful analytics dashboard with comprehensive reports that include features such as a group leaderboard, course analytics, and a personal performance report.

Cost: Starts at 2.49 USD/user/month

Key features:

  • Multifunctional
  • Personalized set of training
  • Multi-level analytics

Best LMS Software #5 - LearnWorlds

Next on the list is LearnWorlds, another top-performing training platform that offers different ways to train depending on what’s ideal for your teams’ needs. Whether you train better alone or with a peer, on a desktop or on your phone, you can adjust it to suit your different needs.

Best LMS Software - LearnWorlds

As an LMS software, it can also engage your teams through a wide range of training activities such as eBooks, quizzes, certifications, and videos. It offers an interactive video player that allows you to show interactive transcripts and subtitles, screencasts, and navigation with a click of a button.

Cost: Starts at 29 USD/month

Key features:

  • Different training modes
  • Video training
  • eBooks, quizzes, certifications

Best LMS Software #6 - Tovuti LMS 

You can also improve workplace training with Tovuti LMS. As a learning management software, Tovuti is designed to simplify and accelerate your training process. Its in-built creator tool allows you to toss in videos and audio clips, make content from scratch, and integrate existing content from your current tools.

Best LMS Software - Tovuti LMS

With AI-powered content creation, you can also whip up courses, quizzes, and lessons in minutes. Tovuti also allows you to track your teams’ progress and interaction with your course content with its all-in-one custom reports feature. 

Cost: Available upon request

Key features:

  • In-built creator tool
  • AI-generated content creation
  • Custom reports

Best LMS Software #7 - Learning Pool

Learning Pool offers ready-made content that you can easily edit to fit your teams’ distinct needs—from onboarding, compliance, and upskilling to current business topics. This LMS also guarantees accessibility with its mobile-ready feature that allows you to train anywhere.

Best LMS Software - Learning Pool

It also incorporates LXPs so that you can personalize your training experience by delivering experience-based learning that’s unique and relevant to your organization.

Cost: Available upon request

Key features:

  • Editable content
  • Mobile-ready
  • Personalized training experience

Best LMS Software #8 - Chamilo 

Chamilo is another LMS software for your training needs. This is an open-source software, which means it's freely available and anyone can contribute to its growth. But that also means it may lack certain features that are available on paid counterparts. 

Best LMS Software - Chamilo

Chamilo is still a cost-effective online LMS designed with the user in mind so you’re assured of ease of use and content creation. It includes all the basic features of a good LMS such as a course catalog, skills management, and certificate generation.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Open-source software
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Course catalog, skills management, certification

Best LMS Software #9 - Skillcast 

Skillcast’s specialty is in compliance and regulatory training. This learning management system’s compliance courses are fully customizable with options to adjust maximum attempts, time limits, and certification periods.

Best LMS Software - Skillcast

If you're aiming to cover different topics across various departments, Skillcast might not be your go-to choice for training since it’s more geared toward specific needs. But it offers one of the widest selections of compliance-related training courses.

It also has a diagnostic reporting feature that allows you to dive deeper into specific departments or team members to spot and fix areas where there might be knowledge gaps.

Cost: Starts at 349 GBP

Key features:

  • Wide range of compliance training courses
  • Customizable
  • Detailed management information reporting

Best LMS Software #10 - Levelup 

With Levelup, every team member gets a role tailor-made for them. You can assign employees as admin, trainer, or user, and set up permissions for data security. Its built-in creator tool also allows you to create courses from scratch and make them more interactive through gamification.

Best LMS Software - Levelup

It might not be the ideal option for larger teams that are looking to cut costs since its free plan is only limited to five users and 10 courses. But if you’re a small business with a small crew searching for the best LMS software, Levelup carries most training features you might need.

Cost: Free, with optional paid upgrades

Key features:

  • Configurable permissions
  • Gamification
  • Best for small businesses


Bea Garcia

Bea Garcia is a content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), a cutting-edge e-learning platform designed to democratize training. Beyond her writing desk, she spends her time trying out recipes and watching films.

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