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Cloud based LMS: Definition and best platforms to use


October 6, 2023



Cloud based LMS - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cloud based learning management systems (LMS) have transformed the way the world approaches education and training. Cloud-based LMS can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, facilitating remote learning and collaboration. It also easily scales to accommodate growing user bases and content libraries without breaking the bank.

That’s why, to remain ahead of the game and competitive, you need to have a cloud based LMS in your organization.

Discover the definition and explore the best platforms for cloud LMS.

What is a cloud based LMS?

A cloud based learning management system is a digital platform that allows organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to manage, deliver, and track various forms of learning and training content over the internet.

Unlike traditional LMS, which is typically hosted on local servers, a cloud based LMS operates entirely in the cloud. This means that it relies on remote servers and internet connectivity.

Here's a simplified explanation: Imagine you have an online course to teach or training materials to distribute. Instead of installing software on your computer or setting up a server, you can use a cloud learning management system. 

What are the benefits of a cloud-based LMS?

A cloud LMS offers numerous benefits that make it a preferred choice for organizations, educational institutions, and trainers looking to streamline their learning and training processes. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Accessibility: One of the primary benefits of cloud-based LMS is accessibility. Users can access the platform and its content from anywhere with an internet connection. This lets remote learning and facilitates collaboration among learners and instructors, regardless of their physical locations.
  2. Scalability: Cloud-based LMS platforms are highly scalable. Whether you have a small group of learners or a vast user base, these systems can easily accommodate your needs. You can add more users, courses, and content as your organization grows without the need for significant infrastructure changes.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Implementing and maintaining a traditional LMS can be expensive due to hardware and software costs, as well as ongoing maintenance expenses. In contrast, cloud-based LMS solutions typically operate on a subscription-based model, reducing upfront costs and allowing organizations to pay only for what they use.
  4. Automatic Updates: Cloud-based LMS providers handle software updates and maintenance tasks. This makes sure that your LMS is always up-to-date with the latest features, security patches, and improvements without requiring IT personnel to manage updates manually.
  5. Data Security: Leading cloud-based LMS platforms prioritize data security. They employ robust security measures to protect sensitive information, such as user data and course content. This often includes encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.
  6. Collaboration Tools: Cloud LMS often come equipped with collaboration tools, such as discussion forums, chat features, and video conferencing capabilities. These tools enhance communication and interaction among learners and instructors.
  7. Analytics and Reporting: Cloud-based LMS platforms offer robust analytics and reporting features. Instructors and administrators can track learner progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the learning experience. For those interested in the broader landscape, Cloud Service Market Share Data can provide valuable insights into which platforms are most widely used.
  8. User-Friendly Interface: Many cloud-based training solutions offer intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that require minimal training for both instructors and learners. This secures a smoother adoption process and a more positive user experience.
  9. Integration: Cloud-based LMS platforms often offer integration with other software and services, such as content management systems (CMS), e-commerce platforms, SAP commence cloud, and third-party learning tools. This allows organizations to create a customized and comprehensive learning ecosystem.
  10. Mobile Accessibility: Cloud-based corporate LMS systems are usually designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Learners can access content and participate in courses using a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Cloud based LMS # 1 - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

When it comes to cloud based LMS, SC Training (formerly EdApp) stands out as a game-changer. It boasts a ton of rich and powerful features that make training a lot easier. And it’s all for free.

Cloud based LMS - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

One standout feature of SC Training (formerly EdApp) is its course authoring tool. This tool has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, simplifying the creation of engaging courses with interactive content.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) also offers a library of free microlearning templates. These templates, combined with seamless LMS integrations like Canva, empower users to craft personalized courses effortlessly. In essence, SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s authoring tools allow you to develop and deliver professional-looking courses without the need for extensive time or financial investments.

Cloud based Learning management systems - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

For those with limited time to create corporate training content from scratch, SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers a course creation service. Their team of expert instructional designers collaborates directly with clients to breathe life into course content.

Additionally, SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers a rich catalog of pre-made courses designed for corporate training. These cloud based LMS courses feature interactive elements such as games and quizzes, making sure that learners remain engaged and enthusiastic throughout their learning journey.

Cost: Free


  • Easy-to-use authoring tools
  • Course template library
  • Course creation services
  • Interactive courses

Get started on your cloud based LMS journey with SC Training (formerly EdApp) today.

Cloud based LMS # 2 - Cypher Learning

Cypher Learning offers a range of intelligent training features designed to cater to the unique requirements of various organizations and their training programs.

Cloud based LMS - cypher learning

One standout feature of this tool is how it uses AI and machine learning algorithms. These algorithms analyze the performance and behavior of each learner, allowing you to customize training programs to suit each individual's specific learning needs.

To enhance learner engagement, the LMS training portal incorporates gamification elements, including points, badges, and certificates. Additionally, it supports multiple learning approaches, including microlearning, blended learning, and social learning, making it a versatile choice for diverse training scenarios.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Machine learning-embedded training
  • Points and badges
  • Certificates

Cloud based LMS # 3 - GnosisConnect

GnosisConnect is renowned for its cloud-based technology and mobile-ready system, offering substantial benefits to both training managers and employees alike. Within this platform, users can effortlessly create a diverse range of learning materials, encompassing videos, simulations, articles, podcasts, and webinars.

Cloud based LMS - GnosisConnect

As a cloud-based LMS, GnosisConnect guarantees the secure storage of all your training resources directly on the platform. Learners also enjoy the convenience of accessing their training materials via their smartphones at their convenience.

But it's worth noting that GnosisConnect's pricing structure may appear complicated. Before you commit to any plans, conduct thorough research on the platform so you understand how much GnosisConnect will cost you.

Cost: Starts at 299 USD


  • Creating courses
  • Learning Management in the cloud
  • Training access via mobile devices

Cloud based LMS # 4 - Teachable

Teachable is a well-recognized LMS tool primarily designed for selling courses, but it also offers valuable applications in the realm of corporate training.

Cloud based LMS - Teachable

Its user-friendly course builder empowers you to create a wide array of training modules, spanning from self-paced courses to live coaching and peer-to-peer learning experiences. So,  you have the capability to incorporate interactive elements like comments and quizzes, enhancing the overall learning outcomes for your workforce.

But despite its rich feature set, Teachable can be somewhat overwhelming for those who are new to the platform. Its extensive functionalities might pose a steep learning curve, particularly for individuals less accustomed to technical tools.

Cost: Starts at 119 USD


  • Course builder
  • Interactive courses and quizzes

Cloud based LMS # 5 - AcademyOcean

AcademyOcean serves as an LMS portal primarily designed for streamlining the onboarding and training processes of employees. It delivers a course certificate upon completion, so you can keep track of who finished their training. While the platform does allow for straightforward customization in terms of course creation, it does have some limitations when it comes to branding.

Cloud based LMS - AcademyOcean

Similar to many other platforms, AcademyOcean is accessible via mobile devices, guaranteeing that training can conveniently take place on your learners' preferred gadgets. But, it's important to note that AcademyOcean is not a free service, so it's advisable to take this into consideration when evaluating your cloud LMS options.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Mobile accessibility
  • Course completion certificates

Cloud based LMS # 6 - Totara

With Totara, your employees can dive into courses on any device they fancy. It's like having a world of knowledge in your pocket!

Cloud based LMS - Totara

But here's the exciting part: Totara doesn't stop at just courses. It's all about blending and collaborating. Think of it as your secret weapon to upskill your workforce. It's not just a learning platform; it's a whole new way for your company to learn and grow.

Totara can also automatically assign courses to different groups based on their roles and skills. It's like having a personal learning journey tailored just for you.

But, fair warning, Totara isn't your one-stop-shop for course content. While it's fantastic for blending courses, it doesn't boast a massive content library like some other top-notch LMS portals. So, if you're looking for a platform to host tons of ready-made courses, you might want to keep exploring.

Cost: Free


  • Device agnostic
  • Group management
  • Personalized learning journey

Cloud based LMS # 7 - Open edX

Imagine a learning platform that's as versatile as it is powerful. That's Open edX for you. It's not just any LMS; it's your gateway to a world of learning possibilities, no matter the scale.

Cloud based LMS - Open edX

With Open edX, you're not confined to one type of learning. It hosts a variety of learning systems, from online campus courses to instructor-led sessions, self-paced learning, and even full-blown degree programs.

It also boasts an advanced dashboard system that helps you keep track of everything. Plus, it's got interactive discussion boards and forums that make learning engaging and dynamic.

Cost: Free


  • Self-paced learning
  • Course library
  • Admin dashboard

Cloud based LMS # 8 - Violet LMS

Violet LMS is an all-in-one solution for fostering employee growth through a learning journey that's both effective and sustainable.

Cloud based LMS - Violet LMS

What's cool about Violet LMS is its tailored approach. It's like having your own personal guide for every type of training you need—whether it's employee training, onboarding, sales training, compliance training, distribution training, or even customer training. Whatever your training flavor, Violet LMS has got you covered.

Need to bring in an external trainer? No problem; Violet LMS has a nifty external trainer management system. Hosting a training session at a specific venue? It's got a venue management system for that too.

Cost: Free


  • Course library
  • Trainer management system
  • Learning paths

Cloud based LMS # 9 - Gyrus

Gyrus is a cloud-based learning management platform that empowers training managers to excel. It's all about addressing employees' learning needs while creating a meaningful and impactful learning journey.

Cloud based LMS - Gyrus

Its AI-driven features, including e-learning and skills management tools, are meticulously crafted to tailor learning programs for various employee groups. It's all about personalization.

Gyrus also gives you a treasure trove of options for delivering training content. From file-based courses to captivating videos, interactive webinars, and even virtual classrooms, you have the flexibility to design a training strategy that adapts to your unique needs.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Various eLearning training formats
  • Real-time statistics and insights
  • File-based courses

Cloud based LMS # 10 - Learnbook

Learnbook takes global connectivity to the next level with its cloud based LMS. It offers a user-friendly LMS experience that simplifies tasks, enhances global connections, and streamlines communication. Thanks to its integrated webinar software, you can now effortlessly connect with your teams worldwide. You have the power to host, record, and even turn your webinars into full-fledged courses.

Cloud based LMS - Learnbook

And here's the cherry on top: Learnbook features its messaging system, making communication a breeze without the need for external applications. It's all about convenience, all in one place.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Training content library
  • Integrated webinar software
  • Messaging system

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a mobile learning management system designed for today’s digital habits, delivering more engaging and effective micro-learning directly to learners anytime and anywhere.

Sign up for this cloud based LMS today.


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