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January 21, 2020



Communicorp UK

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is thrilled to welcome Communicorp UK to the SC Training (formerly EdApp) family. The award-winning brand is home to some of the most exciting brands in UK radio including Capital, Heart, and Smooth Radio Networks. Communicorp UK partners with over 2,500 businesses annually and we are excited to help them with their training needs analysis.

Founded in 2014, Communicorp UK has expanded to become home to some of the most exciting brands in UK radio, including both UK wide and regional networks. They own 9 stations across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and also provide clients with a full range of marketing services with a focus on delivering a strong ROI.

Data-driven and mobile-first

Communicorp UK values employee engagement and learning, with over 80% of their employees reporting that they have access to the learning and development they need to do their job well. Since Communicorp UK prioritises better learning experiences, our data-driven, mobile-first platform is a natural fit for their dynamic cohort.

With the implementation of our microlearning platform, Communicorp UK can now deploy our integrated cloud-based authoring and delivery to provide a better learning outcome. Given Communicorp’s dispersed workforce and the fast-paced nature of broadcasting, the accessibility of lessons through SC Training (formerly EdApp) allows learners to gain vital information effectively and when it suits them best, both on and offline.

Template library

Communicorp UK utilises our template library of over 50 intuitively designed templates to suit their diverse workforce and to accommodate various learning methodologies. With the recent deployment of our editable microlearning content library, Communicorp UK can also deliver courseware to learners faster, by choosing from a collection of 25 fully-customisable courses (and counting).

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s intuitive interface and comprehensive template library make it simple to integrate courseware and educate Communicorp UK’s dynamic workforce. Since many of our employees are in the field, having a mobile-first platform that’s easily accessible both on and offline is one element that sets SC Training (formerly EdApp) apart from other eLearning platforms.
-Grace Hannah, Director of People at Communicorp UK 

Cloud-based authoring

Our agile microlearning authoring tool allows Communicorp UK to create and deploy lessons with ease, providing learners with the tools required to keep up in a continuously progressive industry. With our award-winning platform, Communicorp UK will enjoy superior completion and engagement results from their workforce ad we are thrilled to contribute to Communicorp UK’s better learning experiences.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is currently deployed by market leaders around the globe in FMCG, Automotive, Retail, Health, and Finance to name a few. Our data-driven mobile-first platform and its ease of integration are what delivers results to all industries, which makes us excited to welcome Communicorp UK onboard as an influential contributor in Broadcast Media.
-Darren Winterford, CEO of SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Welcome, Comunicorp UK!

Explore more about Communicorp UK’s adoption of SC Training (formerly EdApp) here.


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